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Team Science! (OOC)

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The teleporter is sophisticated. Very sophisticated. If a high school student built this, he is going to be a _terror_ when he grows up. The builder is obviously familiar with Daedalus-tech, though he's also obviously not Daedalus or a direct student thereof. A closer look reveals that the teleporter is perhaps a little _too_ sophisticated. The super-performance, super-tech components are vulnerable to tampering from a brute-force signal from outside, and it looks as if something like that happened here. As to where that signal came from, it's hard to tell, but given the dimensional nature of the teleporter, the odds are very, very good that it came from a dimension not this one.

(Not the Terminus. Dr. Archeville, like almost all FCU heroic scientists, has been trained enough to recognize signals from Omega's realm very easily.) He's got the dimensional signature recorded well enough, but that'll be more a function of his Physical Sciences knowledge.

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This dimension is fairly congruent with Earth-Prime as such things go, with a divergence less than a century ago local time. There are a couple of big anomalies though, and a few snowball effects that have led to some significant alterations in the local trans-dimensional climate. The particular sort of teleportation beam that took the kids isn't generally used by human or Lor sciences; it's more a product of Grue engineering than anything else.

Furthermore, Dr. Archeville is experienced enough to recognize that signature from Freedom League reports: the beam that took the students away originated on Erde! Nazi-Planet-O'Doom!

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The beautiful scientist frowns as she stands and brushes off her knees.

"Wait, I'm confused; do you think this the work of your student, or an Erde version of him? I thought we'd determined that it came from their world."

I'm a tad confused on this point, too. Is Doc supposed to be confused, or did I (the player) misread something?

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