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Star Crossed Lovers


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An oldy but a goody. Two young people in love kept apart by the deep seated devide between their family turn the the only place they have left, Our Heroes.

Ah but there is a snarl if this match is to be there could be a mob war unlike anything seen since the end of the Moore administration as the opposing families go after one another over the affair.

What is a Hero to do?

Opportunities also exist for the more mercenary sort to find gainful employment seeing that this match does not happen.

Max 5 players preferably in the same PL range.

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I'd be interested as well. Originally for Hellion (but he's a few PLs lower for a couple more months probably) but DS would be fun to. (if he doesn't fit, no worries though!)

(besides, he hasn't worked with any of them besides Arrowhawk...and they might need to have a chat :) )

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Ok so we have:

Edge -

Arrowhawk -

DS or Hellion - Up to you but it looks to be a PL10+ crowd, either can be fit in but Hellion may be fairly ineffective at least against the big bads.

Angel? - I'll ask next time I see her or Moira in chat

ok 1 or 2 more slots open. I'll give it a couple days then to give Angel a chance to say yay or nay then we'll start up with whatever we have.

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Not sure if you are looking for Villianous mercenaries, but Blink has mob ties and would be more than happy to try and keep people apart for a price. I could see her working for one or the other families. However, since it's a hero thing, I could totally understand if that's not who/what you are looking for.

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They will be hiring out mercs to muck up the affair, probably kidnapping one of the young lovers.

It is however looking like 3 heroes already so its up to you if you want to get caught in the middle of that. Muscle will be available on request but nothing with Blinks kind of finesse.

Cyroa you preffer Hellion or DS for this? Either is fine but the thread is looking to be tuned to the PL 10 range.

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Well I'll leave it up to you. However, it's the sort of thing I think that she would do well at. I'm guessing that she could make it pretty hard to actually pin something on her while doing what she's paid to do... keep the lovers apart. Besides, she's paid her debt to society for the moment... can't leave that going too long.

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Ok so we will have;

In the blue corner representing truth justice and love; Edge, Arrowhawk, and Darkstar.

In the Red corner representing nere-do-wells and mobsters of assorted types; Blink (and assorted NPC type backup)

I'll be trying to get the intro-post up tonight.

Blink theres a PM waiting for you.

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