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Alternate Versions of Dr. Archeville

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Who knows what might happens to that wacky German scientist?

1) Der Eisen-Doktor (What if Dr. Archeville became a brain-damaged robot?)

2) What If... Doktor Archeville was a Mad Biologist?

3) What If... Doktor Archeville was a mage?

4) What If... Doktor Archeville was a Mad Alchemist?

5) What If... Doktor Archeville was a Mad Psychiatrist?

6) What if... Doktor Archeville was a cyborg/internalized his devices?

7) Doktor Archeville of Earth-Victoriana (Steampunk Dok)

8) Doktor Archeteuthis (Doktor Archeville of Ani-Earth)

9) Doktor Totenkopf (Doktor Archeville/Dead Head Amalgam)

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Der Eisen-Doktor

Power Level: PL 10 (150/150 pp)

Trade-Offs: -3 Attack for +3 Save Difficulty. -3 Defense for +3 Toughness.


Appearance: Archeville's new body has an almost Art Deco look to it, like something from a 50's science fiction movie. The whole thing looks to be made of riveted steel, though a closer inspection reveals the rivets are sensor units. His body is a lustrous white-silver, with Rhine-blue diodes illuminating his eyes and a speaker grille for a mouth. The bottoms of his feet are soled in black rubber. He stands 10'0" (3.05 meters) tall and weighs 8,800 pounds (4,000 kg).

Background/History: Shortly after coming back to Freedom City, Doktor Archeville was attacked by a psychopathic plant-woman. On Earth-Prime, Archeville's force field and lab coat protected him from her deadly thorns, but on some worlds it did not.

Der Eisen-Doktor inhabits one such world.

After being seriously injured by the attack, Archeville was rushed to one of the local hospitals. As they worked, flying squid-like robots burst in and carried him away; no one knew who or what sent the robots. Some of the hospital staff, knowing of Archeville from his exploits throughout Europe, called in help to try and track him down and rescue him.

The police had no luck, but the Freedom League (specifically, Captain Thunder and Daedalus) were able to track them. They discovered that they were robots of Archeville's own design, set up as a failsafe in case he was grievously injured, programed to rescue him and carry him back to his home. Fearing both for his well-being and that the robots may have been taken over by some villain to attack Archeville in his moment of weakness, they went to his home in Hanover, but were immediately attacked by the house's defense systems. Captain Thunder & Daedalus fought their way in, and faced more trials in the scientist's home itself.

Eventually reaching his main laboratory, the two Leaguers were surprised to find a 10-foot-tall metal automaton skimming about, bashing into things as it went. The two tried to stop it, but it proved amazingly strong and resilient. Daedalus finally kit-bashed a magnetic grappler, which stopped it and (amazingly) seemed to calm it.

After a thorough investigation, including some attempts to hack into its crystalline "hard drive," it was discovered that this mighty automaton housed a portion of Archeville's mind. He had planned to temporarily transfer his mind into a smaller, agile mechanical body so he could better work on his own damaged organic body, but he had miscalculated the intricacies of his own brain, and when the laboratory's automated systems found there was not enough room in the medical droid's body for his mind it shunted the rest into the larger one. In an initial pseudo-rage the gargantuan simpleton he had wrecked most of his laboratory (including the medical droid which had housed much of his higher mind), trapping him in the giant metal body forever.

Personality/Motivation: Archeville once tried to use his superhuman intellect for the betterment of all mankind, and strove to do something heroic and noble with his gifts. Now those gifts are gone, replaced with cold, brute strength. Somewhere deep in Doktor Eisen, Archeville weeps at his great loss.

Archeville still serves the people of Freedom in the best way he can, but is frustrated at what he half-remembers he used to be able to do. He desperately wants to regain his intellect, and Daedalus and others do know this, but even if Archeville's laboratory and notes hadn't been trashed in his initial rampage, it would take them months if not years to figure out how to do so. Archeville knows they're doing their best, and tries not to let his frustrations get the better of him.

Quote: "U... ber... mensch!"

Powers/Tactics: Archeville's superhuman intellect made him a master of a variety of scholarly and scientific fields, from acoustics to zoology. His work stood far ahead of the efforts of most other researchers, allowing him to produce gadgets, machines, and computers more advanced than any in the real world. Archeville was also skilled at using mundane items to produce highly effective gadgets and gear. Using baling wire, duct tape, circuit boards, and a TV, he could produce a laser rifle, a hologram projector, or some other gadget. With access to a standard janitorial closet, he could create potent corrosives and various types of bombs.

All that is gone now. Instead, a mere fraction of Archeville's mind resides in an enhanced titanium alloy frame with plastisteel musculature. He is not wholly mindless, he does still show a glimmer of his cunning and resourcefulness, but his mental makeup does contain some severe flaws in it, flaws which he sometimes seems painfully half-cognizant of.

Complications: Obsession (regaining intellect), Temper

Abilities: [10-2-10-4+0+0 = -6pp]

Str 36 (+13)

Dex 8 (-1)

Con ---

Int 6 (-2)

Wis 10 (+0)

Cha 10 (+0)

Combat: [14 on Attack, 12 on Defense = 26pp]

Attack +7

Grapple +31

Defense +7 (+3 flat-footed)

Knockback -16

Initiative -1

Saves: [0+5+3 = 8pp]

Toughness +13 [impervious 10]

Fort ---

Ref +4 (-1 Dex, +5)

Will +3 (+0 Wis, +3)

Skills: [20 ranks = 5pp]

Computers 2 (+0)

Craft (chemical) 2 (+0)

Craft (electronics) 2 (+0)

Craft (mechanical) 2 (+0)

Disable Device 2 (+0)

Knowledge (earth sciences) 1 (-1)

Knowledge (life sciences) 1 (-1)

Knowledge (physical sciences) 1 (-1)

Knowledge (technology) 2 (+0)

Notice 2 (+2)

Sense Motive 3 (+3)

Feats: [2 feats]

Dodge Focus

Eidetic Memory

Powers: [10+8+16+7+30+19+3+12+12 = 117pp]

Density 3 (+6 Str, +1 Impervious Toughness, Immovable 1, Super-Strength 1, x2 mass; Extra: Duration/Continuous; Flaw: Permanent; PF: Innate) [10pp]

