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The sky overhead was a gorgeous shade of impossibly clear blue, the sandy beach beneath their feet a gorgeous, luscious white that spoke of unspoiled beauty and splendor. From the incredibly lush tropical jungle behind them, the sound of tens of thousands of animals came in a symphony of natural wonders. Behind the trees, volcanic peaks rose high into the sky like hands of the Earth reaching up to touch the heavens themselves. It would all have been really wonderful if they'd arrived under other circumstances.

"Oh God! Oh God!" Hope had gone for her pistol the second the beam of light had come crashing down from the ceiling, carrying them all away to this bizarre new place. Looking around, the Young Freedom members on the beach could see Agent H, Psyche, Breakdown, and Hellion, but there was no sign of any other members of their team. They'd taken with them only what they'd had in their hands or been carrying; the table and chairs they'd been sitting in having been left far behind. An exceedingly large crab scuttled by them, evidently attracted by the noise, a coconut in its weighty claws.

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James was sitting there with a piece of pizza raised towards his mouth when everything changed. "Oookkk.....this is different. Anyone have any ideas what just happened? And where the others went?" He shrugged and took a bit of the pizza, unconcerned. Hey, it wasn't Hell so it was definitely not the worst place to be. He idly wondered if he could get some safe sleep here... He was still paying attention and ready to move but he didn't see the need to panic.

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Eddie paused in the middle of biting into a slice of pizza. "Sweet!" Was all he had to say before taking another bite. He was not the type of person to ruin a good slice of pizza.

"Calm down, Hope. This type of thing happens to us all the time." Eddie's voice dripped with sarcasm and pizza. "But seriously, let's try and keep a level head until we know what is really going on here. Or where we are..." Eddie continued to munch on the pizza as he looked around and tried to get a feel for his surroundings. Beach... Giant crab...Yep! They were lost!

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"Shhh, everyone calm down and quiet down for a second. Let me see if I can find the others, or at least where we are. Hellion, see if you can store up what pizza we came here with. We might be here for a few hours." Alex said with a calm tone to her voice as she stood up and held out the pizza slice she'd been holding, "Breakdown, check the air waves. See what's out there.

She gave Agent H a reassuring look, "You're good at the whole fighting thing, I know. If I project my senses, can you make sure I'm safe if anything shows up? It takes all my attention to search around."

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"Rod-her dat!" Eddie's voice was muffled from the pizza crust that was already in his mouth. But the thumbs up he had held out indicated that he understood what needed to be done.

Eddie switched off his iPod momentarily and gave any and all airwaves in the area a quick scan. He also began eying the large crab, wondering if he could make friends with it like he did that demon at the ball park. I can do that later. I have to check the radio signals first!

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Breakdown opened his ears to music and was surprised to find the sky nearly empty. They were clearly nowhere near a major city, assuming they were in a place where radio traffic was anything like what he was familiar with. He did eventually find a signal in a language he recognized as Japanese, especially once a little help from the magic of the dance translated the words for him. Playing it back for everyone else gave Eddie and the others who could speak Japanese a disturbing message in a gruff male voice, speaking at a shout at every word

"...with the self-styled Dr. Sin in retreat, the forces of the Rising Sun have once again brought peace and tranquility to the Chinese Protectorate! To the west, the forces of the Reich have not been so lucky! Imperial sources report that the Ubersoldaten have been defeated in battle by the forces of the so-called American Resistance, thus driving the forces of the Reich back from Arbeit City! This again shows how only the divine rule of the Emperor can bring peace and prosperity to the subject peoples of the world! This has been the Imperial news broadcast for the Kaiju garrison, wishing all the soldiers, sailors, and technicians of the Empire a pleasant and dignified day!"
A strange song began to play then, one only vaguely familiar to the Americans there, a harsh, military band behind it.

Eddie recognized the name of Kaiju Island right enough, the island in the South Pacific that was home to Gigantosaur and the other "kaiju" that were such a big feature of Japanese (and thus anime) popular culture. The last he'd heard, this island was a UN enviromental protectorate, but...things were very different here. Wherever they were.

Meanwhile, Psyche heard a voice in her heard as she extended her senses. It was Phalanx:

"Are you ok? Mark, Erin, Chris and I are in some wierd little room with a couple people I think they are responsible for this." Her words were enough to calm down Hope, who like of the others had been distracted by a distant, massive roar from the jungle where a massive shape could be seen moving far off up the side of a nearby volcano, an indistinct form obscured by the heavy tree cover moving slowly and deliberately.

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James raised an eyebrow and shrugged. He placed his uneaten piece back in the half empty box. He'd already had a piece, not that he needed to eat much anyway. He shook his head and stood up. He took a piece and handed it to Alex. "Eat while you search. It isn't like this is gonna last. 'Sides, it's a cardboard box." He looked around. "Everyone eat up quickly. There isn't much but it'll hold ya for a bit."

