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Angel's First Flight [IC]

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Date: July 2nd, 2009 (a Thursday). Evening, around 9:00pm

It's about 75 degrees out, clear skies, ~10 mph WSW winds

The sun set about half an hour ago; Moon is waxing gibbous, 80% visible.

The central area of Freedom City, Midtown was by the monorail lines, Liberty Park, and City Center. Among other things, it is the largest downtown residential area and features a number of high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums.

Midtown is also home to shopping with the massive Millennium Mall and numerous other stores. There are a number of fast-food restaurants as well as more upscale establishments, small bistros and the restaurants of the fine hotels in the area. One of the most popular eateries in Midtown is the original Champion’s franchise, located next door to the Super Museum. On the spiritual side, Midtown has a number of churches, including St. George’s Cathedral, located on 52nd Avenue across from Liberty Park. That avenue features expensive townhouses and private clubs, such as the Cape and Cowl Club and the Midnight Society.

Midtown is also the location of the Goodman Building, the home and headquarters of the world-famous Atom Family.

But none of that was important at the moment. What was important was Hot Licks, one of the most popular jazz bars in the entire city. Fans says it's cozy, detractors say it's cramped, but all agree that it is the place to be in Freedom for live jazz acts.

And what an act they had tonight! Performing live was the Soul Stampede, a jazz vocal group which had grown popular performing in some of the Freedom’s bars and clubs. They’d be notable for the sweet and mellow voice of their lead singer Patti DuMont alone... but the three singers and four musicians all have incredible skills at improvisation, and one never knows what will happen at a Stampede show.

It was here, in this 1900s style house-turned-jazz bar, that two of Freedom's most notable residents could be found, though they were not yet aware of each others presence. Angel Marks, the wealthy and attractive shipping heiress who'd begun to make a name for herself by fighting crime, was in the middle of the audience, enjoying the music but wishing it had a better beat she could dance to. Moira Morley, the super-strong, super-tough, and super-beautiful demigoddess (in her own words) was trying not to act like she did at her own bar and tell the bartender how to do his job... but it was difficult. Especially since the bartenders -- and several other people at the bar -- were so eager to listen to anything she said.

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Watching them all hang on her words gave Moira two feelings. The first feeling was empowerment. She could ask for what she wanted at this moment and she would have it. But then again, she would have to entertain the drink buyer for a while. She wasn't here for that, just to hear some smooth jazz. The second feeling was a tinge of sorrow for the people expecting so much. She was not heartless and would have talked to each one of them at the same time if she could.

She thanked the bartender when she finally got her drink. Walking over to a small booth area, she bumped into a gorgeous young woman before she got there. She noticed her on the spot. Angel Marks was one of those types that the media loved to cover. Good or bad, she was at least on one of the first few pages of every publication.

"Forgive me," Moira apologized, "I didn't mean to get in your way."

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"You bett-" Angel's stern answer stopped midword as she she quickly turned around and saw the beautiful goddess. She stood there for a few seconds to take in what she saw. Those seconds were almost magical. The music's tempo didn't matter anymore. This could have been a construction site and she would care about is the woman in front of her. How could she have missed her all night?

"You're fine," she smiled softly with a nod. Realizing that it might be misinterpreted she quickly corrected herself, "It's fine. I mean, it's no problem." Was she stammering? She never stammered before when meeting someone. She had to act fast to save face. "Hi, my name is Angel," she said with an outstreched hand, "And you are?"

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"I thought you'd never ask," Angel smiled gently taking Moira by the hand and guilding her to one of the booths. The music was starting to grow on her. She couldn't decide if it was the woman she had just met that did it. Moira, if it's as the gods themselves had spoke it.

Being chivalric, Angel guided Moira into the cozy booth first, then invited herself in. Getting a good look at her guest before she sat down, she felt vaguely out of place. She was wearing slightly brighter clothes than her. A pink spahetti tank midriff and matching low rise jeans which ever so slightly showed she was wearing boy's boxers. As opposed to Moira's much more appropriate dark jeans and t-shirt, yet she still looked beautiful in her dark wear. That reminded her, she was to go patrolling after this. But with such a gorgeous woman who could think about anything else?