Flight 5 (250 mph; PF: 1 Alternate Power; Drawback: Low Ceiling, maximum altitude of 5 feet, -3pp) [8pp]

AP: Leaping 5 (x50, full round -- 750 ft. running long jump; 375 ft. standing long jump; 187 ft. vertical jump)

Growth 5 (+10 Str, +2 Toughness, Large [-1 Combat, +4 Grapple, -4 Stealth, +2 Intimidate, 10' tall, Space 10 ft., Reach 10 ft., +5 Str Carrying]; Extra: Duration/Continuous; Flaw: Permanent; PF: Innate) [16pp]

Healing 6 (Extra: Total; Flaws: Self only, Requires metal; PF: Regrowth [reattachment]) [7pp]

Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects) [30pp]

Protection 10 (Extra: Impervious 9) [19pp]

Regeneration 6 (+3 [-2 total effective] on recovery checks) [3pp]

Super-Senses 12 (accurate for normal hearing, radius for normal vision, infravision, radar [accurate radius ranged radio sense], radio, sonar [accurate ultra-hearing]) [12pp]

Super-Strength 6 (including Density and Growth, total effective Str 76; Hvy Load 470 tons) [12pp]

DC Block

Unarmed -- DC 28/Toughness -- Damage

Drawbacks: [2pp]

Vulnerable (magnetic attacks, +50% DC; uncommon, moderate, -2pp)

Abilities -6 + Combat 26 + Saves 8 + Skills 5 (20 ranks) + Feats 2 + Powers 117 - Drawback 2 = 150pp

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Doktor Archeville, Mad Biologist

Power Level: PL 10 (150/150 pp)

Trade-Offs: -2 Attack for +2 Save Difficulty. -2 Defense for +2 Toughness.


Appearance: Due to the infusion of Grue genetic material into his own body (and his own pseudonatural nature), Doktor Archeville is able to make himself look like anyone or (almost) anything he wishes. He prefers to stay in his human form -- thin nose & lips, glaring Rhine-blue eye, golden hair, pale skin -- but he does also have a few "Battle Forms" (one adds insectoid and reptilian characteristics, one turns him into metal with blade-arms) which he enjoys. Should his powers be nullified, his "true form" is like his original body, but with lumpy, mismatched skin and uneven limbs.

Background/History: On a whim this version of Doktor Archeville decided to dedicate a majority of his mind to biological sciences, thinking that doing so would make him stand out amongst the other super-scientists. Most of the Battlesuit wearers and other Gadgeteers focused on electronic or mechanics, with a few chemists here and there, but few focused on the truly awesome variety of natural life present on Earth. For a while he used organic technology, but a chance encounter with some Grue led him to a radical alteration of his tactics, and of himself.

Personality/Motivation: Much the same as Earth-Prime Archeville, though this one definitely enjoys his metamorphic powers.

Quote: "Mein body is nearly as flexible as mein mind; you shall not escape!"

Powers & Tactics: Like his Earth-Prime counterpart, this Doktor Archeville is a scientific genius, but this one focused on biological sciences and is nearly unequaled in what he can do. His ultimate example of his biotechnological genius is his own self: he infused himself with Grue genetic material*, turning him into a true physical metamorph with absolute control over her physical shape and substance. (He cannot assume energy forms or forms with many moving parts, but other than that he's unlimited.)

(* This is a not entirely true. The infusion of Grue genetic material should have killed him or turned him into a screaming near-mindless mass of roiling flesh, but his own pseudonatual nature "helped" him.)

Archeville typically starts combat with something powerful and impressive, to see if he can end a fight early by either overwhelming physical force or by just cowing the target with his display. If that doesn't work, he'll become more subtle, using his powers to keep his opponents off-balance and attack in the most effective way possible. If things go bad, escape is just a little Shrinking + Super-Movement (Dimensional/to the Microverse) or Insubstantial ("stretching" to ooze through small openings) away.

Abilities: [0+2+0+10+10+0 = 22pp]

Str 10/+0 (14/+2)

Dex 12/+1 (14/+2)

Con 10/+0 (14/+2)

Int 20/+5 (30/+10)

Wis 20/+5

Cha 10/+0

Combat: [16 on Attack, 16 on Defense = 32pp]

Attack +8

Grapple +8 (+10)

Damage +0 (+2)

Defense +8 (+4 flat-footed)

Knockback -1 (-2)

Initiative +1 (+2)

Saves: [4+5+3 = 12pp]

Toughness +2 (+4)

Fort +4 [+5] (+0 [+2] Con, +4)

Ref +6 [+7] (+1 [+2] Dex, +5)

Will +8 (+5 Wis, +3)

Skills: [104 ranks = 26pp]

Computers 8 (+13 / +18)

Craft (chemical) 12 (+17 / +20)

Craft (electronics) 8 (+13 / +18)

Craft (mechanical) 8 (+13 / +18)

Disable Device 8 (+13 / +18)

Investigate 4 (+9 / +14)

Knowledge (behavioral sciences) 6 (+11 / +16)

Knowledge (life sciences) 12 (+17 / +22)

Knowledge (physical sciences) 8 (+13 / +18)

Knowledge (technology) 8 (+13 / +18)

Languages 4 (English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian; German is native)

Medicine 12 (+17)

Notice 5 (+10)

Sense Motive 1 (+6)

Feats: [8 feats]

Eidetic Memory

Equipment 2 (HQ)

Improvised Tools



Master Plan

Skill Mastery (Craft [chemical], Knowledge [life sciences, technology], Medicine)

Equipment: Archeville's Bio-Building

There is considerable debate over whether this is truly Archeville's greatest biotechnological achievement. The "building" is a series of genetically modified organisms, all perfectly interlinked with one another in a mind-boggling symbiosis.

