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What would Captain Knievel be like if he had undergone different training? What would happen if he didn't focus so much on being the strongest man in the world?

I have begun to get together a list of different versions of The Captain. The largest difference is the points spent on strength, and devices. Since he is no longer The Captain that we all know and love, he needs a different trademark weapon, right?

Here is the list that I have so far:

Captain Hammer

Captain Zoom

Captain Guardian

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CAPTAIN HAMMER (171/171pp)

Same as Original Captain Knievel except with the following differences:

(This is based on the PP level of the July version of Captain Knievel)

Trade Offs: -3 ATK / +3 DC / -3 DEF / +3 TOU


Str 20 (+5)


-4 Defense


Defensive Attack -> All Out Attack

- 6 Attack Focus Melee

- 3 Defensive Roll

- 2 Dodge Focus


Device 5 ("Adrenaline Hammer"; Hard to Lose; 25pp) [20pp]

Device 4 ("Adrenaline Armor"; Hard to Lose; 20pp) [16pp]

BE: Strike 9 (Extras: Linked (+0) PF: Mighty, Knockback 3, Alternate Power x3 22pp Powers) {16pp} [25pp]

Linked to: Paralyze 9 {9pp}

AP: Blast 9 (PF: Mighty, Knockback 3) {22pp}

AP: Strike 14 (Extras: Area/Radius, Linked (+0); Flaws: Unreliable 5/day, Limited: Only vs. Targets on ground; PF: Knockback 6, Affects Insubstantial 2) {15pp}

Linked to: Trip 14 (Extras: Area/Radius; Flaws Unreliable 5/day, Limited: Only vs. Grounded Foes) {7pp}

AP: Gravity Control 11 {22pp}

Protection 9 (Extras: Impervious) {18pp}

Enhanced Speed 2 {2pp}

He meets all PL11 caps. Only the stats listed here are changed. He has no unspent pp.

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