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June Song Vignette: Avenger

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Avenger stood on a balcony in the Boardwalk overlooking a lovely view of the ocean. He wasn't paying attention, though, not when he was dangling a low-level informant for the Russian mafiyah over the edge of the balcony, keeping an iron grip on his ankle, and waiting for the man to talk. Jack tuned out the man's sobs and pleas as he waited for him to break...but as it happened, it was Avenger who broke first. Behind his mask, he began to sing.


"Never knew I could feel like this.

It's like I've never seen this guy before,

I could make him vanish with a kiss

Every night eat him more and more."


He leaned close and added, his voice gentle and loving,

"Listen to my heart,

Can you hear it sing?

No. There is no life in me,

There is no thing!

Seasons may change,

winter to spring.

I'll live now

'till the end of time."


The man shrieked incoherently as Avenger nearly dropped him, waving him wildly around in the air in tempo with his sudden jerky lyrics!


"No matter what you say,

this night is ending my way!"


He shook the man violently, making the flab in his cheeks shake like a bowl full of jelly.


"Come on and stand your ground!

For life, freedom, and man!"


His voice went up, and up, echoing off the walls now.


"You won't fool the children of Draculya!

You won't fool the children of Draculya!"


He took another step out, leaping up onto the railing. "My gift is your life..." His voice trailed off for just a moment, but the rhythm of the moment hadn't ended. "I will love life. I will save life. Until my dying day..." He leaned close, his mouth right next to the man's ear. "MY WAY"


Only when the madness stopped did a shaken Avenger realize that the mobster had been yelling, "No speaking English! No speaking English!" All in all, maybe it was better that way. Maybe it was better to just let this all be forgotten.




EDIT: The tune is from the reprise of "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge.

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