Stats: Size: Small [House], Toughness: 10, Features: Communications, Fire Prevention System, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Self-Repairing, Workshop). [0+1+9=10]

Powers: [6+2+45 = 53pp]

Immunity 6 (disease, need for sleep, poison, starvation & thirst, suffocation effects)

Protection 2 (resilient form) [2x1 = 2]

Shapeshift 5 (25 points; Extra: Duration/Continuous) [5x9 = 45]

Sample Shapeshift Forms

    [*:ckg587uj]Default Setting: Enhanced Feats 2 (Attractive 2), Enhanced Intelligence 10 (to 30/+10), Quickness 6 (x100; Flaw: Limited to Mental), and Enhanced Strength 4 (to 14/+2), Enhanced Dexterity 2 (to 14/+2), and Enhanced Constitution 4 (to 14/+2). [2+10+3+4+2+4 = 25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Amoeba Form: Immunity 2 (critical hits) and Impervious Toughness 10 (Flaw: Limited to physical damage only) and Insubstantial 1 (liquid) and Protection 10 and Super-Movement 1 (slithering). Total adjustments: Toughness +12 (Imp 10 vs. Physical; Knockback -11 vs. Physical, -6 vs. Energy) [5+2+5+10+2 = 24]
    [*:ckg587uj]Battle Form I: Enhanced Strength 6 (to 16/+3) and Enhanced Dexterity 6 (to 18/+4) and Enhanced Constitution 6 (to 16/+3) and Enhanced Feats 4 (Rage 4 [+10 Str, +5 Fort and Will, -2 Defense, 5 rounds]) and Protection 3. Total adjustments, when raging: Str 26/+8, Attack +8, Damage +8, Defense +6, Toughness +8, Fort +12, Ref +9, Will +13, Knockback -4. [6+6+6+4+3 = 25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Battle Form II: Density 6 (organometallic form; +12 Str [to 22/+6], +3 Impervious Protection, Immovable 2, Super-Str 2, x5 mass) and Protection 2 and Strike 3 (arm-blades; PFs: Improved Critical, Mighty [+9 damage total]). Total Adjustments: Str 22/+6, Attack +8, Damage +9, Defense +8, Toughness +7 (Imp 3), Knockback -7. [18+2+5 = 25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Compressed Form: Density 4 (+8 Str, +2 Imp. Toughness, Immovable 1, Super-Strength 1, x3 mass) and Linked Shrinking 4 (Small, +1 Combat, -4 Grapple, +4 Stealth, -2 Intimidation, 3 feet tall, 34 lbs., Space 5 ft., Reach 5 ft., Carrying Capacity x3/4; Extra: Normal Strength; PF: Normal Toughness) and Protection 4. Total Adjustments: Str 18/+4, Attack +9, Grapple +9, Defense +9, Toughness +8 (Impervious 2; Knockback -5). [12+9+4 = 25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Constrictor Snake Form: Enhanced Strength 6 (to 16/+3) and Enhanced Constitution 6 (to 16/+3) and Enhanced Feats 4 (Chokehold, Improved Grab, Improved Trip, Prone Fighting) and Protection 4 (Extra: Impervious) and Super-Movement 1 (slithering) and Super-Senses 3 (infravision, scent, tracking for scent) and Drawback (no hands; -4pp). [6+6+4+8+2+3-4 = 25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Enter the Microverse!: Shrinking 20 (Miniscule; PFs: Atomic Size, Microverse) [22]
    [*:ckg587uj]Form of Inconceivable Horror: Enhanced Charisma 20 (to 30/+10; Flaw: Only for Intimidate checks) and Enhanced Feats 11 (Fearsome Presence 10 [50 ft., DC 20 Will], Startle) and Enhanced Skills 15 (Intimidate +15 [+25 total]). [10+11+3.75 = 24.75]
    [*:ckg587uj]Frankenstein was Right!: Absorption 10 (energy, for Healing; Flaw: Limited to Electricity only [-2]) [20]
    [*:ckg587uj]Giganto-Doc!: Growth 8 (Huge; +16 Str, +8 Con, -2 Combat, +8 Grapple, -8 Stealth, +4 Intimidate; 16 ft. tall, 18k lbs.; Space 15 ft., Reach 10 ft.) Total adjustments: Str 26/+8, Con 18/+4, Attack +6, Grapple +16, Defense +6, Toughness +6, Fort +4. [24]
    [*:ckg587uj]Hellllllooo Nurse!: Enhanced Feats 5 (Attractive 2, Distract [bluff], Fascinate 2 [bluff, Diplomacy]), Morph 6 (any humanoid, +30 Disguise). [5+12=17]
    [*:ckg587uj]He's Got You, Under Your Skin: Strike 12 (he touches you, melds his flesh to yours, and reaches inside and starts squeezing organs; Extra: either Alt Save/Fortitude or Penetrating) [24]
    [*:ckg587uj]I Will Eat and Digest You With My System of Mighty Organs!: Strike 12 (Extra: Vampiric; PF: Incurable) or Strike 8 (Extras: Alt Save/Fortitude, Vampiric; PF: Incurable) or Strike 12 (Extras: Alt Save/Fortitude, Vampiric; Flaw: Action/Full Round; PF: Incurable) [25]
    [*:ckg587uj]I Will Eat and Digest You All With My System of Mighty Organs!: Strike 8 (Extra: 40-ft. Burst or 80-ft. Cone Area, Vampiric; PF: Incurable) or Strike 6 (Extras: 30-ft. Burst or 60-ft. Cone Area, Alt Save/Fortitude, Vampiric; PF: Incurable) or Strike 8 (Extras: 40-ft. Burst or 80-ft. Cone Area, Alt Save/Fortitude, Vampiric; Flaw: Action/Full Round; PF: Incurable) [25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Survival Form: Immunity 7 (cold, critical hits, heat, high pressure, radiation, and vacuum) and Protection 10 (Extra: Impervious 8). Total Toughness +12 (Imp 8), Knockback -10. [7+18 = 25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Tentacles!: Additional Limbs 8 (500 tentacle-limbs) and Elongation 5 (100 feet) and Strike 12 (powerful tentacles/tentacles with spikes and horns and fanged mouths). Grapple modifier can get up to +21. [8+5+12=25]]

