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Captain Knievel vs. Malice: Extreme Chess Challenge! (IC)

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"Yes, yes I know the rules to chess." A little impatient, he took the pawn in front of his queen and moved it forward two spaces with a quick stoke. It seemed like that was his favorite opening move, given how little thought he put into what piece he wanted to move. Either that or he just really wanted to get Knievel out of his place. "Remind me again why we're doing this at my place? And why are we playing chess of all things? I never expected you to be the type to sit still long enough to play a game. Is their more to the Knievel I think I know?"


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"Ha! If you think I am going to play your mind games, you're crazier than I made you out to be!" Captain Knievel lifted a pawn and simply slid it forward a single space.


"Trust me, you will never be able to tell what goes on in this head of mine. And that includes my chess strategy." Captain Knievel wrapped his noggin with his fist. But that is mainly because I don't have one. He thought to himself as he sat on his hands.

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Eric clearly looked baffled at this turn of events. "First you challenge me to a game of chess, and then you refuse to exchange witty banter back and forth? Are you feeling alright?" A wry smile crossed Eric's face as he looked at the Captain across the board. Eric tried tugging at the Captain's base motivations "C'mon I got something cool to blow up in the back yard." Eric continued, his voice now absolutely mocking. Truth was, Eric just really enjoyed mind games, they were just as fun as their board based brethren. Besides, he wanted to see if the Captain could keep his concentration. Eric moved another one of his pawns up two spaces to be adjacent to his first. A bit of an aggressive strategy.


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"OH @#$%! Really?!" Captain Knievel was just about to rise from his seat when he stopped. "Hey!" his eyes narrowed, "I see what you did there!"

Captain Knievel responded with a move of his own...Moving his Bishop into attack position.


"Check! That should show you not to toy with me like that!"

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That wry little smile hadn't left his face yet. "Oh will it now?" Eric moved his knight to block the check. "That piece of yours is all alone now isn't it? It would be a shame if something happened to it, wouldn't it? But even if you take one of my pieces with it, I'll have moved more of my pieces into a tactically advantageous position than you, where as you are wasting your turns on reckless attacks. Two moves in and you're walking to your grave. Better shape up." With a small chuckle, Eric got up from the table and went to the bar, grabbing two drinking from the fridge. When he returned, he gave one to the Captain "You'll be wanting this later." and Eric promptly took a swig of his own bottle.


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"There's bravery and then there's foolishness. Just because you aren't afraid to take risks doesn't automatically make them a better course of actions. Playing it safe tends to work out much better in the long run. True a gamble here and there can pay off, but you should only gamble when there is no sure course of action. Waiting and biding your time to strike, gathering information, and getting to know your opponent before charging in all fool hardy is a true sign of a genius at work." Then Eric takes his queen and moves it dramatically across the board. "Thankfully, I'm not a genius. I'm just a guy how knows how to blow things up real good. Check."


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Captain Knievel's jaw hit the floor. He had been looking at all of the moves that Malice could have made, and honestly had not seen that one. So much for sitting on his hands, he had to do something about this. Quick!

*GULP* "Nice move, dude!" Captain Knievel's fingers fluttered over the chess board. He grabbed the first piece he thought of - his queen and began to move it. "No, that won't work." he mumbled and place it back down. He next picked up a pawn. "No, wait, here is a better move." He deftly deposited the pawn back in it's original space and advance his own Cavalry.


I hope this makes him think that I have no clue what I am doing...Because I really don't!

"Ha! Now who's all alone and out in the open! I'm going to get you back for that 'blowing stuff up comment. I am going to blow up that queen!"

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Was it possible? Did Eric's grin just get wider? "Good. You're learning." Eric said softly. For the first time, Eric took a moment to scan the board. After a moment's pause he... moved a pawn? Eric's mood had entirely shifted with that last move. He wasn't just toying with the Captain anymore, he was trying to teach him. Either that or he was switching tactics to lure him into a false sense of security. "But remember your main objective is the king, not the queen. It's possible to win the game without taking a single piece, aside from the king obviously. Don't lose sight of the goal. All of your moves are a means to an end. So, now what will you do?"


