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Crack the Crack-Heads [OOC]

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Ok this is the thread me and JAckDaniels are in.

I'm going to take 20 on my notice check as I circle the building.

Going to make a stealth check while moving my full speed.


Making a group Notice Check for the thugs outside the building


Ok no chance to be spotted it takes 5 minutes fro Ronin to circuit the building and Finish his pot check.

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Ok thug gets an additional notice check


fail again so he is unaware

Ok giving myself the All out Attack and Sneak Attack x2 feats.

Taking 5 from DEF and adding it to ATK

Hit. Impossible damage save. DC 22. He is out.

Ok going to see if the thugs inside hear the noise DC15


Ok notice check as Ronin tries to hear and see what is going on inside.

He could hear the and see the room.

Ok so he makes an attack I think cause it is a general area I don't make an Attack Roll. Everyone is flat footed.

fortitude Save DCs 14


Ok so two thugs save and two.

Reflex saves


So 2 are both blinded and deafened and one is blinded but not deafened and one avoids both.

Ok surprise round is over as the combatants are aware they are in a fight. So its time to roll initiatives.

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Ronin 28


Thug1 5

Thug2 3

THug3 7

Thug4 10


Ok I go first using Swordsman configuration

The room is 20x20 so I can attack them if I hit them all with Whirling Blades from the arsenal. Using all out Attack.


They cant make their saves.

New thug hears commotion and enters the room


Initiative is lower than Ronin's.

Ronin rolls initiative gets 21


Gunfighter configuration

Uses Machine Pistols DC20 damge

Saves with 21 (lucky @#$@%)

Oh wait forgot about auto fire.

So the DC is 29

End of Round 1.

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Thug (Assualt Rifle) (16)

Thug(Assault Rifle) (3)

Thug(Rocket Launcher) (18)

Thug (Assault Rifle) (2)

Thug (assault rifle) (20)

Ronin 21

Ok Ronin split attacks with machine pistols on the first two thugs in range all out attack

Takes 10 for 25 DC: 28 They can't save. TWo minions down

Uses move by attack and hide-in-plain sight.

Stealth Check



Minons cant beat that, so Ronin is hidden.

They waste thier round looking for him.

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Ok Ronin relocates 1pp to get 4 ranks in Acrobatics to make it +16 modifier. Will make an acrobatics check to move past the two thugs. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2147563/ makes it. He moves past them and shuts the door which is another move action. So his actions are expended.

ITs that time again. ;)

Make a DC 20 Reflex save

if you fail that make a DC 25 damage save.

Then make an IC post.

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Ok that was my fault the round had ended. I am goign to count that as your attack this round but if you want another action I can give it to you. Since I introduced a new character you cna transfer your attack to him if you want or you can continue to attack the the guy with the rpg.

I edited my last post to reflect the guy's intro.

End of Round 2


Round 3

Ronin 21

Thug (assault rifle) (20)

Golden Guardian (14)

Thug (AR)= (12)

Mauler = (10)

Thug (RL)= (9)

Thug (AR)= (5)

Thug (AR)= (2)

Thug (Assault Rifle) (2)

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Ok gonna see if these hoods can make 5 DC 18 reflex saves. (My guess is no)

Just as I thought

1d20+1 → [4,1] = (5)

1d20+1 → [14,1] = (15)

1d20+1 → [11,1] = (12)

1d20+1 → [7,1] = (8)

1d20+1 → [3,1] = (4)

Now some Damage Saves. Oh wait they all take damage.

Ok so done. Your turn.

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