Sample Body Weapons

    [*:ckg587uj]Corrosion 8 (corrosive spores, or consumption) [24]
    [*:ckg587uj]Concealment 4 (all visual [chameleon skin]; PFs: Close Range, Selective) [10]
    [*:ckg587uj]Dazzle (Visual) 12 (concentrated spitting cobra venom) [24]
    [*:ckg587uj]Disintegration 5 (acidic spray or vomit) [25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Drain Ability Scores 6 (all ability scores at once [toxins and viruses]; Extra: Range/Ranged; PFs: Selective [can choose to affect some ability scores and not others]) [25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Drain Dexterity 8 (Wasp Venom Touch; Extra: Poison; PF: Slow Fade 4/1 point of Dex per hour) Linked to Strike 2 (stinger-fingers; Extra: Penetrating 2; PF: Mighty) [20+5 = 25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Drain Dexterity 6 (Tetanus Touch; Extra: Disease; PFs: Slow Fade 7/1 point of Dex per week once effect ends ) [25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Drain Dexterity and Wisdom 2 (Alcohol Touch; Extras: Insidious, Disease; PFs: Subtle, Slow Fade 4/1 point per hour) [13]
    [*:ckg587uj]Emotion Control 12 (biochemical emotional manipulation; Extra: Alt Save/Fortitude; Flaws: Range 2/Touch; PF: Subtle) [7]
    [*:ckg587uj]Emotion Control 10 (biochemical emotional manipulation; Extras: Alt Save/Fortitude, 100-ft. Explosion; Flaws: Range 2/Touch; PF: Subtle) [11]
    [*:ckg587uj]Fatigue 8 (anesthetic spores; Extra: 90-ft. Explosion; PF: Sedation) [25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Healing 8 (Extras: Action/Standard, Total; Flaws: Personal; PF: Regrowth) [25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Healing 8 (Extra: Total; PF: Regrowth) [25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Mind Control 12 (puppeteer parasite; Extras: Conscious, Sensory Link; Flaws: Range 2/Touch [must place parasite on target]; PF: Mental Link; Drawback: Control ends immediately once parasite is removed) [24]
    [*:ckg587uj]Mind Control 10 (tailored pheromones; Extra: Alt Save/Fortitude, 100-ft. Explosion; Flaws: Range 2/Touch) [10]
    [*:ckg587uj]Nullify 12 (all effects of a biological/mutant descriptor at once; Extras: Duration 2/Sustained; Flaws: Action/Full Round, Range/Touch; PF: Selective) [25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Nullify 10 (all effects of a biological/mutant descriptor at once; Extras: Duration/Concentration, 100-ft. Explosion; Flaws: Action/Full Round, Range/Touch; PFs: Selective, Subtle) [22]
    [*:ckg587uj]Paralyze 8 (snake venom touch; Extras: Alt Save/Fortitude, Poison) [24]
    [*:ckg587uj]Snare 12 (Extra: Engulf; PF: Chokehold) [25]
    [*:ckg587uj]Snare 12 (fungal biomass capture foam; Drawback: Snare is Vulnerable [x2 damage] to cold) [23]
    [*:ckg587uj]Strike 6 (bioelectric aura or porcupine hide; Extras: Aura, Duration 2/Sustained) [24]
    [*:ckg587uj]Strike 5 (insect swarm; Extras: 25-ft. Burst Area, Selective Attack) plus Linked Environmental Control 3 (distracting insect swarm; distraction [DC 10] and visibility, 25-ft. radius; Extra: Selective Attack; Flaw: Range/Touch) [15+9=24]
    [*:ckg587uj]Suffocation 8 (suffocating spores; Extra: Range/Ranged) [24]

Drawbacks: [-3pp]

Vulnerability (to Transforms and other attacks that involuntarily change his shape or form, x2 to DC modifier; Uncommon, Major; -3pp]

Abilities 22 + Combat 32 + Saves 12 + Skills 26 (104 ranks) + Feats 8 + Powers 53 - Drawbacks 3 = 150

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Der Mathemagician

Power Level: PL 10 (150/150 pp)

Trade-Offs: -2 Attack for +2 Save Difficulty. -2 Defense for +2 Toughness.


Appearance: Same as Earth-Prime Doc, except when active as a hero his lab coat has a silver-mirror finish, and he wears a silver mask that covers the upper half of his face. He also wears eight talismanic rings over thin white gloves. His magical effects look like whirls and spirals of multicolored light.

Background/History: Physics and Mathematics were this iteration of Doktor Archeville's preferred sciences, but while in university an odd thing occurred. A fellow student, an attractive girl whose nerdishness often put people off, struck up a conversation with Archeville one evening, and revealed her own personal project: noting the parallels between the occult and mathematics and physics, using symbolic logic to cut through the archaic jargon.

Her ideas were intriguing to Archeville, and mirrored some of his own theories about so-called "mages" really tapping into some oddly recurrent metahuman ability. He offered to help her, but as he did he became more and more engrossed in the ideas. After a few months he dropped out of the university and secluded himself in his research, living off delivery food and black coffee. He'd work until he passed out form exhaustion, then started right back as soon as he awoke.

The veil parted at last. Viktor chanted strange words for hours as he filled legal pads with diagrams that twisted into the fourth and fifth dimensions before his blurring eyesight, and for one shining, shattering moment, he knew. He understood the cycle of creation and destruction, and the path from spirit to matter and back again. He knew The First One's own equations for making universes.

And then the moment passed, and Viktor passed out. When he woke up a day later, he tried to remember that moment of perfect clarity, and couldn't. His notes held mere fragments of theories and procedures. Viktor wept that he had lost The First One's equations. After resting further, though, he realized just how much he did remember. Spinning circles and spirals held the key; power moved in gyres and vortices, in and our and 'round about. Viktor carefully drew a diagram, said a word, and laughed as a whirlwind of power erupted from the paper and blasted through his ceiling.

And then he froze. He needed more books, more research material, more resources... but how to get them? He could just take them... but there was far too much risk of getting caught, and thrown into prison, where he would have less than he had now. Ah, but as a hero, he would have more leeway, and more chances for collaboration with others (not that he wanted much collaboration; he preferred working alone, but he did acknowledge how useful it could be). He decided to take on an alternate identity, Der Mathemagician, since he knew most people would not be ready for the few universal truths he knew.

And in the cold, dark voids between spaces, unspeakable entities twitched and convulsed in something approximating delighted anticipation, for another key to their release had been forged.

Personality/Motivation: This Archeville is deeply conflicted, perhaps more so than most other versions. A part of him doesn't care what damage his quest for absolute knowledge may cause, and pays no heed to human laws. But another part knows that seeking eternal and infinite truth requires compassion and mercy, and would be concealed from those who were insufficiently enlightened.

