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Shadow Academy

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I'm guessing from all the villains signing up that this is some sort of anti-Claremont. If that's the case, Malice may very well have a keen interest in being a "teacher". Warping the minds of the young is its own reward. And having everything you own be blown up and having your arm dissolved may very well shift his morals around a bit.

That being said, I know nothing about Shadow Academy besides its name and I have no idea if and when Malice could participate because of various shenanigans.

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Captain Knievel may very well need a place to hide while while the heat from his trial blows over. IF I escape, and IF this actually transpires, Knievel may be willing to provide some villainous knowledge in exchange for shelter. No promises though, as my character's fate is still to be determined.

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As Malice Surmised it is more of an Anti-Claremont than just a general villain grouping. I think Sand wanted to know if there was enough interest to form an actual teen group.

Taurus is a long-term planner, it comes with being immortal.Over time, he’s noticed several truisms in regards to the quality of the help he’s used or exploited. Quality costs and is rare.Loyalty is rarer still, and few assets possess the power, thetraining, and the reliability to offset their cost, especially in the communityof so-called “supervillains.â€Â

With his resources, this should not present a problem That it hasconsistently resurfaced is galling to him. Ms. Scarlet’s training andrecruitment methods saw to a certain level of expertise among the rank-and-file, but beyond a select few other assets, superhumans persistentlyprove more trouble than they are worth. There has to be a better way.

Recently, Taurus has taken inspiration from an old enemy. Few secrets are proof against time, the hard-won wisdom of centuries,and near-unimaginable resources. The true face behind the Raven’scowl was one of those secrets, among many Taurus keeps close to his vest. It was Duncan Summers’ success with the ClaremontAcademy that garnered the old bull’s interest after pondering hisown difficulties. Why depend on hiring or engineering the righttalent when you can groom said talent to be what you want fromthe beginning?

The Shadow Academy is a dark reflection of the philosophies driving

Claremont. Where Summers and his associates pour their effortsinto preparing the heroes of tomorrow, the Shadow Academy moldstomorrow’s criminals into accomplished professionals every bit theequal of whatever stalwart dares stand between them and their ill-gotten gains.

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Would the Shadow Academy, as written, offering shelter to Captain Knievel? He's a bigoted loudmouth with a hate-on against a significant percentage of their students, and not so stupid that he'll believe that he's not surrounded by mutants of various shapes and sizes. I think they'd worry he was sending the wrong message to impressionable evil minds. Villains have pride too. Just a thought. ;)

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On the one hand, Belphegor would be interested in getting in on this. A chance to corrupt some (superpowered) youths? A chance to teach the fine art of forgery? A chance to recruit some of the kids to be his own artificing coven, and help him in creating demonically-infused items? (A chance to teach art history & archaeology, possibly raising a new generation of Evil!Indiana Jones's?) Yes, please!

On the other hand, the Shadow Academy is a product of the Labyrinth, which is lead by Taurus, and thus ultimately by Hades. The Greek God of the Underworld may not appreciate a JudaeoChristian demon horning in (pun intended) on his business; he is the jealous type.

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