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Take Me Out to the Ball Game [OOC]

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OOC thread for Take Me Out to the Ball Game, where evil goons hijack Liberty Dome and the poor Claremont Kids are caught in the middle. *gasp*

Closed thread for: Mike [Phalanx], Mark [Edge], Erin [Wander], Eddie [breakdown], James [Hellion], Chris [Geckoman], and Alex [Psyche].

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Cy, from the various references to concession stands and seats and stuff, I thought we were at the stadium already. Can we just make it occur this coming weekend or something? Or anytime later in the week for that matter. It would serve the purpose of cutting down on edits.

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Yes, this is still at the school since its just the kids switching tickets. Switching seats at the stadium would be much more crowded.

I'm figuring this is happening post Eddie's move in, so we'll go with post 13th as that works best for everyone unless anyone has issues.

Ya'll are bout to be put in a van and driven to the stadium as this is important for the plot. :cue mysterious music:

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