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Seeing the progress of the last few threads, I have noticed a Huge Flaw in Captain Knievel - He gets himself into situations just fine. But if things are going badly, he has difficulty getting himself out.

I am thinking of adding a teleportation power to his Adrenaline Cannon as a last ditch method to GTFO.

I was thinking of something along the lines of a high ranked teleport (enough to at least cross the city if necessary) But I have a question about one or two extras/flaws that I would like to explore placing on it.

Extra: Could this possibly activate automatically when Knievel get's KO'ed? This would be in the interests of not getting captured again. To represent this, the adrenaline cannon could be adapted to include a vitals monitoring system or a brain monitoring system. (I think The Exile has something similar to this power).

Flaw: Would the flaw "Only able to teleport back to base/hideout" Be applicable? It seems pretty safe to assume I would only be able to use the powers "half of the time" because of this flaw. I.E. I can teleport home, but not out.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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As part of his Cannon? No.

As a separate Device? Yes, if you can afford the points for it, and find someone to build it for you (or find one to steal).

"To Base Only" would be a valid flaw (it's the Anchor flaw from UP)... but Knievel doesn't have an HQ... b/c no Ref's approved it yet... b/c we won't approve anything new for you until Knievel's Trial is done and we know if you're in jail or not (or busy with Something Else).

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Yes I understand all of that. I have no problem waiting. This is just to help me get my thoughts in order and plan out my character a little.

IF I get out of jail, and IF I get a hideout, THEN I might consider this edit. And I have no problem making it an extra device.

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