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Years ago, over on another board, talk was made of an X-Men RPG, one set 25 or so years in the future. Most of the characters would be the sons & daughters of existing characters. It got me to thinking about the results of various Marvel pairings.

Note: Parents are listed as father + mother. Assumption is that shapeshifters like Mystique can function as either. (Mystique was originally meant to be Nightcraler's father, with Destiny as his mother.) Unlikely pairings (unlikely either to personality conflicts or physical incompatibility) can be the work of geneticists like Sinister.

    [*:1c3a6ppj]Apocalypse + Jean Grey = Armageddon, inheriting his father's bodily control (enhanced strength & durability, growth, regeneration) and his mother's telepathy & telekinesis. (Note: This was actually seen in an Exiles comic.)
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Apocalypse + Selene = Something like the main character from Prototype.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Artie Maddicks + Danielle Moonstar = Veil, an ugly lil' illusionist.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Avalanche + Magma = Rumble (I), a geokinetic/terrakinetic.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Black King (Sebastian Shaw) + Sage = Kinetic, who can control kinetic energy
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Black King + White Queen (Emma Frost) = Gray Prince (or Princess). The harder s/he's hit, the denser s/he becomes, and s/he also possess some minor emotion control abilities (used primarily to get people to attack him/her and thus fuel his/her powers).
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Cloak + Darkstar = Void, a darkness manipulator
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Colossus + Mercury (Cessily Kincaid) = Metallic or Metallique, a shapeshifting brick.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Colossus + Storm = Lightning Rod, whose metallic form allows him to conduct/channel electricity.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Doc Samson + She-Hulk = Gamma, a brick/powerhouse.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Electro + Wasp (or Yellowjacket) = Elektron, a shrinking blaster.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Forge + Storm = EMP (or Calamity Jane), who constantly generates a low-level EM field which screws with electronics, and can generate more intense EM pulses to knock out devices.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Graviton + Wasp (or Yellowjacket) = Singularity, who can become a black hole.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Havok + Lilandra = Krystar, who can channel the energies of the M'Krann Crystal
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Havok + Polaris = Gauss, a ferrokinetic/magnetokinetic.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Human Torch + Magma = Lava Lord, who can convert his body into lava and generate extreme heat.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Iceman + Psylocke = Sub-Zero ;-)
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Juggernaut + Dazzler = Behemoth, who absorbs sound to gain strength & toughness.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Leech + Rogue = Syphon, who can steal a person's powers at range.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Magneto + Cassandra Nova = Onslaught Jr. (a)
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Mimic (or Gideon) + Mystique = Imposter (I), who can copy your abilities & appearance.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Multiple Man + Mystique = Everyman, who can create duplicates who each look different.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Multiple Man + Siryn = Choir (note: this one was actually suggested by another)
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Mystique + Rogue = Imposter (II), who can steal your abilities and appearance, leaving you a featureless 'blank.'
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Namor + Invisible Woman = Scion, a brick/powerhouse who generates his own force-armor.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Presence + Red Guardian/Starlight = Chernobyl, an intensely radioactive being
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Quicksilver + Mercury = Hydrargyrum, a shapeshifting speedster.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Rictor + Magma = Rumble (II), a geokinetic/terrakinetic.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Sabretooth + X23 = She-Bitch
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Sunfire + Firestar = Sunstar, a flying blaster.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Sunspot + Magma = Helios, who manipulates fire and earth.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Sunspot + Sage = Lumen, who can control light and darkness
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Sunspot + Selene = Vamp, who can drain life-force of others at range, and use it to boost her strength/toughness and fuel other abilities.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Vulcan + Deathbird = Raptor, a flying blaster brimming with hatred.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Vulcan + Jean Grey = Omega, teh Ultimate Mutant!!!1!
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Wolverine + Psylocke = Frenzy, who has "psychic claws" that look like her father's but work like her mother's, and uber-l33t ninja skillz.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Xavier + Mystique = Dream Girl, who knows your fantasies as soon as you do, and can embody them.
    [*:1c3a6ppj]Xavier + Polaris = Onslaught Jr. (B)
    [*:1c3a6ppj]X-Man + Threnody = Dead Head, who's constantly in telepathic contact with the dead.