He looked over at Eddie as the radio was heard. "That's Japanese..." He listened. "And really not good news..." He repeated the message word for word in English.

He blinked over at the giant indistinct form some distance away. He looked at Eddie and grinned. "Well, Toto. I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

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"I've got Phalanx. Lemme tell him where we're at. He's with the others in a small room with some people." She offered appologetically to her group. It wasn't the most detailed of information tidbits. Alex obediently bolted her pizza, listening to James translation.

Once James had roughly translated his transmission, she swiftly sent back to Mike, 'We're in Japan! Kaiju Island. I have H, Breakdown, and Hellion. Where are you? Are you in danger? Is anyone missing? We're safe for the moment but we need to move soon I think.'

Firing off rapid questions to Phalanx she turned to her group expectantly, "I don't think we can stay here. I can fly but I can't carry anyone. How far can you teleport, Hellion?"

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"And you guys thought summers would be pissed about the baseball thing! We are definitely in for it now. Remind me not to call him 'Dunc' again."

Continuing, Breakdown tried to think of a solution. "I might be able to carry Hope while I fly, but I would have to go very slowly." Wracking his brain for other solutions, he just started suggesting things. "Would you mind just getting a piggy back ride? I can move pretty quickly while I listen to rock."

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Mikes mental presence seemed more stable after the first contact as he reached out once more to Alexs mind.

'Looks like thats all of us, these people were looking for Hope and something interfered and pulled us all in I dunno exactly what they are talking about. Are you all OK?'

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"Oh God. Oh God, Kaiju Island..." Hope licked her lips, scrubbing her hand on the side of her face. "We're right in the middle of Jap territory. They've been here sixty years." She ejected the energy magazine from her pistol, shooting a look at the others before removing a new one from her boot. "Listen to me, and listen good. The Nazis take supers from their occupied territories and put them in the Ubersoldaten. You fight for the Reich and you and your family die screaming if you fall out of line, but at least you get nice toys and you get to live." She holstered a round. "The Japs, er Japanese, kill any super that isn't from the Rising Sun. They let the girls live longer...unfortunately. We need to get off this beach, fast. We can confab in the jungle."

Without looking back at the others, she started making her way towards the trees. "If none of you can fly or send us eight thousand miles to resistance territory, we need to find the garrison on the island. They'll have big planes, maybe a teleporter if we're really lucky. When I was in the Resistance, we heard about all the Jap scientists who went to Kaiju Island. They do something here that lets them control the monsters."

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James shrugged. "I can 'port, sure. But only for 'bout a mile. And can only carry about a hundred pounds." He looked around at the jungle. "So we're looking for a plane that flies around the world or a teleporter, neither of which I know much about, presumably surrounded by Japanese garrison full of kamikaze samurais on a island with giant monsters both of which are gonna try and kill us." He chuckled. "Cool. I bet this counts as training class." He started moving towards the jungle, as their new expert Hope suggested, senses alert.

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We're okay but we're in a dangerous area. Looks like we're gonna break into a base an' steal a plane. I'll keep you posted.. Her tone was concerned if not worried but not afraid as she fired off a response to Phalanx.

"Sounds like they're all together an' prolly safer than us. Lets head for the tree line and I'll see if I can get us some intel on the base on the island. I can blank us out to most senses once we know where we're going." Alex volunteered, heading for the treeline after H.

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The interior of the jungle proved to be a densely populated place, the noise from the many, many animals all around them more than enough to disguise their voices and the very faint sound of Breakdown's iPod. "I've never actually been here," Agent H confessed as they took shelter beneath a massive tree of very ancient vintage, tiny reptilian eyes watching them from the trees above. "I never got out of America. Um, can any of you guys turn invisible or do that ESP thing? That might be really helpful. Otherwise we'll have to watch for their planes overhead, or track them down some other way. Maybe follow one of the monsters?"

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James looked over his shoulder at Eddie and rolled his eyes. He flicked one hand, incinerating the empty pizza box in a flash before continuing to head into the jungle.

"Sorry, I'm a city boy all the way. I can move quietly, a little. And have an enhanced sense of smell. But that's about it. Beyond frying something and making it hotter, which is really not helpful in a jungle, there isn't much I can do here. I suppose I can try and talk to the things around here..." he said skeptically.

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"I can do both!" Alex said cheerfully, "Just not at the same time. Keep an eye out and I'll give a quick search of the island. Might take a few minutes."

Alex settled herself back against the tree trunk, folding her legs under herself and closed her eyes to block out her team-mates faces as she sent her sense rapidly searching around the island for a base of some kind, or other signs of civilization. She also kept an eye out for any monsters that might be over-close to their current position.

