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Gettings the goods (OOC)


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At the news something was actually happening out here in what Edge had thought would be a quiet neighborhood, he felt a frisson of mostly excitement and a little bit of fear. "We haven't seen anything yet," he said as he shot a cautious look around the rooftop. "Breakdown and I have both been keeping an eye out." He stood up, peering around with curiosity on what could be seen of his face. "You just happened to catch us while we were taking a break."

At that, breakdown is going to remember he has a job to do, take off his headphones, and start scanning emergency frequencies and the like. I just don't want to bother with an IC post when its not really my "turn" yet.

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Durf, I'm assuming from your last post that Ace was not hiding in anyway, but also was not doing anything to draw attention to himself; I had Grim Notice him with her sharp ears in a non-combat situation involving friendlies. I can change it if there's any concerns.

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So was that roll for an attempted bluff or some other check? It just said it was a reroll on Invisible Castle.

If an attempt at lying Ace will skill mastery his Bluff to counter with a 32. Though he does have a history of helping out lying Claremont students rather than turning them in :D

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