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Resurrection Question


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Hello All,

So I have finally found enough free time to finish working on my first villain :lol: (work got really busy a couple of days after I joined the site - still I did get a promotion so no complaints :D )

Anyway. I have run into a problem speccing out one of the powers of my character.

The concept is thus. The character (Jonothan James Cleckly) has an artificial organic brain, the result of having had his own brain 'reprogrammed' and subjected to chemical treatment. This grants a number of powers, most relevant of which is a datalink to represent network access to a central master computer. The characters knowledges and experiences are constantly uploaded and, upon the physical death of the host body, are downloaded into a cloned replacement in a process taking approximately 24 hours.

What is the best way to model this? I was assuming Resurrection 2 with some Recovery Bonus ranks to compensate for a low Con.

However the description of Regeneration implies the resurrection of the original body - whereas I am looking more towards a serial reincarnation-type model. I was tempted to dismiss the Reincarnation extra as the new body would be completely identical to the old one and there would be no reallocation of power points. That said however the character does use a device which would be left behind on the corpse, would the reincarnation ranks be the appropriate way to model the replacement of the device with either a copy or a new device entirely.

I'm thinking myself in circles on this one and would really appreciate some opinions.

Cheers very much.

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The wording of True Resurrections specifically refers to the body being prevented from resurrecting if suffering continual damage. The version I am looking for does not reference the original body once the point of death has passed.

If anything my version is more powerful than this, almost a +2/rk extra as if one level above True Resurrection although there is still a way to prevent the power working (destroy all of the clones) I would think this would be less common than continual damage (which prevents true res.). Someone with True Res. could be imprisoned once 'killed' but in Cleckley's case the body could be imprisoned but Cleckly himself would not, his consciousness having passed into a new host.

I was sure I had read a power description called Serial Resurrection that did almost exactly what I was looking for. I've been through the Manual and Ultimate Power though and I just can't find it again.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

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Maybe that was from a different book like the Mastermind's manual or something. But I think the closest thing to what you are looking for then would be Reincarnation. Just explain the relocation of points as "getting an upgrade" or something. Maybe the computer allows that 24 hours as a chance to fix any "bugs in the system" and move around abilities to stuff that might be more useful to you.

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