"So," Angel said sitting down and scooting close, "do you come here alot? This is my first time here. It's very peaceful and calming."

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Moira nodded with a smile to Angel, "Yeah, I come here every Thursday night. They have some great music here." Stirring her drink with a straw absent-mindedly, she blushed as she found herself staring at the ever lovely Angel. Damn right she was an angel. "So, what about you," she asked as her voice turned playfully seductive, "This doesn't seem like your kind of place. Shouldn't you be racing some fast car or finding some criminal to bring to justice?"

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When Moira stared at her for that short moment, it was like no one else was a around. The eye contact made Angel forget everyone that was there besides her and the goddess. If not for Moira speaking again, she would have been lost in that moment forever.

"Oh, yeah," she blushed also. Leaning back in the plush booth keeping her gaze on Moira, her voice turned boisterous, "I heard this was a good club so I thought I would check it out. I could get used to this slow type of stuff though." She smiled with a wink, "I actually was planning on patrolling tonight, to keep the city safe for pretty ladies like you."

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Angel's inhibitions were a bit on the low side. Moira getting closer to her wasn't helping it either. She nodded happily when she called her sweet. Then the question was asked. Angel was taken aback. How could someone so beautiful want to throw herself in danger's way? It hurt her to tell her no, she couldn't directly say it. She collected herself and smiled, "Yeah, about that. I couldn't bear to see you hurt."

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Moira knew this would happen. She would have to prove that she wasn't just some pretty girl. A split second later she had an idea. Putting her drink down, she stood up in front of Angel. "Now don't move a muscle," she chuckled, "In fact, I want you to firmly plant yourself in that seat. You ready?"

Angel nodded as she hunkered in to the booth.

With one fell swoop, Moira reached down and with one fell swoop lightly latch her hands around Angel's wrist and behind her knee. Pulling her up, she stood her straight up in front of her with no strain or effort what so ever. Afterwards she smiled, "I'm a lot stronger than I look."

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Angel looked at Moira confusedly as she stood in front of her. She smiled when the goddess gave her orders. Planting herself in the chair, she thought she going to get closer to her new friend. Taking her suggestion was not a hard task, the seat was almost a bit too comfortable. This was it, finally some close time!

All her expectations were shattered when she was lifted out of the chair. "Woah," she yelped as her body was thrown off balance by the gravity defying lift. She adjusted herself. "Yeah, you are," she exclaimed after Moira made her obvious comment, "I guess you never know who you'll meet around here."

Angel sighed contently, "I'm sorry for doubting you. You can come along with me." She paused then smiled wearily, "If you don't think I'm a jerk for the 'pretty ladies' comment."

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Angel smiled as she was dragged toward the door. She asserted dominance in the dragging by pulling Moira back towards her. That was no easy task. "Well, I have to change into something a bit darker," she whispered to Moira, "I can't be flying around the city like a big target." She smiled as she opened the door to the parking lot, "We won't need a car."

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As the two lovely ladies exit Hot Licks, they see a woman about 30 feet away shriek and point at a man who is running away from her (and is now about 30 feet away from her). He's carrying a purse which does not match his casual clothing, but it does match the woman's dress perfectly.

"Stop! Thief! Help! HELP!!!!"

[[ Moar instructions in OOC thread. ]]

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Moira sighed with a smile as she heard to woman scream. "Looks like patrol starts before you get to change," she winked to Angel. Sprinting after the thief she called out to him, "Please rethink this! You don't wanna go to jail for a tampon and some Chicklets!" Slamming into him, she tries to take him down but he slips away!

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Taking a cue from Moira, Angel deftly ran after the purse snatcher. Seizing an opportunity where her partner had missed, she clipped the man at at the back of the knee and front of the foot. He went down as he valiently tried to escape the clipping. With a quick handstand, Angel cartwheeled to the standing position. She placed her foot on the mugger's chest, "Now where do you think you're going?"

