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The One, The Only [OOC] (Closed)

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That should be fine. The artist in question lost a daughter when she was still a small child. Her pictures all feature a female figure, never fully visable. It's not an actual precog. It's possible she had some sort of medium abilities but most likely its just grief driven

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The Scarab will put up her cloak (array configured to Concealment/light TK/light Telepathy) and fly over to the museum. Assuming no one penetrates her mental cloak, she will make her way to the room in question and activate Postcognition, so she can (hopefully) see the crime as it happened. She will also focus on the origins of the decorative bomb, mainly to figure out if it's real or just a prop.

She'll take 10 on any necessary Notice and/or Search checks, hitting DC30.

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Shaen, as Scarab has eidetic memory, I'm going to post Bombshell's career highlights. As Scarab died while Bombshell's estate was being restored to their rightful owners and its been 30 years, you will have to do some research to find out where they are all now.

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Highlights of Bombshell's career (1964 - 1970)


1st Edition Alice in Wonderland - successfully stolen, 1964. First crime in Freedom City attributed to Bombshell.

1st Edition A Study in Scarlet - (Sherlock Holmes) foiled by Scarab, 1966. Book was held in private collection.

Folio of Da Vinci sketches - sucessfully stolen, 1967, from the Kirby museum.


The Harlott's Progress - William Hogarth Stolen 1964 from an art museum.

The Hireling Shepard - William Holman Hunt Stolen 1965, private collection.

A Welsh Sunset River Landscape - Paul Sandby Foiled 1966 by Scarab, private collection.

Salisbury Cathedral - John Constable Foiled 1967 by Scarab and Centurion. The first and last time Bombshell faced the Centurion.

Whistlejacket - George Stubbs Foiled 1968 by Scarab, Kirby musuem.

Death of Chatterton - Henry Wallis Stolen 1968 (same heist as Whistlejacket but this one she got away with)

Ready for the Ball - Sophie Gengembre Anderson Foiled 1969 by Scarab.


14th c. Tapestry of King Arthur - attempted twice, once in 1965, foiled by Scarab and Raven, and a second time sucessfully stolen in 1970. The last theft completed before arrest.

16th c. Sapphire necklace - sucessfully stolen, 1969. Private collection. Stolen during a high society party off the woman's neck.

18th c. Tiara - foiled by the Freedom League, 1969. The most valuable piece ever (known) to be attempted by Bombshell.

20th century blown glass vase - stolen, 1968. Not an expensive piece. Taken from a very low end import store.

Sentimental value of some sort. One of the few times a fake was left in its place.

Of the pieces stolen, the most valuable is the Madge Gill. The two other pieces are smaller works by inmates in Bedlam. The necklace was found in the wreckage post Blitz. Its a tin and silver locket of little value but historical.

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The Scarab puts her Concealment back up and flies to her HQ, where she will use her Library to take 20 on a series of Knowledge checks (each one takes about an hour, at GM's discretion):

:arrow: Art (DC25)

:arrow: History (DC26)

:arrow: Pop Culture (DC25)

:arrow: Theology/Philosophy (DC25)

If Avenger wants to Aid her on these checks, he can make the necessary Knowledge checks against DC10, giving her +2, and another +1 for every 10 points he exceeds DC10 (+3 at 20, +4 at 30, etc.). He cannot take 10 or 20 while Aiding.

She's looking for any information on Bombshell's past capers, or that might give her insight into Bombshell's plans. Think Morgan Freeman's research scene in the library early in the film Se7en, refreshing himself on possible source material for John Doe's signature.

After her research, she will use her ESP to conduct an extended search of Freedom City, looking for the stolen pieces, and/or anyone dressed in Bombshell's costume. She will take 20 on the Search check (DC40). Normally, an extended search of a 20 mile diameter area would take 24 hours, or 20 days while taking 20. With Rapid 4 (x10,000), she can take 20 on that search in just under 3 minutes.

Feel free to correct me if I've got any of the mechanics wrong, or if you're Fiating any of them away.

EDIT: To clarify, those are the DCs I'm hitting.

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What you will get, just from Scarab's work is the following:

From your own notes on Bombshell, the only other time she's left a replacement was with the theft of the vase in the late 60s. Her standard MO is outragous thefts, like stealing a necklace off a woman in the middle of a crowded party. This heist was on the easy end for her thefts. She's a thrill seeker, and a risk taker. She does adhere to a code of honor so if this Bombshell is anything like the one from the 60s, she'll stick to any deal she cuts.

All of the books are in the hands of private collectors in the city. Two of the paintings are on rotation in the museums, a third is in storage here in Freedom. The tiara is in England on tour, but the necklace, tapestry and vase are all in Freedom. The necklace is with its original owner, the tapestry is in a museum and the vase is downstairs in the pyramid plaza's lobby. It was purchased at auction after Bombshell's arrest by the Rhodes foundation.

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