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Go For Broken (OOC)


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The Out of Character Thread for Captain Knievel's and Malice's breaking and entering thread.

Due to Intensive training and planning, we each have an additional 20 points to spend on whatever the heck we want, but we remain the same PL.

Just make up what the plan is, but it should feel a bit like a video game. Ie: In order to get through this door, we need to take out this guard post. In order to find what we need, we first need to gain access to the computer mainframe, etc. There should be like 6-7 parts. Each time we reach the end of a certain area, like a check point, we each make a free recovery check and gain 1 additional VP.

Most enemies are Minions, some are Heroic, and there are others still which are "Tough" which are the middle ground. Suffice to say, they go down easier than minions, but not as easily as heroics. There is plenty of military grade hard ware around, like troops, helecopters, tanks and even a few suits of power armor. Generally speaking, staying in an area for too long will attract unwanted attention. For that reason, several of the first missions should revolve around the removal of many of the opposition, or at least stalling them for a while.

Post the changes to your character here. As this is completely Non-Cannon, we don't need to go through the approval process, so feel free to go nuts. We'll need all the cheese we can get.

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I will spend 2 of my twenty points meeting my PL12 defensive caps.

1 Dodge Focus

1 Defensive Roll

I will also purchase

2 Uncanny Dodge

2 Evasion

+1 Fortitude

+1 Reflex

So I am down to 12 pp to spend. Any recommendations?

I am thinking Juice Belt -

Device 2 (Hard to Lose; 10pp) [8pp]

- Regeneration Bruised 3, Unconcious 2, Staggered 5

That way I won't stay out of the fight.

that puts me at 4pp to spend.

I will pump one more rank into the Adrenaline Cannon to make it: Device 6 ("Adrenaline Cannon"; Hard to Lose; 30pp) [24pp]

Device: Adrenaline Cannon Mark IV:

Strike 12 (Main Cannon; Extras: 100-ft. Line Area; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, 4 Alternate Powers) {30pp}

AP: Elongation 5 ("Laser Whip"; 100 feet; Extras: Projection, Linked(+0); PF: Improved Pin, Grappling Finesse){12pp}

Linked: Super Strength 7 ("Hydraulic Assisted Lifting"){14pp}

AP: Strike 9 ("Elemental Strike"; Feats: Extended Reach 4, Variable Descriptor 2 [any technological], Improved Critical 4, Penetrating 3, Precise, Split Attack 3){26pp}

AP: Strike 9 ("Pressure Point Punch"; Extras: Alternate Save - Fort; Feats: Extended Reach 3, Improved Critical 4, Precise){26pp}

AP: Strike 9 ("Machine Gun Punches"; Extras: Autofire 1; Feats: Improved Critical 4, Split Attack, Penetrating 3) {26pp}

"The Adrenaline Cannon Mark 2 includes hydraulic tubing that runs from the gauntlet on Captain Knievel's right arm to the armor on his back. From his armor, the tubes stretch down the sides of his legs and open up at his boots. These tubes allow Captain Knievel to project the special attacks generated by his Adrenaline Cannon from his feet as well as his right arm. This allows him to deliver flaming kicks, etc..."

"The Adrenaline Cannon Mark 3 includes more powerful striking capabilities, and faster response time, as well as a reduced kick from the main cannon. The hydraulic tubing has also been adapted to assist in lifting."

This leaves me with 0pp to spend

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How many chars are you looking for to be in this? Or is it just you two?

I was thinking it would be just the two of us, but I have 0 problem with anyone else joining.

Note however, that this is intended to be a villain only thread. If there are any heroes on the opposing side (other than those I've laid out) Cap and Malice will be annihilated. This is meant to be a massive scale combat, run and gun sort of thing; AND, quite a challenge. Swarms of troops, helicopters, striders, war mechs, laser defense grids, electrified floors, everything. It's set at some sort of secret government facility that isn't there, so heroes showing up kind of ruins the feel I was going for.

This is a storming the fort thread, like you would see in the last level of a FPS, but because we're villains, moar explosions. The plan is to steal 1 item of importance, and burn everything else to the ground.

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Here's the basic plan I have in mind currently, do be edited if we're having a tough time of it, or not being challenged, more people join in, and/or I think of a cool idea halfway through.

1) The Gate: There are 4 bunker surrounding the complex that generate a cloaking field and a force field over the complex. Unless we want to continue to smack into a wall and move about with no idea what we're looking out, those bunkers need to be taken out, along with the generators inside of them

2) The Communications Room: With so many troops about, the last thing we want is for them to know our exact position, so we need need to destroy the communications room, so they'll have a harder time coordinating their forces.

3) Security override: The security system at this point has likely already been locked down, if we want to progress any further we'll have to hack into the mainframe and open up the blast doors so we can venture into the heart of the complex.

4) The home field advantage: This is the part of the plan where we try to get to our destination while shooting anything that moves, attempting to devastate and splinter their forces.

5) The McGuffin - Breach the last of their defenses and get our mitts on the object of importance.