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"Wherever you wanna take me, beautiful," he replies with some bravado. A close look revealed him to be a young white guy, wearing the outfit of an inner city gangster (sneakers, hoodie, chain on his neck that looked gold but obviously wasn't based on the faint green ring around his neck, etc.)

The woman whose purse he'd snatched ran up, or ran as well as a middle aged woman in a hip-hugging dress could. "Oh, thank you, thank you, girls! It's a shame more young people aren't as conscientious as you! And you," she pointed to the tackled youth, "you out to be ashamed of yourself!"

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"Just doing what any good citizen would do, ma'am," Angel said as she curtsied. Still having her foot on the chest of the mugger, she bent down to pick up the purse and handed it to the woman.

"Now you," she said looking down at the guy with a frown, "You get to spend the night in jail." She sighed, "I know what you're going to tell me, 'life's tough on the streets.' But really, in this day and age there is so much more you could be doing with your life. Do you want to be someone's underling in a group that will eventually get you killed? Come on! If you clean up, go to school and get an education, you could get paid way more than a purse once in a while. You could be rollin like all those rappers you hear!" She smiled, "Now that's gotta sound better than what you have now. Just follow your heart."

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After Angel was finished giving her hero speech, Moira was about to call the police before the lady stormed off. Not knowing the justice system well enough, she figured that: no purse, no victim, no arrest. Shrugging, she looked at the kid on the ground. "Guess we gotta let you go, huh?" Squatting down next to him, she smiles, "Just remember, next time you do this, you might not be so fortunate as to get us. Especially this time of night. Now, why don't you run home?"

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Angel playfully blew a short raspberry at the guy still flirting with her. When Moira gave her warning, Angel nodded and let her foot off of the guy. Keeping her eye on his movements, she whispered into Moira's ear, "I have a change of clothes in my car. You watch what he does while I go get ready."

Moira smiled and nodded, keeping her eye on him as well as Angel.

Angel clicked the alarm system off as she walked to her silver 2-door 1965 GTO coupe with matching interior. It looked like it had never been driven before. Out of the back seat she pulled a long piece of metal shaped into an aerodynamic surfboard look. It was decorated in runes written in Enochian, unknown to Angel.The top side of it was graced with an etching of an angel. When she deliberately dropped it, it hovered about a foot off of the ground. Out of the front driver's side she pulled recieved black clothing which looked identical tothe lighter clothes she was wearing. With them she had some unadorned black leather bracers. She closed the car door and realarmed the vehicle.

Hopping on the surfboard, she floated over to Moira and the guy. Moira was still keeping him distracted. "So is he coming along too," Angel asked with a snicker. Shgot off the board, "Here," she directed her comment at Moira, "Have a seat, I'll be back." She walked back towards the club to don her battle gear.

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Moira happily sat on the floating metal board as she was instructed. Sitting side saddle near the end of the board, she was impressed that it didn't move at all.

Watching Angel saunter off back into the club, Moira fixed her gaze. The only thing she saw or heard for a few seconds was her. When Angel was out of view, Moira shook her head with a smile.

Looking around, Moira saw the guy was still there. She sighed, "You're not leaving are you? Well, might as well keep an eye on you while you're around." She patted the still stable board, "Have a seat. By the way, do you have a name or should I just call you 'Happy'?"

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"Well then, Happy," Moira said pulling the fake gold chain, sitting the nameless thug down on the Aeroboard, "looks like me and you got some waiting to do." Keeping an eye on Happy would be better than letting him run out into the streets to do mischief. That and he was playing up to her vanity. When Angel got back she would dump the guy like a ton of bricks.

"I met this really great girl tonight," Moira said looking at the club, half talking to herself, but really to keep the dumbstruck oggler engaged rather than have creepy quietness. "She's gorgeous and a crimefighter too. How lucky can you get? Maybe we'll get to see some action tonight." She looked at Happy with a smile, "I mean you're mostly harmless, aren't you?" Turning back to look at the club, she put her hands behind her head with a big grin, "Who knows? All I know is I'm wired!"

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