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All the Single Ladies [IC]

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After the return of Marrionette Ace needed a little R&R it had been a rough case that pointed out some of the less comfotable issues of his eternal existance. Some mihgt take the chance for quiet reflection after such an event, Ace however prefered loud music and beautiful people.

He strolled casually past the bouncer with a nod and a smile much to the disappointment of those in line and went to the bar to order his trademark Scotch on the rocks before turning to survey the packed nightclub.

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It had been a while since Moira had connections with Freedom's nightclub scene. She'd never been to this place before. Though the loud music was, well, loud, though it had a beat behind it. She could always get behind a beat.

Once inside the club she found that she was a bit underdressed. This was not a jeans and t-shirt affair. This would not get her down though. She would have her two drink minimum and if she were lucky, meet someone who would make her night.

Then again it could be fun to get this crowd mixed up. There were only less than a hundred there. She was sure that she could work some magic. Centering out each and everyone in the club, she noted every starlet.

Is that Ace Danger, she thought putting her eyes on her first, surely he can't be around here! But he is. I gotta see what he's up to. Walking over to him, Moira smoothly glided over to the place he was standing, but was still keeping her eyes on the people she wanted to help. She non-chalantly 'bumped' into him on 'accident' as she walked by him. "Oh, excuse me," she apologized, "I didn't mean to-" She smiled when she looked at him, "Ace Danger?"

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Ace's eyes sparkled as he turned, he took the young lady before him in with a smile hovering at the edge of his mouth.

"Indeed," He replied, "Captain Ace Danger," the deboinaire hero gently took her hand and brushed the knuckle with his lips as he stared up into her eyes, "and I'm afraid I don't know your name my enchanting young lady, but I certainly would like to."

As he asked the question he signalled the barman to take her order as he waited for her reply.

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