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Apes A-Poppin! (OOC)

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OK, you resist Intimidate by rolling Intimidate, Sense Motive, or Will. If you roll below Eagle's 28, you're shaken (-2 on your attacks, saving throws, and checks) for one round.

That's a DC 28 Toughness save, GG.

Just for simplicity's sake, we'll say Eagle isn't trying to inflict knockback on you. Both of you get a hero point because I fiated for Tyranny Eagle.

Golden Guardian, you're up.

You roll attacks in Invisible Castle, then post them in the IC by putting them in URL tags. For example (url=theurlforyourattackroll.com)Guardian attacks the Gorilla(/url) Except that you use []'s instead of ()'s.

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Gentleman, have another HP for Ape shaking off his stun. He is currently bruised. With his Flight 4, he can move 2000 feet straight up as an accelerated move, which he is indeed doing. Guardian can catch him at normal speed (i.e., fly up and attack) while Dusk-Stalker will have to move all-out (i.e., do nothing but fly up there and be flat-footed when you get there.) There are also now some injured civilians from the flying glass.

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