Curiously, while what he does is magic (albeit a very strange and weird form), he does not see it as such. He sees it as 'merely' an extremely advanced form of hypermathematics, one which anyone with sufficient brainpower could use.

Quote: "I vonder vhat vould happen if..."

Powers/Tactics: Der Mathemagician has invented several spells based on vortices of space distortion and mystical power. He casts these spells using incantory equations which he traces in the air, and rings braided from wire and set with gems bearing mystical equations. The spells can redirect energy to protect him from harm, redirect attacks toward other targets, or move him or other people through space. His standard attacks as a Vortex Blast of mystical energy and a Vortex Trap that spin targets at high speeds, eventually knocking them out through dizziness. Der Mathemagician also reflects attacks from one foe to strike another, and teleports enemies into danger (such as teleporting non-flying powerhouses straight up into the air, or moving one foe into the path of another enemy's attack).

His unique fusion of occultism and advance physics makes Der Mathemagician one of the rare few practitioners of technomancy. Viktor combines electrical and mechanical devices with talismanic gems and mystic sigils for short-lived but diverse magical effects. He also uses the ready-made energies and mystic geometry of city streets, buildings, and utilities in bizarre rituals. As with his basic magic, Der Mathemagician's technomancy (Artificer & Ritualist feats) specializes in effects that manipulate space and dimension or redirect energy.

Der Mathemagician has worked on teams, often filling a support role by teleporting unconscious teammates away so they have a chance to recover away from the fight, though his space-warping powers and inventions are also useful at bypassing guards and defenses so he and his teammates can achieve a goal without a fight.

There is a far darker side to Archeville's magic: every spell he casts, every ritual he enacts, causes a miniscule weakening of the barriers between this world and the far realms where pseudonatural horrors reside.

Complications: Fame/Infamy (in Germany), Rivalry (professional, with other dimensional researchers), Secret Identity, Scientific Curiosity/Thirst for Knowledge.

Abilities: [0+2+0+14+10+0 = 26pp]

Str 10/+0

Dex 12/+1

Con 10/+0

Int 24/+7

Wis 20/+5

Cha 10/+0

Combat: [16 on Attack, 16 on Defense = 32pp]

Attack +8

Grapple +8

Defense +8

Knockback -9; -2 w/out Force Field; -0 w/out Force Field or Coat

Initiative +1

Saves: [4+5+3 = 12pp]

Toughness +12 (Imp 6); +4 (Imp 4) w/out Force Field; +0 w/out Force Field or Coat

Fort +4 (+0 Con, +4)

Ref +6 (+1 Dex, +5)

Will +8 (+5 Wis, +3)

Hero Points: 2 (2 now!)

Skills: [76 ranks = 19pp]

Computers 8 (+15)

Craft (electronics) 8 (+15)

Craft (mechanical) 8 (+15)

Disable Device 8 (+15)

Investigate 5 (+12)

Knowledge (arcane lore) 10 (+17)

Knowledge (physical sciences) 10 (+17)

Knowledge (technology) 10 (+17)

Languages 4 (English, Greek, Latin, Mandarin Chinese; German is native)

Notice 5 (+10)

Feats: [8 feats]



Eidetic Memory

Improvised Tools


Master Plan


Skill Mastery (Computers, Craft [electronic], Craft [mechanical], Disable Device)

Sample Artificed Items

    [*:2v28aj5p]Accelerator Watch (Super-Speed 4 in an Easy to Lose Device 4)
    [*:2v28aj5p]Spacebreaker Grenades (Blast 5 [Explosion, Penetrating; Unreliable/5 grenades; Indirect 2/can teleport past obstacles] in a Hard to Lose Device 4)
    [*:2v28aj5p]Street Gate (Super-Movement 3 [dimensional 3; Independent, Portal, Total Fade; Unreliable [dimension is randomly determined]; Slow Fade 4/remains open for 9 hours; not a Device per se, done as a Ritual)

Powers: [8+8+10+29+2+2 = 59pp]

Device 2 (Mirrored Labcoat; 10pp, hard to lose) [2 x 4 = 8pp]

Flight 4 (Levitory Vortex; 100 mph / 1,000 feet) [4 x 2 = 8pp]

Force Field 8 (Vortex Shield; Extra: Impervious 2) [8+2 = 10pp]

Magic 12 (Mathemagic; 24pp powers; PFs: 5 Alternate Powers) [12 x 2 + 5 = 29pp]

BE: Blast 12 (Vortex Blast)

AP: Deflect 4 (Force Precession; all ranged; Extras: Reflection, Redirection)

AP: Nauseate 8 (Vortex Trap; Extra: Range/Ranged)

AP: Super-Movement 3 (Twist Through Dimensions; dimensional 3/any dimension; Flaw: Tiring; PFs: Progression 2/500 lbs.)

AP: Teleport 5 (Vortex Warp; 500 feet; Extras: Attack [DC 15 Reflex], Range/Ranged; PFs: Change Direction, Change Velocity)

AP: Teleport 10 (Twist Through Space; 1,000 feet/Earth to Moon; PFs: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Progression/200 lbs. cargo, Turnabout)

Quickness 4 (x25; Flaw: Limited to mental tasks) [4 x 0.5 = 2pp]

Super-Senses 2 (direction sense, distance sense) [2 x 1 = 2pp]


Mirrored Labcoat: Immunity 2 (cold, heat), Protection 4 (Extra: Impervious; PF: Subtle; Drawback: Weak Point) [2+8 = 10]

Drawbacks: [3+3 = 6pp]

Power Loss (Flight, Force Field, and Magic, if cannot gesture & incant to cast spells; -3pp)

Power Loss (Flight and Force Field, and Magic; requires talismanic rings; -3pp)

Abilities 26 + Combat 32 + Saves 12 + Skills 19 (76 ranks) + Feats 8 + Powers 59 - Drawbacks 6 = 150pp (0 more to go)

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Doktor Archeville, Der Alchimist

Power Level: PL 10 (150/150 pp)

Trade-Offs: -2 Attack for +2 Save Difficulty. -3 Defense for +3 Toughness.