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"Don't worry!" Breakdown said, setting down next to Psyche. "We've Got your back." Eddie faced outward bristling with "finger pistols" in a mock display of a defensive stance. Then he remembered something.

"CRAP!" He cried. "H! Did you remember to pick up that spent ammo charge you left on the beach? If somebody findes that they could find us!"

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With a serious look on her face, Agent H approached Breakdown and put her finger on his lips. "Ssh. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they're not there." Despite Hope's usual extreme volatility, she didn't look angry with him, just very serious and concerned for her fellow student's life. A moment later, she actually smiled thinly. "I never leave live ammunition behind. I just put in the big-boy ammo now that we're in a real fight."


Expanding her senses out revealed an island overrun with gigantic monstrosities of various sorts, each an impossible anomaly of size and power. Here a nest of tiny Gigantosaurs tore apart what looked like an enormous ape that had been fed them for their supper; there twenty-foot tall chimpanzees watched with anticipation as a massive obsidian-skinned T-Rex brought down a brontosaur. The Japanese base turned out to be on the other side of the island, a bizarre combination of a military fortification and science lab under the flag of the Rising Sun.

There were surprisingly few guards around the barbed-wire perimeter, but quite a few heavy weapons. It wasn't hard to guess why a military base on Kaiju Island would need light artillery pieces and heavy machine guns! Inside a massive laboratory that Alex briefly mistook for a hangar, she found the largest test subject of all; the famous Gigantosaur laid out longer than several football fields, both chained down and restrained by a psychic collar around its head as scientists pored over it. It was all a bit like watching a Godzilla movie, if not for the deadly knowledge that what they were facing was all too real.

Nearby the hangar, she made out a small runway with an unfamiliar plane resting on it, and near that a heavily guarded scientific facility with what might have been a small teleporter.

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Hellion shook his head sadly at Eddie. He figured someone like H, who he admitted he didn't know particularly well, was more than capable of watching out for herself and covering her tracks. He just nodded at Psyche and moved off a little ways, back to a tree so he could see the group after checking to make sure there was no freaky giant snake or bug or something waiting to grab him of course.

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As Psyche returned to her senses she felt the urgency and nervousness of Phalanxs comunication pressing in, 'Get somewhere safe, we're on Erde, some crazed Nazi world. We gotta raid some factory to get what they need to bring you here and send us all home.' There was a certain desperation to the comunication as he added 'We'll do this as quickly as we can.'

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After a few long minutes, Alex stirred and opened her eyes, blinking a few times to reorient. Her normally pale face was a little more white than usual but her voice was rock steady.

"First things first. Brace yourselves for a mental download. If anything happens, then we'll all know where to go."

Alex gave them all the rapid fire images of the island - including Phalanx - focusing on the base and the directions there. She included the images of Gigantasour as well before breaking the link.

Once everyone had recovered from that, she spoke up again. "I'm gonna hide us but there's a few catches. It only works on brains, not cameras. You'll all have to stay where I can keep an eye on you cuz it's limited in range. And most importantly, it won't hide you from people - or monsters with heightened smell or other wierd senses."

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"Actually, Psyche, I think I might be able to hide us a little better than that." Breakdown shuffled his feet for a second. "I've never actually done it before, but I have a feeling it just might work. I've been thinking about other forms of music... I might be able to pull off something like I did at the ballpark. Only it should give us some cover..."

Breakdown looked around for opinions. "Well? Should I give it a go?"

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He blinked as he let the mental touch in and the 'download' began and completed in a second. "Damn...that's useful. Psyche, you do requests? Cause reading War and Peace would take me forever, and calculus...ugh" he said with a grin.

He raised an eyebrow. Just hiding out in the jungle? That sucked. Made some sense though. If it was a little boring. Then a slow grin, spread across his face... "Sure whatever," he said absently, putting a rough plan together.

"Psyche, do me a favor and scan that giant lab with the huge monster every so often and pass the updates along...also, whenever other team is getting ready to port us out, let me know." He grinned even wider. "I'm gonna cause a little distraction on this island before we go...should only take a few moments. But man what a mess!"

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"We're not hiding out on this island. We're going to go and break into that compound and steal that teleporter." Psyche said firmly, and rather surprisingly. "We may need to rescue them. Even if they don't need the back up, none us signed up for this to hang out for rescue."

She looked at the others for confirmation that they were with her on this.

"I don't want you to waste covering us while we head to the other side of the island, Breakdown, you'll have plenty to do once we get in range to the cameras. I'm counting on you to deal with the tech and alarms, okay? Hellion, you wanna set the monster free to cover our escape I'm guessing?"

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