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Lock Me Up...

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I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that a pbp site of this magnitude is just not the right place for me.

Partly, it's because of the rigidity required by the Ref team here. That's not a complaint, it's a statement of simple fact. In a small campaign, with 4-5 players, a single GM can bend rules for his players on a case by case basis (like my Monk that had the Familiar feat). In a world like this, the Refs need to keep the rules consistent, because opening the door a crack for one player opens the flood gates for all players (Monks may not have the familiar feat).

Partly, it's personality. I can be a difficult person to like... the corollary is that it can be pretty easy for me to decide that I dislike someone else. I usually get along well with my small game groups; I only play with my friends. Here, I've found myself gaming with ...at least one person that I don't think I'd be friends with.

...if spending time at Freedom City is supposed to be my relaxation time, lately it has been the opposite of. Just a simple example; I adore Ecalsneerg as a person and a player. A few days ago in chat, we had a discussion that was getting a bit heated... and then he said something that set me off and I completely raged on him. That's not cool. I felt really bad about that. People who know me in real life wouldn't say I have anger management issues, but I wondered if I shouldn't sign up for some after that. In any case, if your relaxation time is a source of stress, you're doing it wrong.

I'm pleased to have put up some good writing, and pleased to have made many friends here... I think I would like to pop in to visit from time to time, but I no longer think it's a good idea for me to play here.

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