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June Song Vignette: Malice

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Eric was running late, an oddity for him. He had gotten tied up at work, and had to practically fight his way out the door. As he stopped at a red light, he was suddenly over come with a most strange sensation. Emotions were just welling up with in, almost to the point of bursting. He had to do something to let them out, he had to... sing? As the light turned green, Eric broke into song.

Sorry dear father, for what I stole

What have I done

It's a stain on my very mortal soul

What have I done

And I hunted them and my blows did ring true

A man's righteous throw-down and a gut-less coup

Had I known the shame would break all I hold-

I let all my desire cloud my moral code

Sorry dear father, for all the lies

What have I done

What I took from you, was no simple prize

What have done

All these simpering fools blame my crimes on rage

The police all want to throw me in a cage

But they don't know the worst, my soul does ache

My dear father sorry, but the will was fake

The will was fake

The will was fake

It's true dearest dad

Need moar dakka, need moar dakka - I've got to fight

Killing metas, fighting them, but I'm in the right

Need moar dakka, need moar dakka - Don't tell me what's fair

When there's Victor in the ground there's murder in the air

Murder in the air

I will fight back

Sorry dear father, a bit too late

What have I done

The stocks stolen, on my conscious, what a weight

What have I done

What shall become of my dear mother this day?

I've done too much, 'sorry' won't go a long way

And when rage an righteouness become one

The tales of one man, a war to be won

Sorry dear Victor, sorry dear Heather

I'll make it better

Eyes welling with tears, Eric pulled into the drive way. Inside his mother was waiting fr his arrival for their dinner. On the sidewalk, Eric decided he would tell her the truth, here and now. As he reached for the door, the house became engulfed in flame. He could only stand agast before the house, and everything was blown to timbers. As the flmaes washed over his body, Eric sat bolt upright in bed, a cold sweat dripping from every inch of his body. "Just a dream." But as he grabbed his side he noticed the weight gone from his shoulder, where his arm once hang. "Not all of it." he added grimly. Eric sat there for a few more moments, with his mind in a haze. Finally, he muttered "I'm sorry." softly to the empty room, and rolled over hoping for a sleep he knew full well wouldn't come.

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