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Crack the Crack-Heads [IC]

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Grenbank 10:30 PM

From a distance this abandoned warehouse looks no different than any of the numerous others; old, rusty. Though Ronin could see something different. He was perched on an industrial crane several stories above the building. For an an abandoned building The place had an awful lot of people going in and out.. Well he assumed that this was the place. His mission was simple if a little messy.

As he watched he notices that the Warehouse had two massive main doors, that opened only once to let a luxury Sedan. He climbed down and moved to examine the building from a closer vantage. As he circled the building he saw only two other doors on the same side of the building. He crouched out in the shadows away from the light the building cast. He was going to have to make his move there. Then he would be in the building. Once in he had to find and burn the drug supply and take out their leader Jeffrey. Piece of Cake.

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As Ronin watched on of the side doors opened up and one of the men strolled out. The man had a shot gun slung over his shoulder and he began looking for something. Ronin noticed he left the door open. As he watched the man foudn what he had been looking for: a box of smokes. In a split second Ronin's mind ran through the various scenarios that might happen. HE decided the best one came when he went now. This was not a stealth mission after all, though the element of surprise would do him some good.

The man held his head down to light it, the temporary blindness was all the mercenary needed. In a flash he had crossed the few feet separating them, and hammered his palm under his chin, knocking his head against the concrete. He slumps to his knees, unconscious. Ronin pressed his back against the building, and put one hand on the hilt of the sword above his shoulder, waiting to see if someone had heard him.

When no one came to the door Ronin crept to the edge and had a look inside. He quickly snapped his head back as he saw the room was filled with armed thugs. He didn't need more than a glance though. His mind processed optical information much faster than any human. What the had seen was a room filled with every conceivable weapon. Military hardware at that. Fortunely for him the four men inside had been watching the T.V on the table. Good I was hoping this wouldn't be easy.

"Hey man, close the door. Your letting the Mosquito in," someone shouted from inside the building. Ronin took a canister off of his weapon Bandoleer and pulled the pin. He tossed the grenade into the room. It clanked onto the floor and skittered to a stop in the room. All the occupants turned to look at what had caused the noise. They recognize the flashbang too late as it explodes filling the room with a blinding light and a loud bang. One man quicker than the others covers his ears and squeezes his eyes shut and drops to the floor. Ronin springs into the room, his sword clearing his scabbard...

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The air whistled as one blade went through a man who was holding his damaged eyes. Ronin leapt him, before he even fell, and landed on the next one, twin slashes of steel made quick work of two more. The last man who had manged to avoid the Flashbang aimed his AK-47 at the mercenary's chest but it was too late. Ronin slashed the gun in half and its wielder wasn't far behind.

When the carnage had died down, Ronin sheathed his swords. He took a second to take in the room. There were machine guns on the tables, as well as grenades. He had been fortunate that he hadn't set one off. The door opened as someone stuck there head in. "What the hell is going on?" The man's eyes widened when he saw Ronin. Faster than the man could react Ronin snatched his two Steyer TMPs and opened fire. The bullets rip through the door throwing the man back into the room beyond.

Ronin hears shouts from the outside, others were coming, and form the sound of gun slides working, they knew they were in for a fight.

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Overhead the Golden Guardian was taking a pleasant night time patrol flying over Greenbank, earlier that day he had helped a cat out of a tree and a old lady walk across the street. It'd been a relaxing day. Up until he heard gun fire coming from down below, from a large abandoned warehouse. Something was going down, and it was bad news for Greenbank. He quickly descended from the sky viewing the scene.

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When Guardian moves around to the building's right side, the first thing he sees is a man slumped against the building's side with a lit cigerette in his mouth. There is an assault rifle slung over his shoulder and blood trickling down his nose, but you can see his breath rising so you know he is alive.

There is a side door indeed and it is open. A quick look reveals three men who weren't as lucky. It seems like someone came through here with some sort of edged weapon. Whatever happened they didn't put up much of a fight. They were armed but only one had even had his weapon in his hands, and it had been cut in two. The room itself wasn't very large, it had two long tables which were covered with firearms and explosives. On one table a large screen T.V. was on. Blood smeared the screen.

There was one other door leading out and bullet holes riddled it. Beyond you thought you could hear conversation. "Where the hell is he? He got Dwayne and Carlos.."