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"Now don't you start pulling that 'I've been toying with you crap'. Captain Knievel said, obviously annoyed. "If it's planning you want to see thats fine." The Captain frowned at the left side of the board (his right side). "Besides, I wouldn't touch that side of the board with a ten foot pole right now. It could easily go either way too quickly..." Captain Knievel scanned to the other side of the board, chose a piece, and moved it. "Pawn to H3." he said, "Your move."


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"You still haven't answered my first question. Why did you challenge me to this game in the first place? As I said, it doesn't fit your style." Eric once again took a moment to scan the board. "And your ego can relax, I haven't been toying with you... much."

Actually, I'm just really curious as to what sort of strategy you'll employ, and if I'll be able to defend against the chaos that will likely ensue.

"Pawn to A6." Hey. Wasn't that the same move the Captain just did? Is Eric just going to copy your moves, or is he planning something. Maybe he already knows your plan and is going to counter it with the same plan back. Or...

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"Do I really need a reason, Malice?" Captain Knievel grumbled with his arms folded. "We are friends, aren't we?" The Captain frowned as Malice made his move. The situation in the west had changed from tentative and tense to risky and dangerous.

He is trying to call my bluff Captain Knievel thought If I yield ground with that bishop now, I loose significant ground, and a good advantageous position. It's a lot of time and planning lost. It may end up getting taken anyway. However, if I press him with it, I will lose not only my Bishop, but also the avenue of attack that it was pursuing.

"What was it you said earlier? 'A gamble can pay off from time to time'. Captain Knievel remarked as he slid his Bishop forward to capture the first piece of the game: A Knight. "Check."


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Quick, decisive and utterly useless, this was the Captain Eric knew well. Without hesitation, he took the Captain's bishop with one of his own. "Let me guess. You figured, 'I've come this far, might as well keep pushing' correct? In business we call that a sunk cost. Money lost is already money lost. You cannot do anything about what occured in the past now in the present. Your decisions should only be based on what's happening in the present and your plans for the future. Never be afraid to adapt to new situations. Past success is no guarantee of future returns. Your turn." Eric added before taking another sip of his drink.


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JUST AS PLANNED! Captain Knievel's eyes flashed

"I knew you would do that." Captain Knievel said reaching down to lay his fingers lightly on a pawn on his side of the board. "Sunk costs you say? I don't think so. I like to call it 'misdirection'." Captain Knievel slid the pawn forward into what he hoped would place him at a tactical advantage.


"'Details, details, details. Don't talk to me about details. Just tell me when the job is done.' Do you know who said that?"

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"Someone who has no idea how to play chess?" Eric reached up and took one of Captain Knievel's pawns with one of his own. "There is no misdirection in chess. Not if you are playing a highly skilled opponent. They think several moves ahead and weigh the probability of each move, and how to preemptively counter it. Your misdirection was nothing more than a wasted turn. I selected my opening moves not based on your strategy nor any strategy of my own, but statistically speaking, those moves had the highest chance of success. Now that we've been playing a few turns, I've begun to adapt my play style to combat yours. You have yet to do the same."

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"Or have I?" Captain Knievel smirked. "How do you know I am not just trying to lure you into a false sense of security? If you ask me, you are far too confident, and not nearly as suspicious as you should be. Which strangely isn't like you at all." Captain Knievel remarked frankly.

"I am usually the one that charges headlong into things. You are usually the one telling me to hold on, and that maybe that's a bad Idea. What gives?" Captain Knievel shrugged and moved another piece. It was finally time to bring out his Queen. And he was able to get great board position with it as well. Unlike Malice who had taken the left side of the board with his queen, Captain's queen ended up in the dead center of the board, taking a pawn in the process.


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"You haven't been paying attention have you? I told you earlier, I'm not a genius, I just like to blow things up. We both have aggressive dispositions so I'm just fighting fire with fire. That being said, I am like cold fire and you are like the traditional hot fire. I take out my aggression rationally and one step at a time, you on the other hand release it impulsively at whatever target is present, as I've demonstrated several times already in this match; or did you not notice how you've been attacking every piece I've laid at your feet so far? Chess is all about making your opponent retaliate where you want them to, rather than where they want to. So knowing this, what will you do now?"

