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Trickster's Game [OOC]

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Activating Fearsome Presence, which isn't quite as badass as I thought it was :(

DC 14 Will save to avoid being shaken or worse, depending on how much it fails by.

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I was about to have Grim do a Tracking roll based on Super-Sense, but due to some questions on implementation, it's going to the GM Discussion Forum ;)

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To speed this up (since we are taking a long time :P) have it modified by wisdom.

Le sigh! Well, since that only gives her a +1 on her roll, better have her take 20 :(

EDIT: To heck with that noise, here's the Hound of the Baskervilles, courtesy of Señor Sandman!

Tracking 2 [2pp] Survival 15 [4pp] growth 4 (continuous, Permanent, Innate) [13pp] No hands [-4pp] Claws and Teeth 5 (mighty, linked trip 8 [touch range]) [8pp]


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