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Power Check - Exile

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Date: (To be determined)

Legend stood on the platform of the derelict oil rig known to certain people as the Arena, the one place where the villains of Freedom City could mingle with their peers without fear of intrusions by the do-gooders of the city. Today, he was waiting for one such villain to arrive.

Legend had kept an eye on Exile ever since the former not-quite-a-Dark Lord had arrived in this dimension. The man's mere presence set off certain warning bells for Legend, and the curious curator wanted to see just how much power and skill the man truly possessed. And perhaps, in being tested, Exile would learn more of himself, what he could and could not do in this world that was both familiar and very different from his own.

Of course, he would have to first appear at the Arena before Legend could do anything. So Legend looked off to the distant shoreline, to the Gentle Mansion in Port Regal, and waited for the Exile to appear in answer to his calling.

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When Legend's calling reached Exile the old mage was engaged in a bit of research regarding the extent the Pact impacted magics relying on other dimensions, which was something of a long going project for the sorcerer. Studious as he was the old man finished the section of the book he was reading, made a few notes about his own observations and thoughts while they were still fresh in his mind, made sure that he'd donned all of his usual black outfit and only then strode off into thin air.

And promtly stepped out of it onto the deck of the Arena. "You called?" He said while respectfully bowing his head, and removing his hat for the moment as well.

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"I did indeed, Mister von Treissen," the being before him said. It looked like an odd cross between Adrian Eldrich and Malador: its body was bandaged, and its face was behind a golden skull mask, but the cloak and pendant it wore were those of Eldrich. Its voice was that of neither, though; its voice was that of 'The Watcher'. It hovered a few inches in the air.

"Though you are not as active as certain other beings in this city," it continued, "your activities have not gone unnoticed. Your recent battle with the boy in the alien armor was what made me decide to formally contact you and make my offer."

"You may call me Legend," it said with a somewhat theatrical flourish. "I am the, shall we say, majordomo of this Arena. I did not set it up, but I do look after it, and its guests. I also offer tests...."

Legend made another flourish, pointing to a lone door near the main entrance to the Arena under the platform of the derelict oil rig. "To any who desire, to test whatever aspect of themselves they may wish. I can even offer surprises, to examine aspects you yourself may not have considered."

"The tests are not easy, of course, but as much can be learned from failure as from success."

"Are you interested?"

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Even with the figure before him hovering a few inches off the ground Exile didn't need to crane his neck in the slightest to look it, him in the eyeslots, a perk of being so tall. None the less for a few moments the elderly sorcerer had problems with doing just that, the problem being that the composite form and presence Legend was doing its job quite well.

Then after those initial moments of hesitation had passed Wilhelm studied Legend's form a bit closer while listening the words 'spoken' with his liege's voice. It was an intriguing offer, and while he could refuse it there was significant gain for himself involved.

"I accept your offer, and perhaps strangely enough hope that I will fail at some point." Said the black clad one as he walked towards the door. "If one never fails one doesn't learn one's limits."

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"Splendid," Legend said as the door opened.

A long corridor opened before Exile, with alternating doors on each side. The doors were unmarked and seemed identical; only the present door stood out from the rest. "Once you have completed a room's task, you will be allowed to return to the corridor. There, you will find refreshments waiting for you. Once you are ready, you can enter another door and begin the next task. Once you have entered five rooms, you will be finished and unable to enter another on dis trip."

Once he entered the corridor, the door behind Exile shut with a loud metal-on-metal CLANG. Perfectly ordinary-looking electrical lights illuminated the corridor, one over each door.

The first door Exile tried opened to a very large dark and empty room. Once he passed beyond its threshold, the door CLANGED shut behind him.

Legend's voice rang from every corner of the room, "Let us see how you handle yourself in a fight, shall we?"

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