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Firearm Foulup (OOC)

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Annnnnnnd.....Que my first thread as GM.

Sorry this took so long!

Set on July 2nd - better hurry up! ;)

For Ace Danger, this should be a chance to actually role play through some of your contacts, rather than just "calling someone up"

For Golden Guardian, this should be a chance to see how the "not beating bad guys up" side of crime fighting works (at least for a few days ;))

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AD, as JD has been absent for a while, do you want me to go ahead with a story line in this thread? then he can join in / you can "track him down" to help out when things get less investigative and more fight-ey?

I can potentially draw out the investigation portion of this thread for quite a while, I believe. (a la where in the world is Carmen Sandiego)

It's just that at this point JD hasn't posted in over a week, and I would hate to see the first thread I GM stagnate like this.

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Well the original genesis of the thread was a Golden Guardian and Ace Danger team up so I'm kinda loathe to just plow ahead to the conclusion without him being involved.

That said I think we can do a bit more of the investigative bits till he shows back up or its clear he isn't going to.

I think we'll each try 1 post a day or so to keep the thread alive but give him plenty of time to jump back in.

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Sorry that took so long to get up. Anyway, there is today's post.

Gimmie a sense motive ;)

EDIT: Also, I am gonna need some info to help determine an appropriate DC.

a] How long have you been working with The Finn?

b] Do you ever purchase items from him or sell items to him?

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wow... your sense motive was so high I didn't think that your notice was that low...I have to think about adjusting these DC's because that last roll was almost impossible for you and it was not supposed to be.

Go ahead and make a free re-roll on that last one for a DC 20 ;)

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Well at least you nailed the sense motive...here you go:

You get the feeling that Finn is really worried that someone might have bugged his place. You also think that he was probably trying to send you a message of some sort. But you can't quite tell what...The Action figure is probably the key, since its the only thing you actual got out of the situation, that is the only logical conclusion.

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Here are some thoughts that might be running through your head:

DC 10: "Man this guy is acting weird all of a sudden"

DC 15: "I doubt he would leave like this unless there was something urgent he would need to do or check up on."

DC 20: "He probably has some more information to chase down or another meeting to get to. I wonder what it is about"

You may post what you react with, as well as anything you are planning on doing the following day (provided your reaction to the man's rushing out does not need further development)

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