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Huge spell list

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Because people in chat have asked for reference, here's the list of all the spells :P

0 Level: dancing lights, daze, detect magic, ghost sound, message, open/close, read magic.

1st Level: charm person, color spray, comprehend languages, detect secret doors, disguise self, expeditious retreat, hypnotism, mage armor, obscuring mist, rouse*, silent image, sleep, undetectable alignment, whelm*.

2nd Level: blinding color surge*, blur, daze monster, detect thoughts, fog cloud, glitterdust, hypnotic pattern, invisibility, knock, minor image, mirror image, misdirection, see invisibility, silence, spider climb, stay the hand*, touch of idiocy, vertigo*, whelming burst*.

3rd Level: arcane sight, clairaudience/clairvoyance, crown of veils*, deep slumber, dispel magic, displacement, glibness, halt*, haste, hesitate*, hold person, inevitable defeat*, invisibility sphere, legion of sentinels*, major image, nondetection, slow, suggestion, vertigo field*, zone of silence.

4th Level: charm monster, confusion, crushing despair, freedom of movement, greater invisibility, greater mirror image*, locate creature, mass whelm*, phantom battle*, rainbow pattern, solid fog.

5th Level: break enchantment, dominate person, feeblemind, friend to foe*, hold monster, incite riot*, mind fog, Rary’s telepathic bond, seeming, sending, swift etherealness*.

6th Level: greater dispel magic, mass suggestion, mislead, overwhelm*, repulsion, shadow walk, true seeing, veil.

7th Level: ethereal jaunt, greater arcane sight, mass hold person, mass invisibility, phase door, power word blind, project image, spell turning.

8th Level: demand, discern location, mind blank, moment of prescience, power word stun, scintillating pattern, screen.

9th Level: dominate monster, etherealness, foresight, mass hold monster, power word kill, time stop.

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That is a set-up often debated over at the ATT.

Since you're looking for limited per catagory rather than limited overall I think you might be able to use the Unreliable flaw with the option for 5 uses before recharge rather than the failure chance.

Basically you would have each catagory as a seperate Magic array (this does get to be more expensive however). Possibly it might be allowed to have nested arrays to allow seperate counters for the catagories but that is sometimes frowned upon. If that was allowed i would do something like the following

Magic X (Magical Array; PFs: Alternate power Drawbacks: Power loss{must be able to speak/gesture})

BE: Evocation X (Evocation array;

AP: Enchantment X (Enchantment Array; Flaws: Unreliable{5 uses must study spellbook/rest to recharge)

And whatever other spell groups you would want

If nesting arrays in this fasion isn't kosher with the powers that be you could get the effect for more points by buying each of the sub arrays without nesting them its just more expensive.

M&M doesn't really lend itself well to a spells per day kind of system unfortunately so its just kinda clunky when you try.

Doing it as different levels of spells might make it work out to not have to nest the arrays without cost getting out of hand.

If you're really trying to model D&D spell lists and want more than 5 spells per day in a catagory you could buy the catagory twice to a total of ten and then voulentarily take less than that or some such.

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Nested Arrays are a No-No. :shame:

Why not just use the Magic power as-is from the M&M books? The vast majority of comic book mages don't have the "uses per day" thing D&D casters have.

Are nested arrays a no-no just due to the complexity of tracking how they work or is there a more signifigant reason I'm missing?

Personally I think the complexity/clunkyness of it is plenty. I also agree that modling D&D style spells per day doesn't really fit the Comic themes very well. I don't even like them IN D&D, actually.

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The clunkiness is definitely a factor, yes, but there's also the "cheapness" of it, since Nested Arrays would let you do something like

Power 12 (24pp; PF: 2 APs) [cost]

* AP 1: Power 11 (22pp; PF: 2 APs)

** AP 1a: Power 10 (20pp; PF: 2 APs)

*** AP 1ai: Power 10 (20pp)

*** AP 1aii: Power 10 (20pp)

** AP 1b: Power 10 (20pp; PF: 2 APs)

*** AP 1bi: Power 10 (20pp)

*** AP 1bii: Power 10 (20pp)

* AP 2: Power 11 (22pp; PF: 2 APs)

** AP 2a: Power 10 (20pp; PF: 2 APs)

*** AP 2ai: Power 10 (20pp)

*** AP 2aii: Power 10 (20pp)

** AP 2b: Power 10 (20pp; PF: 2 APs)

*** AP 2bi: Power 10 (20pp)

*** AP 2bii: Power 10 (20pp)

Getting you twelve 20pp powers and two 22pp powers for a fairly cheap cost (normally, 26pp would get you seven 20pp powers, one base + six APs).

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