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To Whom It May Concern...(OOC)

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Ronin puts 2pps in Notice. Takes 20 to study picture and letter to notice any clues or anything strange. Gives him a 36.

:o Very nice!


From the context of the pictures, you can gather the location of the building accurately. You know that there is a security detail with him in all of the pictures. However as all of these pictures are taken during the day, by the time you are ready to make your move at night, you are not sure if the guards will be on duty or not...

From the letter you begin to get the feeling that you were certainly not contacted through any normal means...

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The notice check will be enough to get you whatever is in the lobby. lets see if the stealth check is enough:


You got it!

Posting results now.

And I pointedly left the entrance and lobby undescribed earlier because I wanted to give you the freedom of choosing how you walked in. It would be a little unfair for me to just say, "You walk in the front door and somebody spots you!" This way you were able to roll your skills, etc.

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Yea that is best. If I am ever unclear about something, it's always better to ask rather than just assume. As it turns out in this instance I did have a surprisingly clear vision of what I felt the lobby should look like. However, I pride myself on my ability to roll with the punches, so if you had begun any description of the place, I would be surprised If I had been unable to work with it ;)

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You pass the stealth check. However, now I am going to need a reflex save. success means you can grab one of the cables just before the elevator drops out from under you. failure means you fall (unless you have some other way of getting yourself out of this little pickle ;)) DC 15

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The door is in fact rigged. It has a heavy anti-tamper defense system. It seems like any attempted entry without the proper key-code will set the system off.

There were no actual numbers on the back. there was just a message saying its four digits long and that they are not to divulge what it is.

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