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Midnight Madness (OOC)

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Okay then I am fine with making it a bit earlier if you would prefer. I am just going along with your requests. Either way is fine, just let me know so that I can edit the post that I put up on the time line. As it stands I wrote that this is occurring at Midnight of the 25th.

Edit: Just to give an update on the status of the thread:

Angel and Midnight have both made their Sense Motive checks. I will need a check from Dalkaresh as well since you are not within an earshot of Midnight when he declares his findings. Regardless of the result of the sense motive save I will allow you to appear near the current group. (I know you only have teleport 3 and it's only short range, but I just want you to get into the thread.)

So you can go ahead, make that check, and then make a post saying something about you appearing on the streets in the fens or something.

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Iniative! (1d20+2=20)

So the initiative order is:

Round 1

Angel - Seized

Midnight - 22

Thugs - 20

Angel, you are up.

Here is how I am going to work this just for kicks - In order to make an attack or perform any action that may be distracting, you are going to have to make a Drive check if you are operating a vehicle. Angel, your flight allows you to keep up for most of this fight. Both the night cruiser and the cyclists are actually faster than you, but I am going to rule that the cyclists will slow down enough so that they are actually going to attack you.

Bottom line, Angel you are up. You can now have your way with these guys if you wish ;)

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