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Cyroa - The Builder - PL7 (NPC Tier 1)

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Character Name: The Builder

Secret Identity: Eugene Roberts

Age: 38

Power Level: 7

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent PPs:


Eugene is a rather plain and unassuming man. He dresses in simple clothes consisting of a plain t-shirt, jeans, work boots and a flannel shirt. With thinning brown hair and brown eyes, he doesn’t stand out in a crowd at all.


He isn’t a people person. In fact, the less contact he has with other people, the happier he is. He's grouchy, cantankerous and generally not fun to be around. He wants to work, undisturbed, and is at his happiest when he’s building. The money he gets from the jobs is really just an added bonus. It’s the job he lives for.

He doesn’t care if he’s working for a hero or villain. As long as he’s on the job, it doesn’t matter. He never accepts watchers, riders and anything. He never cuts corners. He just wants to do the job and be left alone.


Eugene led a pretty ordinary left up to a few years ago. He was a skilled engineer, gainfully employed and his services were always in demand. He lived alone, had no family. He had a few ‘social’ friends that he occasionally saw. He was pretty happy with it actually. It was a good life. Sure, there were things he was unhappy about, but everyone had those.

One day, while on the job site, there was an accident. A part of the building cracked and broke, causing tons of material to come crashing down. Suddenly, he found himself underground, completely unharmed. It took a while to figure out what had happened both to him and his beloved building.

Someone had tried cutting corners and used sub-standard materials. He had relied on them to follow his plans and they ruined his work. The fact that he was almost killed was secondary. For his survival, it took a bit of playing and experimenting to figure it out. But once he did, he was ecstatic. The world was his!

So he went back to work! Of course, now, he catered to a higher end clientele. And he no longer had to rely on others. He took care of the entire job himself. He began to focus on jobs that no one else could do and he stumbled onto the idea of working for supers.

There were tons of these folks running around. And they all wanted secret bases, right? Well, he could do that easy. After the first job though, the client actually tried to kill him to hide the secret location. So Eugene took steps to fix the problem. He bought a prototype device (he didn’t care where the person who sold it to him got it) and fiddled with it till it worked exactly right. Now it’s simply part of the job. When he finishes, zap! And he doesn’t remember where it was or how to find it. Life was good once more.

Ability Scores [12pp]

Str: 10

Dex: 10

Con: 14 (+2)

Int: 16 (+3)

Wis: 12 (+1)

Cha: 10

Combat [8pp]

Attack: +1

Grapple: + 0

Defense +3 (+1 Flat footed)


Initiative: +0

Saves [5pp]

Toughness: +2

Fortitude: +2

Reflex: +3 (+0 Dx, +3 ppts

Will: +3 (+1 Wis, +2 pt)

Feats [1pp]


Skills [ 64r = 16pp]

Concentration (Wis) +4 (+5)

Craft (Electrical) (Int) +9 (+12)

Craft (Mechanical) (Int) +9 (+12)

Craft (Structural) (Int) +9 (+12)

Knowledge (Earth Sciences) (Int) +8 (+11)

Knowledge (Life Sciences) (Int) +8 (+11)

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) (Int) +8 (+11)

Knowledge (Technology) (Int) +4 (+7)

Profession (Engineer) (Int) +5 (+8)

Powers [ 29+4+3+19+2+3+3 = 63 pp]

Elemental Control (Earth) (Extras: 30-ft. Burst Area; PFs: Precise, Selective, Subtle, Dynamic, 4APs) x7 [29pp]

· AP: Create Objectx7 (Extra: Duration; Feats: Progression x2, Stationary) [24pp] 1 free

· AP: Disintegration x4 (Feats: Precise, Reversible, Dynamic) [23pp] 2 free

· AP: Transform (earth/stone/steel to other earth/stone/steel) x6 (4/lev)(Extra: Continuous; Flaw: Touch) [24pp] 1 free

· AP: Animate Object x6 (Extra: Duration x1; Flaw: Limited to Earth/Stone; Feat: Progression x4; Dynamic) [24pp] 1 free

Burrowing x4 [4pp]

Immunity 3 (Starvation and Thirst [limited], Sleep [limited], Suffocation]) [3pp]

Quickness x10 (Extra: Affect Others; Drawback: only summoned minions) [19pp]

Super Movement (Trackless) [2pp]

Super Sense (Tremorsense) [3pp]

Device x1 (Self Neuralizer) (Easy to loose) [3pp]

· Mental Transform (Erase Memory) (Extra: Selective, No save; Flaw: only on self) x2 [4pp]

Totals: Abilities 12 + Combat 8 + Saves 5 + Skills 16 + Feats 1 + Powers 63 = 105

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Ability scores, good.

Combat, good, but note that his Defense is +1 Flat footed.

Saves [6pp]

Toughness: +3

Fortitude: +3

Reflex: +3

Will: +3

Not adding up. He got Toughness and Fort from Con alone, +3 on Reflex, and then +2 on Will, supplemented with 1 point from Wisdom. So when you make the changes, please denote what comes from ability scores and what comes from points in saves.

Feat, good. :D

Skills, good.

Powers [ 29+4+3+19+2+3+6 = 62 pp]

Elemental Control (Earth) (Extras: 30-ft. Burst Area; PFs: Precise, Selective, Subtle, Dynamic, 4APs) x7 [29pp]

· AP: Create Object (Extra: Duration; Feats: Progression x2, Stationary) x7 [24pp] 1 free

· AP: Disintegration (Feats: Precise, Reversible, Dynamic) x5 [23pp] 2 free

· AP: Transform (earth/stone/steel to other earth/stone/steel)(4/lev)(Extra: Continuous; Flaw: Touch) x6 [24pp] 1 free

· AP: Animate Object (Extra: Duration x2; Flaw: Limited to Earth/Stone; Feat: Progression x4; Dynamic) x5 [25pp]

Can you put the rank in the power at the end of the power itself?

Also, Disintegration is over costed. From UP, it has a base cost of 5/rank.

Also, I'm getting 66 total points in powers.

29 points in Earth control array, +4+3+19+5 = 60 points, and then 66 with the Device. Easy to Lose Devices cost 3/pp per rank.

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ok, editted.

that'd make sense, but the purpose of the animated things is NOTHING combat related in anyway. It is simply to make "builders", that's it. Building a secret base is or should be ridiculously time-consuming. Something that should take a couple years to do with a hundred plus people, he does in a few months. If there was an edit or flaw I could put on that power, I would gladly do so.

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Alight let's have a look-see at this here Animate Objects.

It's technically a summon power, so we have a PL 7 character, capable of summoning 25 PL 5 minions, little leery of that, but let's move on. Also, Animate Objects is already Sustained Duration, so it can only be purchased up to Continuous.

But, as it's an NPC, let's just give it a whirl.

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