As Eric's arrogance reached a new height, he casually moved his knight into a new position, for reasons unknown.


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"Of course I am capturing your pieces, Malice. They are worth points. It also means that I am winning. Even if only by a little. It's fine that you have strategies, but just keep in mind that maybe, just maybe, I've got some too. Despite the fact that the two friends were at each others throats all the way through this game so far, Captain Knievel was enjoying this. It wasn't often the two of them took time out from blowing stuff up to enjoy a nice quiet game of chess. "Cold fire my ass..." Captain Knievel mumbled.

"But seriously..." The Captain looked down at the board and moved another piece. A pawn again.


"Don't piss in my bucket and tell me it's raining."

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"There's capturing pieces and then there's capturing the right pieces. Position is everything. But, you're right. For now I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps there's the off chance that you might know something about what you're doing... potentially." Eric's smirk was unbearable. I wonder if he knows how close he is to losing this match? pondered Eric as he moved his bishop clear across the board. And speaking of 'pissing in your bucket', are you ever going to have a sip of that drink I got you?" Eric said, with a positively impish look on his face.


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"Huh?" Captain Knievel shrugged, "Oh this thing? I had actually forgotten about it because this match is so intense." Captain Knievel lifted his whiskey on the rocks to his lips and took a sip.

After Malice made his move, The Captain's brain was on fire, and not from the whiskey. CRAP CRAP CRAP He had just realized what a dangerous situation he was in. "Good move. I actually didn't even see that one." Captain Knievel sighed and reached for another piece as he set his drink down. "Guess I'll have to find some way to recover from that." He slid his own bishop into place.


"Your move..."

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"A good move yourself." Wait! -Was that a compliment? "I thought I had you for a moment there too."

Perhaps the Captain was right. I did get quite cocky there before. I though I had this in the bag in a few more moves. Hrmm, now how do I tighten the noose without hanging myself? Better start working on a back up plan, gotta be careful, don't want to spook him yet. Eric drums his fingers on the table for a moment, fondly remembering the look on the Captain's face thinking on how to proceed. With no grand insights, Eric chooses to push a pawn rather than his luck.


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Captain Knievel's head was screaming at him, A pawn?! Take it! - No! Don't do it, it's a trick! - But now your pawn is vulnerable. - But it will be taken by the rook - That's too obvious! - SHUT UP AND LET ME THINK!

Captain Knievel shook his head vigorously for a second. "Duh, what?" He looked incredulous. "A pawn? Now? You have got to be bluffing..." he said as he lifted a Knight from the other side of the board and dropped it into place.


"And I am going to call you." He said, leaning back comfortably. He took another sip of whiskey to settle his rattled brain.

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"I said it before, there is no misdirection in chess. Whenever it's 'misdirection' it's really just a plan that has yet to be fully understood." Mostly because I don't know what it is yet. Lemme just pressure him a bit, see what he does. In the back field, Eric moved one of his castle's into attack position. Coming up with a new plan is a bit of a pain, maybe I shouldn't have hit the bottle so early. I always was a cheap date. I just need him to start breaking his formation a little, then I can break his defenses. I hope.


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So what you are really saying is, 'I have no clue what you were planning with that move' Captain Knievel thought, smiling to himself.

"So what you are really saying is, 'Run and hide'?" Captain Knievel said aloud, cocking an eyebrow.

This situation is sticky, sticky, sticky. Captain Knievel sipped his drink, thankful for his stamina. All I can really do at this point is hope to come out of this coming exchange as the least damaged between the two of us. And possibly hope to make some progress on the sides.

"Well, then. Here goes nothing." Captain Knievel seized one of his Rooks dramatically...and then slid it a single space.


"All you." Captain Knievel glance up from the board as he lifted his hand off the piece. He needed to watch Malice closely now...

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