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The Unquiet Past (OOC)

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He's still under concealment so I don't think she can target him with the blast unless she has an accurate sense that isn't sight or hearing I assume the lack of attack roll means its perception range. Well he is within 5 feet at this point so she can make the DC 20 notice check to pierce his concealment.

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Uhmm ok now I am confused.

So I put Rachel on the couch and left Marrionette on the floor (Ace really is a cad :D)

they put the helmet on Marrionette and now she is gone and the helmet is on the couch where Rachel was? Is Rachel still there? If not where is she? on the paramedics gurrney?

Sorry I may not be fireing on all cylanders this mornign but I'm kinda lost

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Before I go on, lemme say that I forgot to give you an HP for letting Marionette pass her Will save! My bad.


Pulling the curtain back a little, Marionette created a sight and sound illusion of herself on the couch while she limped away and hid. (Rachel is on the paramedic's gurney; she was unaffected by this.) She got the policemen too, barely, and was able to maintain the illusion until the policemen with the illusory Marionette had gotten out of the area of her effect.

That's what happened, y'all.

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