Appearance: The biggest difference between the appearance of this Doc and Earth-Prime Doc is that this one completely bald, lacking even eyebrows (a side effect of thallium poisoning). His skin is fish-belly pale, except for about an hour after he doses himself with arsenic, when he looks flushed and almost lifelike. His alchemically-treated clothes (and lab coat) contain numerous pockets in which he keeps various potion vials and capsules. Every few hours he sips mercury from a hip flask or snorts a pinch of powdered lead and arsenic compound; if he goes a day without a "fix" he gets jittery and nauseous.

Background/History: Like Der Mathemagician, this version of Archeville latched onto a narrower field of study rather than being an omnidisciplinary scientist. Initially he focused on chemistry, in all its many forms, but like Der Mathemagician a chance encounter with a student of the occult lead him to the forgotten branches of alchemy.

Personality/Motivation: Much the same as Earth-Prime Archeville, though with more pride in his alchemical skills.

Quote: "Here, hold this."

Powers/Tactics: Archeville has adapted modern lab techniques to the ancient art of alchemy with spectacular results. He became one of the top alchemists in the world while still in his thirties, and can make potions and other alchemical items for nearly any effect he wants. At the moment, he is researching immortality and invulnerability. So far, he's succeeded only in giving himself a knack for suspended animation (Trance) and addicting himself to heavy metal toxins such as arsenic, lead and mercury. (His experiments on himself are somewhat hampered by his own pseudonatural lineage, which he has yet to detect.) He has devised a potion that temporarily greatly strengthen his flesh, and has incorporated it into a drug injector concealed in an amulet.

His alchemical mastery, however, does not make Archeville a fighter. Most of his potions are for defense and escapes, or to delay or hinder pursuit.

Complications: Fame/Infamy (in Germany), Pride (of his alchemical skill), Rivalry (professional, with other [al]chemists)

Abilities: [0+6+2+14+10+0 = 32pp]

Str 10/+0

Dex 16/+3

Con 12/+1

Int 24/+7

Wis 20/+5

Cha 10/+0

Combat: [8 on Attack, 8 on Defense = 16pp]

Attack +4 (melee), +8 (ranged)

Grapple +4

Damage +0 (unarmed) or by power

Defense +7 (+2 flat-footed)

Knockback -10; -3 without Amulet/Protection; -0 "naked"

Initiative +3

Saves: [7+6+7 = 20pp]

Toughness +13 (Impervious 7); +6 without Amulet/Protection; +1 "naked"

Fort +8 (+1 Con, +7)

Ref +9 (+3 Dex, +6)

Will +12 (+5 Wis, +7)

Skills: [80 ranks = 20pp]

Acrobatics 0 (+3; +7 w/ Boots)

Concentration 4 (+9)

Craft (artistic) 6 (+13)

Craft (chemical) 10 (+18)

Craft (structural) 6 (+13)

Disable Device 8 (+15)

Knowledge (arcane lore) 9 (+16)

Knowledge (life sciences) 8 (+15)

Knowledge (physical sciences) 9 (+16)

Language 4 (Arabic, English, Greek, Latin; German is native)

Medicine 4 (+9)

Notice 4 (+9)

Search 4 (+11)

Sleight of Hand 4 (+7)

Feats: [17 feats]


Attack Focus (Ranged) 4

Benefit 1 (Wealth 1)

Dodge Focus 3

Eidetic Memory

Equipment 2 (sanctum)

Improvised Tools

Skill Mastery (Craft [artistic, chemical], Disable Device, Sleight of Hand)

Sneak Attack


Ultimate Effort (Craft [chemical])

Equipment (10 eps)

Sanctuary: Tiny; Toughness: 15; Features: Concealed, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System (DC 30), Self-Repairing, Workshop. [4+1+10=15ep]

Powers: [7+4+12+4+19+1 = 47pp]

Device 2 (alchemical rod; 10 dps; easy to lose; PF: Restricted) [2x3 +1 = 7pp]

Device 1 (alchemically-treated clothing; 5dps; hard to lose) [1x4 = 4pp]

Device 3 (amulet of protection; 15 dps; hard to lose) [3x4 = 12pp]

Device 1 (boots of leaping; 5 dps; hard to lose) [1x4 = 4pp]

Device 6 (concealed alchemical potions; 30 dps; easy to lose; PF: Restricted) [6x3 +1 = 19pp]

Immunity 1 (poisons) [1x1 = 1pp]


Alchemical Rod: Transmutation 1 (Transform up to 1 pound of any non-living matter into any other non-living matter; Extra: Duration/Continuous; PFs: 2 Alternate Powers, Precise, Subtle) [10 DP]

AP: Blast 4 (burst of raw power)

AP: Super-Senses 6 (Acute Analytical Radius Ranged Tracking Detect Alchemical Magic [mental])

Alchemically-Treated Clothing: Protection 5 [5 DP]

Amulet of Protection: Protection 7 (Extra: Impervious) [14 DP]

Boots of Leaping: Enhanced Acrobatics 4 and Leaping 4 (x25 distance) [1+4=5 DP]

Concealed Alchemical Potions: Magic 12 (PFs: 6 Alternate Powers) [24+6=30 DP]

No. 1: Blast 12 (PFs: Variable Descriptor [any elemental]; Drawback: Reduced Range [5 increments]) ("Elemental Pellets") [24pp]

No. 2: Blast 7 (Extra: Alt Save/Fortitude; Drawback: Reduced Range [5 increments]) ("Congealed Frost Elixir") [21pp]

No. 3: Blast 6 (Extras: Penetrating, Secondary Effect; Drawback: Reduced Range [5 increments]) ("Universal Solvent") [23pp]

No. 4: Concealment 6 (all visual and mystical sense groups; Extras: Independent, Total Fade; PF: Slow Fade 1/5 rounds [totally fades after 6 Minutes]) ("Invisibility Potion") [19pp]

No. 5: Dazzle Visual 8 (Extra: 40-ft. Burst Area; Drawback: Reduced Range [5 increments]) ("Sunburst Elixir") [23pp]

No. 6: Obscure Visual 4 (50 ft. radius; Extras: Independent, Linked Immunity 1 [own powers {drops applied to eyes that allows him to see through the smoke}]; Drawback: Reduced Range [5 increments]) ("Smoke of Concealment") [8pp]

No. 7: Telekinesis 6 (Str 30; Flaws: Action/Full Round to prepare surface, Limited to only immobilizing body parts touching the surface; PFs: Subtle, Trigger [victim touches object painted with Glue]) ("Wizard's Glue") [5pp]

Drawbacks: [1pp]

Weakness (must consume heavy metal toxins every 5 hours or suffer cumulative -1 penalty to all checks, attack rolls, and Defense; common, moderate; -1 point)

Totals: Abilities 32 + Combat 16 + Saves 20 + Skills 20 (80 ranks) + Feats 17 + Powers 47 - Drawbacks 1 = 150

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Doktor Archaevox

Power Level: PL 10 (150/150 pp)

Trade-Offs: -2 Defense for +2 Toughness.