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The Golden Guardian didn't attempt to hide as he entered stepping over the unconscious man. He confidently walked in.

"What's goin on here boys? Looks like somethin awful illegal." He cracked his knuckles.

"Why don't you put down those weapons..." He said stone cold, raising his huge stone hands into a fighting position.

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When Golden Guardian steps past the doorway he says a massive hanger like room, probably where most of the floor opertions happened when the place was a warehouse. In front of him are two men with Ak-47 assault rifles and he can make out a third coming around a corner. Behind them are two luxury sedans, parked next to each other.

When they hear Guardian's words the two men glance at each other, surprised, but without a word raise their weapons and fire even as they fall back. Their bullets bounce harmlessly off your body, but the third comes and Golden Guardian can see he is holding a Rocket Propelled Grenade. With "whoosh" the weapon discharges. The projectile goes wide but the explosion tags him.

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The Rocket detonates with a thunderous explosion seemingly rocking the building. Under the car Ronin cursed. So much for surprise. The men lower their guns, waiting for the smoke to clear. "Alright thats one idiot down, find that oth- awww crap!"

Even as the smoke clears they can see that Golden Guardian standing in the now shattered doorway, unharmed. "We need back up! In the Hanger now! Get Mauler, we got a freak!"

Even as he spoke two doors busted open and men four more men poured in from two doors. One to GG's right and the other directly across from him behind the cars. One of the four carries another rocket launcher.

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Ronin had watched the whole scene unfold with quiet disgust. The last thing he needed was some cape showing up. He remembered hearing one of the men say something about Mauler. That was his target. Well part of his target.

Ronin rolled from underneath the car, as the two men with machine guns came from the far door. They tried to bring their guns to bear but Ronin vaulted right over them and into the room beyond. Before they could act, he slammed the door shut and locked it.

The two men to Guardian's right react. One sprays Guardian with machine gun fire, which does no good. The other raises his Grenade launcher and fires.

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He glanced out of the corner of his eye some costumed figure jump out from under a car and acrobatics away and lock a door. The bullets bouncing off not even feeling them him he was able to think for second.

Is he the one- His thought process stopped as another rocket was launched at him, hitting him dead on.


"Stop doing that!" He shouted bounding towards the man who kept on launching rockets at him swinging all out a powerful haymaker.

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The man's eyes widened as the Golden Guardian rushed him. "No don't-" Guardian's fist connected and sent him hurtling back shattering the door behind him.

Getting tired of trying the door, one man shot off the lock with his gun and ran into the room after Ronin.

The other Rocket Launcher wielding thug came around the corner and discharged his weapon seemingly not caring if Guardian was standing next to his comrade. The Explosion rocked the building again sweeping the other gunman away in the explosion.

The other Gunmen moved towards the door Ronin had run through not willing to keep shooting at Golden Guardian. The three of them came into the room, which seems to be a large sleeping area, and open fire on the mercenary.

Several shots graze him but he manages to dodge them all.The bullets shred the bedding though and fill the room with feathers from destroyed pillows.


From the collapsed doorway, that Guardian had sent the last unfortunate goon, a man steps through. The light glistens off his shaven head, and the thin sunglasses over his eyes. His feet crunch in the rubble made of the wall. He looks at Golden Guardian then at the man holding the Rocket launcher.

"This him?" he asks, sounded almost bored.

"Yeah Mauler," he replies. The man named Mauler looks over at Golden Guardian.

"So, you the guy Tony sent to take me down?" He began walking towards Guardian. "I got a message you can take back to your Greasy little boss. The West End is mine now." He took off his leather coat and threw it on the floor, revealing thick tattooed arms. Guardian can hear Mauler's knuckles crack as he eyes the Golden Hero.

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Ronin rolled under the bed as the men fanned out. As he sprung up he tossed two grenades at them. Eager to finish this fight. The men are hardened criminals but not warriors they had not hope of dodging before they were ripped apart by shrapnel. Ronin sighed glad to be rid off them.


The three men felt the concussive force of the grenades, and heard the yells of the thugs who had been caught in them. Mauler didn't take his eyes off of Guardian though. The thug with the Rocket launcher seemed horrified and eyed the exit from the Warehouse.

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