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Alt Forms and the Permanant Flaw on powers

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I am working on yet another alt form for Breakdown. I am exploring the Insubstantial power, and I was wondering if it is possible to purchase the Permanent flaw on a power within the Alt Form when the Alt Form itself is Sustained?


":djeip9dm]Insubstantial 3 Flaw: Permanent [12pp]

Is that possible?

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Insubstantial 3 says:

Rank 3: You become coherent energy. You have no Strength, but you are immune to physical damage. Energy attacks (other than the energy making up your form) damage you normally. You can pass through solid objects, but energy resistant barriers, like heavy shielding or force fields, block your movement.


Insubstantial 3 (sonic energy) Extras: Duration/Continuous; Flaws: Permanent, Affected by Sonic [12pp]

Be appropriate? The text says that you are immune to whatever energy type you pick. I figure if I add that back in, it might work out as a flaw? I am just looking for an effective way to knock down the point cost so it is more affordable.

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