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Power Gauging -- The Mariner


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The Albright Institue, since opening their doors to the super-powered community, had their facilities tested. thought the building was small, they had already maanged to make an addition to the grounds to include a new gymnasium that included an olympic sized pool as well as state of the art training facilities. They were still no where near the capabilities of the Freedom Leaguers or even the Claremont Academy but for the most part it was well done.

When Vlahos entered through the front doors, he saw the waiting area was full of people filling out forms. Approaching the recptionist, he was given a form himself to fill out.



Power source:

Please Describe your Abilities in detail:

Any Known Weaknesses:

Do you use your powers actively in Freedom City? Yes No

If yes, in what way?

With the form filled in, Vlahos was sent to a room where a man ina lab coat waited.

"Good day. I'll be conducting your tests today. My name is Dr. Charles Williams," said the man as he held out his hand to shake.

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