Appearance: Doktor Pandemonium keeps his silky, golden blonde hair cut short, and there are dark circles under his sunken Rhine blue (slit-pupiled) eyes. He usually wears rumpled clothes under a doctor's jacket. The lower part of his face has been replaced with obvious bionics covered in thin synthetic scaled flesh, and four wires run from the sides of the artificial jaw; two terminate at his forehead, plugged into each temple, and the other two run inside his ears and wind their way through the ear canals to the auditory part of his brain. The jaw can split in the middle, like a serpent, and behind the row of sharp steel fangs are two forked tongues made from segmented rings of metal; it's these that allow him to shape the inhuman syllables of die Meistersprache.

Background/History: Like Der Mathemagician and Der Alchimist, this version of Archeville latched onto a narrower field of study rather than being an omnidisciplinary scientist. Following reports of a battle where Fear-Master (II) and the Maestro had teamed up, Archeville devoted his research to both acoustics and psychiatry, and the effects of sound on physiological and emotional states.

As Archeville delved deeper and deeper into his research, though, he found more than just the subliminal sonic frequencies that Melvin Blume used to stimulate the fear centers of the brain, or even the harmonics Basil Fatherton used to affect the human brain. His research lead him to uncover Projekt: Meisterstimme (Project: Master's Voice), a series of the Third Reich's experiments into the aural manipulation of humans, spearheaded by his grandfather. His grandfather had hypothesized that the "mongrel races" were once servants of the Aryan race, and members of these races possesses inborn traits that forced them to serve Aryans, but these traits had atrophied due to disuse. However, what they discovered was that all of mankind possessed these traits -- that all men were born in servitude, and their masters weren't Aryans. (Of course, this isn't what they reported to their superiors.) After the Third Reich fell, the Stasi, East Germany's secret police, had further refined the techniques, developing a theoretical ultra-complex language that could be used to communicate a wide range of commands, or inflict certain physiological conditions. Herr Doktor Viktor Archeville made this theoretical language real... but not without paying a price.

After five more years of research (and expansion of his scientific and technical skills), Archeville made his breakthrough: der Kehlkopf (the Voice Box), a device that would replace his own inadequate jaws, tongue and larynx so he could speak the impossible syllables of die Meistersprache, the Master's Tongue. Hours of painful surgery later, he began to speak, and for the first time in eons die Meisterpsrache was heard in the world. Then the genetic memories came flooding back. Just glimpses into an ages-old past long forgotten by mankind, but enough to break his sanity. Archeville knew not only of the experimentations the Deep Ones had done on his thirteen generations remove ancestor, he knew that even further back, his ancient antecedent had betrayed his own kind to serve as an overseer for the masters, the Serpent People. In that instant Archeville knew more than any human could know and still hold on to their sanity. He knew what man was not meant to know. He was a changed man, and fittingly, took a new name: Doktor Archaevox, Master of the Voice of the Old Ones.

Personality/Motivation: Like all other Doktor Archevilles in all other realities, a need to know drives Pandemonium, though this one is especially interested in knowledge not meant for mankind, and he will go to any lengths to uncover such forbidden fruits. He gladly works with other Serpent People, Lemurians, the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign, and other servants to the Unspeakable One and other alien gods; driven insane by the memories of his long-dead ancestor who was a willing servant of inhuman evil, he's not just a willing subject of them, he feels he's carrying on the family tradition.

Quote: "To see a wolf at night, even in this day of civilization where man has left dark forests behind, to see its eyes glowing yellow in the pitch dark blackness, to hear it growl or howl -- it makes a man, even a strong man, weak in the knees, nicht war? A primitive urge, a genetic memory of times of danger, but there are older things than wolves and mankind is one of them... and mankind's ancient masters are another, so bow now to the voice of those masters!"

Powers/Tactics: Herr Doktor Pandemonium's powers stem from his discovery of die Meistersprache, plus der Kehlkopf that allows him to pronounce the language's stomach-churning syllables. The words awaken racial memories in the target and compel him to obey the speaker; genetic memories of a time when mankind lived in servitude, slaves and playthings to the unspeakably evil Serpent People, bubble up from the collective subconscious. So strong is the power of the Master's Tongue that it can induce physiological changes in a target; prolonged exposure can result in a character developing some new abilities, complications or drawbacks. For example, if a character's ancestor was a rebel in those antediluvian times, maybe the character gains some ranks in the Rage feat and the Temper complication. Perhaps the character's ancestor wasn't wholly human, and he begins to develop an unsettling and unconcealable ophidian appearance.

Archeville himself isn't immune to these effects. In fact, just the opposite: prolonged exposure to the Master's Tongue has not only driven him insane, but his body has grown degenerate as well. His physical infirmity has grown so bad he developed an exoskeleton to hold himself together; it is bolted to his own skeleton, with wire running under the skin and connecting to his nervous system, and the exoskeleton's hump-like power supply makes Archeville appear to have a slight hunchback. Like der Kehlkopf, this isn't a Device; removing it would require surgery and likely result in the Doktor's death.

