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The Greatest Story that never happened


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I need another thread for Malice. However, due to certain circumstance (ie the crater that used to be his home) it will most likely be a Non-Cannonical tale.

On the other hand, that means that anything can happen.

Random thread ideas:

1) Have at the - Good old fashioned slug fest

2) Alignment shift - What if Malice was a good guy, what if your character was a bad guy?

3) Super Villain Team Up - A dasterdly plot is hatched to attain wealth, fame or the McGuffin.

4) Tipping the Scale - Toy Boy and/or Quirk shrinks the group down to fully pose-able 6" high action figures, they need to work together to return to normal size. Hijinx ensue.

Any takers?

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All sound god to me. However, #1 (Doc vs. Malice, or Belphegor vs. Malice), #2 (Shining Knight Malice vs. Dastardly Dr. Archeville) and #3 (Malice & Belphegor) I see as being easiest to set up.

Oh, a Doc vs. Malice throw-down could be with the Mad Biologist version of Archeville (though perhaps pumped up a PL or two). Have a bio/chem tech vs. electro/mechanical tech showdown. ;)

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The games have begun.

Any villain (this includes heroes who are villains in a non-cannonical universes) who wants to cause obscene amounts of collateral damage in the largest scale combat every seen on these boards, should inquire here.

To reemphasize, it's still open, but you have to be quick on the draw.

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