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Pic Request Thread

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So, I've been doing doodles of game-scenes, etc. and I know a few people have been wanting pictures drawn of their characters so if you have a request, put 'em up here. I will do my best to do these in the order they came in. The one caveat is, I may be very slow at times to getting these done but I will do my best to get them finished.

When you put your request here, give me as much a descrip as possible so I don't have to go hunting down information. That would be a big help. Thanks!

ETA - I know Deviant Art won't let ya download. PM me with your email if you want the jpg sent to you.

ETA 2 - I can believe I actually had to start breaking this out into different lists.

Character Portraits

Ace Danger


Angel Angel
Avenger Avenger
Belphegor Belphegor
Boomer Boomer (Sketch) Captain Knieval The Captain
Divine Moira
Doctor Archeville Herr Doktor
Fluer de Joie Fluer
Gossamer Gossamer
Grim Grim
Malice Malice
Phantom Taylor
Vestige The Vestige
Zephyr Zephyr
Group Shots Young Freedom
Angel and Moira (Sketch) Detail Pic Requests Wander from Young Freedom 150x150 Icons Phantom/Psyche Board Icon
Bonus! Illustration - Picnic at Liberty Park

Young Freedom - Adults

Life Stages: Jack/Taylor's Kid

Life Stages: Stesha/Derrick's Kid

Life Stages: Viktor/Elena's Kid

Life Stages: Face Studies

The Queue

Eddie and Zoe

Kid Cthulhu


Jack and Jill



Freedom Angel


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Avenger is a figure of grim darkness, a gritty street avenger who looks every inch the dangerous vigilante. The people of Freedom City know he's a hero, but he's not necessarily the sort of hero they want to glimpse outside their window in darkest night. He's most famous for his hockey mask, polished bone white and new, with only a few unlucky souls having seen the black ski mask underneath. Of his face and head, nothing is visible save two pitiless blue eyes. He wears black leather clothes underneath, a zipped-up black motorcycle jacket, pants, and battered motorcycle gloves his only uniform. The closest indulgence to traditional stylings he has is a short cape that hangs down his back, barely reaching the small of his back. He is clearly a man of the street, a dark son of the city's darkest impulses, preying on the worst elements of society.

(It's basically BS, but that's the look he's going for.)

Jack Faretti, by contrast, is every inch the lounging, slightly effete Romantic vampire. With his shoulder-length brown hair, pale skin, fine-boned features, and wide-set eyes, he'd look as perfectly in place in Regency period dress as he does in the casual clubgoer-gear he prefers. He's a pretty man who looks the part of the shallow, jaded sophisticate, occasionally painting his nails black or indulging in the Gothic look. He doesn't look like a vampire; he looks like the kind of man who wishes he was.

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I'd love it if you could do a character sketch of Stesha for her profile when you have time. =)

Stesha is twenty-four years old but could pass for a little younger, so she still gets carded in some bars. She's short and curvy, not quite plump, and has very long green hair that she pins up, usually in a bun or a coronet braid around her head, and dressed with flowers. Her "costume" is a dark green hoodie with a big white daisy on it, black leggings, and tennis shoes. She's generally a very happy person.

Also, I was wondering if when you're totally finished with the young Freedom pic, I could clip Erin's picture out for her profile. It looks great.

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I'd like a pic of Ace Danger.

Ace has a sturdy six foot frame not overly muscled but certainly well defined in an almost careless way that suggests given effort he could develop quite the physique. His head is topped by thick blonde locks that are maintained in a perfect semblance of disarray. He retains much of his fathers classic lines but softened slightly, a strong jaw and chin, but not quite chiseled, his bright blue eyes always have a slight twinkle of mischief dancing in them. Despite his advanced age he appears an attractive man of 24. He dresses well socially though favors a somewhat beaten down Fedora and bomber jacket while "on duty", and favors a kind of retro chic look without looking like he can't keep up with the times.

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Well, guess I got to throw my hat in the ring too.

Think you could do a picture of Malice? I'll leave the details up to you - in or out of costume, relaxed or action pose, 1 or 2 arms :) - whatever you feel like. But please do your level best to make him look evil. You've done pretty much only heroes, and I want to see what you can do at the opposite end of the spectrum.

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Which reminds me, I meant to put in a request for Belphegor.

Appearance: Jos Terhune is a slender but fit white (Dutch) man in his mid-30s, with short, brown hair, a narrow face, and round glasses. He frequently dresses like an old college professor (or antiques shoppe owner), earth tones and jackets with patches on the elbows.

As Belphegor, he stands 6'3" tall with a massively muscular build. Belphegor has scaled, dark red hide, batlike wings, a long, heavy tail, a fanged muzzle, taloned hands and feet, short, curving horns, and bone spurs on his elbows, knees, ankles, and wing-joints. He wears scarlet trunks with a hole in the back for his tail.

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If you have some spare time, I wouldn't mind some Pics for Boomer and Ember.


Boomers got blond hair (short back and sides, with the top brushed upwards in a semi-spiky non gel kind of way.) Blue eyes, and soft but defined features. His clothing is usually neat and more upper-class and he's often got a pare of expensive sunglasses (Think Agent smith glasses from matrix).


In human form, Sirius looks like an average twenty one year old, with long black hair, and blue eyes. He has a thin rather scrawny athletes build, and wares casual clothing. In his Fox form, Sirius looks like a humanoid fox, His hair, clothing (Which were modified to fit a hidden tail hole.) and eyes remain the same, but he also gains a think layer of fur. The Majority of the fur is a rusty red colour, while his chest and face feature white fur, with his ears tail, hands and feet coating a rich black fur. His noes and ears also enlarge to match there Fox counterparts, as well as a large bushy tail, which Sirius has little control over.

Thanks :D

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