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Standing Up (OOC)

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again, apologies. totally spaced on this

here's the roll AA asked for. Notice:

(12:34:28) Cyroa: heh cool. thanks

(12:34:38) FreedomBot: Cyroa rolls 1d20 and gets 20.

+8 standard notice skill, and another +8 if using powered senses. (you didn't say what/when so just supplying the info)

To my knowledge, DS is just hiding and observing until Jack needs help

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Dave maintains his current Shapeshift allotment.

Nevermore holds his action to see how well his ghosts fare against Dark Star. The Drain they're using is a Perception Area (Sight-Dependent) Drain Wis 8. (They are using the Selective feat on their Concealment to only affect non-vampires in the area) And why yes it has Affects Insubstantial; as one would expect given that Nevermore has had time to prepare certain spells.

Have an HP, Dark Star, for your heroism coming back to get you. Dark Star is up. Let's see six DC 18 Will saves.

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On her Initiative, The Scarab will use Extra Effort to acquire the following Alternate Power for her Psionics array:

Boost Wisdom 16 (Feats: Slow Fade [1/minute], Drawbacks: Noticeable [Golden Glow], Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Mental, Range 2 [Perception], Total Fade, Flaws: Action [Full], Limited [Others]) [32PP]

She will then take a Free Action to reconfigure her array to this slot, dropping her Concealment, and a Full Action to activate it, targeting DarkStar. DarkStar's Wisdom will jump from 0 (-5) to 16 (+3), raising his total Will Save to +14. 16 minutes (160 rounds) from now, his Wisdom will drop back down to 10 (+0).

Mental effects are generally Subtle by default. I specifically created this AP to not be Subtle, in the hopes that it will discourage the ghosts from just doing the same thing next round and refocus their attention on me.

She will spend one of her 2 Hero Points to buy off the Fatigue from the Extra Effort, leaving her at 1 HP.

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