6) ???

7) Profit!

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Alright, now for Malice's upgrade. In this time line, Malice either never lost his arm, or we haven't reached that point in time yet. So Malice only currently has 4 unspent pp.

Step 1) Get rid of 4 points in Fort Save, frees up 4 points (giving me 28 total to work with)

Step 2 ) Buy 7 more ranks in Device to get, for a total rank of 27.

Device now looks like this:


The Mantle of Freedom

Enhanced Attack 1 {2}

Communication 4 (radio) {4}

Enhanced Constitution 26 {26}

Enhanced Will Save 2 {2}

Flight 5 (250 mph / 2,500 feet) {10}

Immunity 14 (life support, entrapment) {14}

Impervious Toughness 12 {12}

Protection 2 {2}

Super Senses 6 (Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Time Sense, Ultra Hearing) {6}

Quickness 4 (x25 speed) {4}

Enhanced Skills 5 (Computers 6, Disable Device 11, Notice 3) {5}

Enhanced Feats 1 (Luck) {1}

Weapons Array 21 (42 point powers; PFs: 5 Alternate Powers) {47}

* BE: Enhanced Strength 30 and Super-Strength 6 (effective Str 70; Lt Load 64 tons, Med Load 125 tons, Hvy Load 200 tons) – Righteous Riot

* AP: Blast 13 (Extra: Auto-fire x2 Flaw: Full-Round Action) PF: Improved Crit x2– The 2nd Amendment

* AP: Blast 12 (Extras: Targeted Shapeable Area, PFs: Indirect x3, Progression x3 (120 - 5ft square cubes)) – Liberation Cannon

* AP: Paralyze 13 (Extras: Alternate Save/Fortitude, Range/Ranged PF: Improved Crit, Affects Insubstaintial x2) - Shock and Awe

* AP: Damage 12 Extras: Targeted Area - Line, Autofire PF: Progression x3 (25ft x 300ft line) - Acceptable Losses

* AP: Corrosion 13 PF: Accurate - Public Opinion

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Ok I spoke with Geezer about joining this thread. Ok I want to spend my 23pps thus ( I still haven't spent my 3 pps in the main char yet)

Feats: Masterplan

Masterful Tactics

Add Analyticall to Weakness detection.

Finding the Weakness. Ronin's ability to detect weakness allows him to find a weak point in any thing. No matter how minuscule his eyes can detect any aberration and lock on to it. He can even allow his allies to gain the bonus as well though not as effortlessly as he does.

Drain Toughness 5 (Extras: Perception +2, Area, Alternate Save: Reflex)

AP: Drain Toughness 5 (Extras: Perception +2, No Save +2; Flaws: Self-Only [no one else benefits])

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*pokes a demonic head in* Room for one more?

Lucky for me, Belphegor just hit PL 11.

+22 pp (20 +2 unspent he earned this month)

+6pp to bump Str, Con, and Wis all by +2 (Str 26/+8, Con 26/+8, Wis 14/+2; Toughness +11, Fort +14, Will +8; Str is 32/+11 w/ "Unfettered Might")

+2pp to bump Base Attack by +1 (to +11)

+2pp to bump Base Defense by +1 (to +11)

+2pp to add 6r in Craft/Artistic and 2r in Know/Arcane Lore (bringing those both to +12 total)

+2pp to bump Demonic Powers Array from 11 to 12

+1pp to bump Flight from 2 to 3

+3pp to round out his Immunities

+2pp to bump Super-Str from 2 to 3 (effective str 41, 62 w/ "Unfettered Might")

Will those of us with Artificer or Inventor be allowed to whip up something beforehand?

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Still have room for one more?

Since this is an Else World game, I'll have to up the damage portion quite a bit. What would be the effect of dropping around 50 million pounds of molten lava on the base?

Make the objective of our mission completely unattainable.

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I had a feeling that's what you'd say.

With his (adjusted) +12 modifiers on Craft/Artistic and Knowledge/Arcane Lore, Belphegor can Take 10 (if not jury-rigging) and make a 12pp Item (taking 48 hours). Could be a Hard to Lose Device 3, or an Easy to Lose Device 4 (as I assume the House Rule we do use for these feats -- that you can make Devices -- is still in effect here).

Sooo many choices....

Alright, from the IC discussion it appears our chars do all know what we're getting into, so is there anything we need which we're lacking that the toy-boys can make?

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I was suggesting having The Vestige whip up something like a massive communications spell so that everyone can talk to one another without needing to speak and without needing to have an item that can fall off or break.

Aside from that, are we only allowed one invention/artifact/ritual per crafter here?

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Yes and no. We've only got floor plans for the top couple of floors, one of the other reasons we intend to hack into the system is to get a better floor plan.

We do know that there are a wide array of high obstacles in our way; something to nullify electronics would be quite useful.

I'm pretty much going to be using every single insidious trap I've ever seen in a video game; if you think it can show up, it will.

Yep 1 invention per customer.

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