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Small planet HQ

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You'd have to define "small planet."

Are we assuming a planet that developed an Earth-like climate "naturally?" Or a planet that's been terraformed?

If you want an Earth-like planet, you'll need one about the same size and distance from it's star as Earth. Earth is about 8,000 miles in diameter. HQs follow pretty much the same doubling progression as everything else in M&M (1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, etc.) for sizes above Awesome. So to go from Awesome (1 mile) to 8,000 miles would require 12 more ranks, or 18 ranks of HQ Size total. That's 18EP.

Toughness +10 should be sufficient. That'll cover the various rocks and metals that make up the composition of Earth. That's 1EP.

By it's very nature, you'll need to purchase the Isolated and Living Space Features, and probably Pool (various bodies of water) as well. That's another 3EP.

So, without any structures or modern conveniences, or any built-in way to get to and from it, you could buy a planet like Earth as an HQ for 22 Equipment points, or 5 Power Points.

Now, if you want to build an actual stronghold on that planet, it's probably best to just pay for the building itself, and give it the Isolated feature, with the descriptor being "it's on another planet."

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If you want a smaller planet that was terraformed with super-science/tech or magic, you can build it a lot smaller. The Moon is only about 2,000 miles in diameter. Pluto is about 1,500. Either one would only take 10EP worth of Size. Titan, Saturn's largest moon (which even has it's own atmosphere) is about 3,200 miles, which would cost 11EP.

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