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Blink is looking for excitement


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Hmm, no bites on this, huh? I'm more than willing to work on a thread with you; the question would be in what capacity? Grim is far more likely to be involved in something taking place in the Fens than Gossamer is, so she is the logical choice. You would think she would be out to thwart Blink, but not necessarily; once upon a time, before she left town (during my hiatus away from these boards), she was attempting to infiltrate the criminal underworld of Freedom, so she might be looking to do this again. As part of such a program, she might bring one of her two criminal aliases into play, and if the crime is non-violent, she even might go along for the whole shebang, just to establish her street cred.

Let me read over your character and the thread you linked to to get some ideas; if you have any of your own, by all means suggest them :)

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Sorry for the slow reply, I was on vacation for a week enjoying some much needed R&R.

Well here was my thoughts, let me know if they play into anything that would fit with you.

Grant Corp has made a breakthrough while working on research on it's DNAscent process. They found a significantly more stable form of the popular street drug Max. While the drug is significantly more stable, it also is much more addictive, which works much better for a sustainable business model. Currently, they have kept this discovery under wraps, trying to find the best and most profitable method of using this new found discovery. However, the Labrynth has discovered what they are working on and does not wish to loose any of the drug trafficking that they currently control. Yet they also do not wish to act directly so have enticed one of the street gangs to hire out a team to break into one of Grant Corps labs to acquire a sample and to destroy any research. The gang knows of the Kitchen and is going through them to find the muscle to conduct the heist.

While they don't care who lives or dies, they are not out for anything more than the research and a sample.

That was my initial thought. Let me know if that works.

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Hi, sorry it took me so long to respond, it was my turn to be out of town. ;)

This seems workable; I can see Grim going along on this mission in order to get intel to bring back to the Knights as well as ingratiate herself into the criminal element. The main thing I have to figure out is who she's going in as, since Grimalkin is a known hero. Last year she created an alias named 'Whisper' for a casino heist right before my hiatus, but I am slightly reluctant to use it, since she disappeared in the middle of the heist and it went badly for the remaining crew; logically this would give her a bad reputation, though I guess we could sort of handwave that aspect of it. Give me a day or two to figure out my angle, but feel free to offer suggestions.

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Okay, so I have an idea for a new criminal alias for Grim; 'Gargoyle' is basically her goblin form with a few aesthetic changes. She's playing it as though it was just an Alternate Form with a fixed stealth-based power set, not unlike Komodo for Marvel's The Initiative; the 'character' of Gargoyle finds her monstrous form repulsive, but it earns her money. She might have some abilities in her 'normal' form, much like Grim, but her much-enhanced 'working' form is what she'll use on the job. 'Lenny Stein' would serve as the intermediary between Gargoyle and any interested parties.

Does that sound like it would work?

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