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Observations from the Arena


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The Arena is a place where Villains can let down their hair and relax. They can meet others of like mind and share plans to rule the streets of Freedom City.

Of course, a place like this needs someone to enforce some sembalance of order and to keep the area protected from most of the heroic beings within the city. This duty has fallen to the man simply known as Legend.

Legend has shown the ability to see and know much about the events with the city and the world. So far, he has stood apart from the struggles between the heroic and villainous but there is no misunderstanding as to where his support lies.

Occasionally, an event occurs in the city that draws his attention. Here, those observations are noted.

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March 29th, 2009 -- Explosion in Riverside
[*:d5mwkxk9]April 30th, 2009 -- Return of Belphegor

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March 29th, 2009

Legend's head suddenly lifted up from the papers he was looking at when he felt the disturbance within the city. Quickly, the mysterious curator of the Arena left his office and headed outside where he could view the city. The large billowing cloud from the explosion that had occured in Riverside.

"Ahh, Malice's headquarters. I did not realize that he carried such powerful hardware. It seems there are limitations to what I know about the city afterall. Hmmmm, it seems the explosion had more to it than mere explosions. I need to see what implications this will have....."

Legend closed his eyes and let his sense roam, following the ripple effect of the large explosion. As he followed the waves of power, he smiled as he realized that it was not restricted to the present dimension. Legend's eyes flew open as he saw the blast of energy explode against the dimensional walls of the Zero Zone. He laughed as he saw the crack form in the prision Centurion had made for the most dangerous of Freedom's citizens. His laughter increased as he saw one form slip through that crack to return to the world.

"It seems there's going to be a lot of interesting events to come! I wonder who will stop Superior now that Centurion is gone? Which hero will be foolish enough to match wits with him?"

Legend turned away form the billowing smoke, shaking his head and laughing with glee as he walked back into his office.

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April 30th, 2009

Legend stood upon the old oild rig known to those in Freedom as the Arena. He looked up into the sky seeing only those things that his vision could see.

"Ahhh, he's back! I was not sure he would return. It seems his workout here was enough to prepare him for his journey afterall," Legend said aloud as he watched Belphegor appear back in Freedom City.

"It seems his trip has helped him to grow considerably in power. I wonder if he will be ready to fullfill his destiny now. The Freedom City will never be teh same again."

Legend turned and walked back into the main building, a smile upon his face as he felt that forces were gathering once again.

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