Abilities: [0+2+0+14+10+0 = 26pp]

Str 10/+0

Dex 12/+1

Con 10/+0

Int 24/+7

Wis 20/+5

Cha 10/+0

Combat: [12 on Attack, 16 on Defense = 28pp]

Attack +6

Grapple +6

Damage +0

Defense +8 (+4 flat-footed)

Knockback -6

Initiative +1

Saves: [4+5+4 = 13pp]

Toughness +12

Fort +4 (+0 Con, +4)

Ref +6 (+1 Dex, +5)

Will +9, +14 w/ Mind Shield (+5 Wis, +4; +5 Mind Shield)

Skills: [76 ranks = 19pp]

Computers 3 (+10)

Craft (chemical) 3 (+10)

Craft (electronics) 8 (+15)

Craft (mechanical) 8 (+15)

Knowledge (behavioral sciences) 13 (+20)

Knowledge (history) 3 (+10)

Knowledge (life sciences) 8 (+15)

Knowledge (physical sciences) 3 (+10)

Knowledge (technology) 8 (+15)

Languages 4 (English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian; German is native)

Medicine 5 (+10)

Notice 5 (+10)

Sense Motive 5 (+10)

Feats: [5 feats]

Eidetic Memory

Improvised Tools



Master Plan

Powers: [35+5+12+2+3+2 = 59pp]

Der Kehlkopf 15 (30pp; PFs: 6 Alternate Powers; Drawback: Only works on Humans) [15x2 +6 -1 = 35pp]

BE: Mind Control 10 (Die Meistersprache; Extras: Conscious, Effortless; Flaw: Sense Dependent [Hearing])

AP: Blast 10 (Words of Death; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Range [Perception]; Flaw: Sense Dependent [Hearing])

AP: Dazzle Visual 10 (Words of Blindness; Extras: Alternate Save [Will for both], Range [Perception])

AP: Drain Ability Score 6 (any one ability score at a time; Words of Weakness/Clumsiness/Stupidity; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Range 2/Perception; Flaw: Sense Dependent [Hearing]; PFs: Reversible, Slow Fade 1 [1pp per minute])

AP: Paralyze 10 (Words of Paralysis; Extras: Range 2 [Perception]; Flaw: Sense Dependent [Hearing])

AP: Stun 10 (Words of Stunning; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], Range 2 [Perception]; Flaw: Sense Dependent [Hearing])

AP: Stun 10 (Words of Dazing; Extras: Alternate Save [Will], 50-ft. Burst Area, Range 2 [Perception]; Flaw: Daze, Sense Dependent [Hearing])

Mind Shield 5 (tainted mind) [5x1 = 5]

Protection 12 (exoskeleton) [12x1 = 12]

Quickness 4 (x25; Flaw: Mental only) [4x0.5 = 2]

Strike 3 (Serpent Bite) [3x1 = 3pp]

Super-Senses 2 (darkvision) [2x1 = 2pp]

Drawbacks: [0pp]

Abilities 26 + Combat 28 + Saves 13 + Skills 19 (76 ranks) + Feats 5 + Powers 59 – Drawbacks 0 = 150/150

:arrow: I had planned to make this version of Doc another hero, like the others, but the basic/core concept (mind control via :words: ) kept taking me to dark places. So I said "screw it," and made him yet another Evil Psychiatrist.

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Doktor Archeville as a Cyborg

Power Level: PL 10 (150/150 pp)

Trade-Offs: -2 Defense for +2 Toughness.


Abilities: 0 + 2 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 0 = 32pp

Str 10 (+0)

Dex 12 (+1)

Con 20 (+5)

Int 30 (+10) [20 (+5)]

Wis 20 (+5)

Cha 10 (+0)

Combat: 12 + 12 = 24pp

Initiative: +1

Attack: +6, +8 in "combat mode"

Grapple: +6, +8 in "combat mode"

Defense: +6 (+6 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed; +8 (+4 flat-footed) in "combat mode"

Knockback: -11, -4 w/out Force Field

Saving Throws: 0 + 4 + 3 = 7pp

Toughness: +12 [imp 10] (+5 Con, +3 Protection, +4 Force Field [imp 10]); +8 w/out Force Field

Fortitude: +5 (+5 Con, +0)

Reflex: +5 (+1 Dex, +4)

Will: +8 (+5 Wis, +3)

Skills: 84r = 21pp

Computers 8 (+18)

Craft (chemical) 8 (+18)

Craft (electronics) 8 (+18)

Craft (mechanical) 8 (+18)

Disable Device 8 (+18)

Investigate 4 (+14)

Knowledge (behavioral sciences) 2 (+12)

Knowledge (earth sciences) 5 (+15)

Knowledge (life sciences) 6 (+16)

Knowledge (physical sciences) 6 (+16)

Knowledge (technology) 10 (+20)

Languages 4 (English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian; German is native)

Medicine 1 (+6)

Notice 5 (+10)

Sense Motive 1 (+6)

Feats: 7PP

Eidetic Memory

Improvised Tools




Master Plan

Skill Mastery (Computers, Craft [electronic], Craft [mechanical], Disable Device)

Powers: 11 + 15 + 11 + 9 + 3 + 2 + 8 = 59PP

Enhanced Brain 5 (10 points; PF: Alternate Power) [11PP]

    BE: Enhanced Intelligence 10 (to 30/+10) [10/10pp]

    AP: Enhanced Attack 2 (to +8), Enhanced Defense 2 (to +8) [8/10pp]

Gravitic Defensive Systems 7 (14 points; PF: Alternate Power x1) [15PP]

    BE: Impervious Toughness 10 (note: active Sustained effect) + Force Field 4 [14/14pp]

    AP: Concealment 10 (all; Flaw: Blending; PF: Close Range) [11/14pp]

Gravitic Movement Systems 5 (10 points; PF: Alternate Power x1) [11PP]

    BE: Flight 4 (100 mph; PFs: Instant Up, Move-By Action) [10/10pp]

    AP: Teleport 3 (300 ft.; PFs: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Instant Up, Turnabout) [10/10pp]

Immunity 9 (life support) [9PP]

Protection 3 [3PP]

Quickness 4 (x25; Flaw: Limited to mental tasks) [2PP]

Shapeshift 1 (assorted bionic systems; 5 points) [8PP]

DC Block:

Unarmed Touch DC15 Toughness (Staged) Damage

Abilities (32) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (7) + Skills (21) + Feats (7) + Powers (59) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150pp

:arrow: Why is he a cyborg? Perhaps the world this one was on had a Zombie Apocalypse, and he got bit, but was able to cut off the infected limbs in time to save himself. Or perhaps there was an accident with nanites in his laboratory that fused his Gravimetric Belt and Electromagnetic Screwdriver to him. Either way, he's no longer as pretty as he once was (no Attractive!).

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