What manner of pairings can y'all come up with?

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  • 1 year later...

One year later...

Avenger + Phantom = Ouroboros

Phalanx + Psyche = Zephyr

The Chart gives us much to work with:

Ace Danger + Bombshell = ?

Ace Danger + Divine = ?

Ace Danger + Scarab = ?

Atlas + Divine = ?

Avenger + Divine = ?

Breakdown + Zephyr = ?

Captain Knieval + Divine = ?

Colt + Grimalkin = ?

Dark Star + Fleur = ?

Doktor Archeville + Fulcrum = ?

Edge + Seraph = ?

Edge + Zarana = ?

Geckoman + Spellbound = ?

Hellion + Zephyr = ?

Midnight + Wander = ?

Mongrel Angel + Divine = ?

Wesley Knight + Grimalkin = ?

Wesley Knight + Robin = ?

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To start with to avoid such troubles Ace has been equipped with a curse Gris gris of infertility ;)

That said I couldn't really help myself :D

Ace Danger + Bombshell = Well their powers are not necessarily genetic (and not that central to their character either) Since I read the pairing though all I can think is that their child would be Kim Possible ... Or James Bond Junior if you wanna go old school.

Ace Danger + Divine = Demigod; an immortal master illusionist, his lies are just that potent :D

Ace Danger + Scarab = Once again no genetic component really but if they were to manifest I'm thinking something like Mind Knight, A costumed detective who accentuates his acrobatic and investigative skills with minor psychic abilities; Basically a Jedi ...

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Avenger + Divine = Avenger was alive when he procreated with Phantom. Unless some weird juju happens, it probably isn't possible for it to happen (looking past that weirder things have happened in mythology >.>)

Edge + Seraph = ?

Edge + Zarana = ?

Edge procreating would create another reality warper and 16 years down the line, another House of L :P

Wesley Knight + Grimalkin = a life controlling fae, eh? or maybe a magical mutant? (boy arent those a dime a dozen :P)

Wesley Knight + Robin = They're not on the chart yet :o Though a life controlling magician would be the opposite of a necromancer, vitamancer?

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Geckoman + Spellbound... well, I don't buy into easy superpowered procreation. Geckos are not genetically compatible with humans, let alone well enough for "hybrid vigour" uber-powers.

So Geckogirl is likely to have dramatically weaker regeneration and wall-crawling, but would get enough of her mother's genius to become a Gadgeteer Genius.

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Avenger + Divine = Avenger was alive when he procreated with Phantom.

I'm pretty sure that's not true.

Unless some weird juju happens, it probably isn't possible for it to happen (looking past that weirder things have happened in mythology >.>)

... why would you look past them? Fiction & folklore are full of undead vamps who sire kids.

Wesley Knight + Robin = They're not on the chart yet :o

No, but they are dating, so it's inevitable ;)

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  • 3 months later...

Pointing out that something has not been contributed to in a while, while not contributing to it yourself, is a mild form of trolling.

Doktor Archeville + Fulcrum = Doktor Delta, who uses the smarts he got from his father to manipulate the Terminus energy generation capabilities inherited from his mother in new and exciting (and terrible) ways. (The Greek letter Delta is used in some scientific and technical notation to denote change.)

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LS and I have talked about this briefly, and I've given it some more thought since then.

Ironcald + Kid Cthulhu = Steelhide, a man obsessed with harnessing both technological and magical energies. His name comes from an enchanted steel suit he wears over his entire body.

Ironclad + Kid Cthulhu = Blur, a genius inventor who created a suit that can slow down her 'personal' time, giving her super-speed. Her name comes from the fact that when she moves that fast, she's invisible.

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Wasn't meaning to troll, only to resurrect.

Muse + Breakdown = Siren (III? Yeah, I know it's already taken. It was either that or Harpy :P) A beautiful voiced trio of triplets who uses their singing voice to lull criminals to sleep or to boost their allies.

Trio of super-vocalists has been done, too ;)

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