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Roommates [IC]


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Chris reclined in his chair as yet another roommate left. Why do they keep requesting transfer? It's not really my fault they can't deal with me crawling in at three in the morning, usually having to regrow some weird and wonderful injury. He didn't even bother waving. He hadn't actually bothered learning this roommate's name. This isn't actually particularly fair. I was on a date last night, I didn't come in bleeding and smelling of... stuff.

"They could just give me my own room," he mused aloud after the kid had scrambled out. "Then I wouldn't have to scare people off. But, nooooo.... Someone else is coming along soon, so I may as well get used to this." He went back to reading a music magazine and waited for his new roomie to appear.

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Eddie hadn't brought all of his stuff with him. Just a very large duffel bag with some clothes, and a laptop with its own bag. (Besides his usual side-bag that is). As always his iPod was playing through the headphones ever present on his head.

"...Good luck movin up cause I'm movin out

Mm I'm movin out Mm oo oo uh huh mm hm..."

It's actually pretty remarkable how quickly Claremont set this up. He thought as he walked down the hall. Apparently his other roommate was scheduled to move out today. I guess there is something to be said for being able to process paperwork faster than normal people. Eddie was still getting used to this new world where everyone he knew had some sort of super power. Even the secretary at the admissions office had been able to shuffle papers around and sign documents faster than Eddie's eyes could follow...

I hope he's not upset that his next roommate is showing up so soon. I wonder if he will be surprised to see me.

Eddie had put in a call to the admissions office yesterday. "Hi, this is Eddie Ozan. You called earlier about me picking a roommate? Well I was wondering if I can ask about the possibility of an opening with a certain student," he had said. They had told him that Chris' current roommate had filed for a transfer, but they were loathe to process the request unless they had someone else to move into the room. "I'll take the spot!" he had offered excitedly.

Eddie paced the corridor between the rooms finally arriving at the room with a strange stylized picture of a lizard on the door. "Yea, this is the place." he remarked before knocking.

As the door opened he smiled and offered a cheerful "What's up?"

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Chris hurled his magazine to the side, and stood up to greet the newcomer. "Hey, Eddie! So you're my new roommate? I hope you last longer than the previous five or six. They didn't seem able to stomach me crawling in at ungodly hours... Hope that won't be a problem, right? I mean, I try to keep it secret, but everyone knows about the Geckoman thing by now, so I was hoping maybe people would understand what that kind of entails..."

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"Heh, naah thats not a problem with me." Eddie strolled into the room gazing around at his surroundings. "I actually chose to live with you. I figured it would make it easier to hang out with the crew. So I guess this is my side of the room?" changing the subject, he plopped his stuff down on the side of the room with all of the empty furniture. He sat down on the bed, testing out the mattress. "Besides, I am kind of a night cat myself."

Eddie rose from the bed and it gave of a suspicious sounding squeak. He picked up his laptop bag and swung it onto the desk on his side of the room, planning to unpack it later. He went to the duffel bag and began pulling out sheets for the bed. He talked as he worked. "So the last five or six didn't last just because they couldn't handle your hours? That's lame!"

Eddie was busy tucking in the fitted sheet on the bed when he decided to ask, "Anything else I should know while living with you? Any weird habits besides bleeding all over the place?" Eddie joked.

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"Hey, I'm a superhero! You should be proud to stand in my blood!" said Geckoman in mock outrage. "Really, I suppose the problem is that I've never ended up with outgoing roommates. It's always the studious ones who want to be scientists or businessmen, not superheroes."

He stopped to ponder a moment. "On the plus side, it means I've never had a roomie bring chicks back and me walk in... because that would be awkward. Especially since I don't usually enter by the door and thus can't take a locked door as a hint. So, you want to take some girl back from one of your gigs, feel free. Just, warning is good! Otherwise some creepy kid in cool goggles may spy on you through the window."

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"Heh, right on." Eddie said as he finished tucking in his sheets. He stood up and gazed proudly at the neat and clean bed that he would probably never bother to make again. "Having powers and not using them for cool stuff is just lame."

After Chris' speech about nighttime visitors, Eddie replied, "Right, I'll make sure to let you know. Do you have texting? I'll need your phone number of course..." The two exchanged numbers quickly. "I wouldn't worry about it too much though, I am more in the habit of going back to their place than mine. As could be expected, my parents aren't that fond of me bringing twenty-somethings back to the house. Now that I stay here, though, who knows?"

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"Hmmm... depends how subtle you are. I heard a story about Old Man Summers taking his cane and hitting the guy in... well..." Chris mused. "Although I don't know who this kid is, he supposedly left the school. So it could well be a myth."

"Anyway, generally, you're new, so the rule is: yeah, go teen rebellion. But Summers is a very very scary man. I'd rather go a round with Omega, really."

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"Heh, yea. That does kind of skeeve me out." Eddie shuddered a little. "Speaking of the hero business. I have been out around town on Wednesday nights. You know, after my DJ shift is over at the Millennium."

Eddie frowned a little "I have been thinking though, if I am going to be doing this more often, I should probably get a costume or something. I don't know if I want to go completely all out like yours, but I was thinking something like this." He pulled a few things out of his large duffel bag. He held up a black and red motorcycle jacket and an assembly consisting of headphones and a visor to cover his eyes.

"I am also going to need a name. Any ideas?"

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"The break it down boogiemaster?" Eddie raised one eyebrow. He didn't hate it... "I actually kind of like that one. Shorten it a little, and you get Breakdown. Like the Breakdown of a song." His eyes narrowed and he thought about it for a second. "I guess I could make that work...I'll run with it and see if it sticks. I could always change it, I guess." He gave the jacket he was holding a little shake. "What do you think about the costume? I know it's not spandex, but its really the best I can do. I can't sew."

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