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Golden Guardian- PL 10 Hero - JackDaniels

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After long thought out characters that ended up being to complicated or not fitting I ended up going with something simple which seemed fair giving my lack of experience with writing and online roleplaying.

Players Name: JackDaniels

Power Level: 10 (150/153pp)

Trade-Offs: -3 Attack +3 Damage -3 Defense +3 Toughness

Unspent PP: 3

Characters Name: Will Thorn

Alternate Identity: Golden Guardian

Height: 6' 10"

Weight: 620 Pounds

Hair: None

Eyes: Gold

Description: A extremely large, wide shouldered, poweful chested, bald man with chiseled muscles. He appears to be made of entirely of golden colored rock. It's not clear how old he is with a inhuman proportioned body and gold stone skin. His costume is simply a pair of american flag basketball shorts, feeling weird wearing shirts and shoes and being a patriot it all comes together, he's a bit il-proportioned for regular people clothes anyways and he'd end up paying a bit too much in replacements being the broke as hell super he is. It's not like he can have a secret identity anyways being the only golden stone man in Freedom City.

History: Will born in 1992 was born to two construction workers in chicago Illinois. Born a regular baby he was abandoned by his father, he was raised by his mother in their small trailer in a trailer park. When he was thirteen years old playing in the backyard he came upon a small golden colored rock human figurine that was half burried in the dirt upon picking it up he was transformed, His skin became rock hard and he became super strong basking in the sun he felt powerful as he absorbed it's rays. His mother was shocked and scared, after her husband had left so many years ago she had taken up hard drinking and shortly after lost her job. She didn't know what to do with him, He was always a dreamer not a violent kid but always hoped he'd be on the side of the heroes fighting monsters, he was passionate about it and after receiving the powers didn't show up for school he spent all his time practicing trying to learn the extent and attempting to gain control over his powers. It wasn't before long when he attempted to save a family from a burning building with beginners luck he stopped the building from collapsing and rescued them. The paper spoke of a Golden Guardian. After that he became Chicagos protecter, though their were already street vigilantes there didn't seem to be any prime threats to Chicago. Where as in Freedom City supervillains and superheroes clashed daily. When he was seventeen he made the decision and moved to freedom city. Most of his days he spends patrolling, with out a need for basic human necessities he is pretty much consumed by the job. There's always crime to be fought and things to be protected. A bit obsessed, if being a super is Will's work then his work is his life.

Personality & Motivation: A heroic kid with good intentions, if not slightly misguided and over zealous, He's super hero on the inside and out and extremely passionate, seeing the world in purely black and white. He doesn't believe in doing bad things for the greater good, believing there's always a option, always a right. Stealing to feed your family is still stealing, killing to save lives is still killing. He has non lethal policy trusting the government and police to detain criminals after he's caught them. He speaks his mind for better or worst and isn't very diplomatic. He is also semi uneducated not even with a full middle school education, feeling he didn't need to make use of the subjects being taught and he learned better by himself, but it's true. He hadn't heard of Claremont Academy and the chicago school system wasn't very suited to teach him. Lucky for him he's self motivated and driven, and learned to control his powers by himself.

Will Thorn doesn't have any friends or aquantinces he just works, it's always on his mind the current problems and threats and it weighs him down. Not many people can relate to being a super hero and even super heroes can't relate to being made out of stone. One of the reasons he came to Freedom City even though he'd never admit it was to meet more people like him, though at the same time as his work dragging him down it carries him and gives him a purpose.. He just doesn't have balance.

Powers & Tactics: Super strong and super tough. He has a brawling style of combat using purely strength and all his skill is just focused into throwing his weight around. Golden Guardian is made out of a super stone, so he doesn't need to breath, eat/drink or sleep, Even his organs are made up of this golden stone. His legs are incredibly strong able to run inhuman speeds. He is also able to fly gathering energy together to propel himself threw the air. He seems to have a natural connection with sunlight healing in it and absorbing it's light.

His tactics usually just include hitting things until they break, if facing a stronger opponent he tries to go on the full offensive to take them out before they get him.


Stats: 18pp

Str: 36 (+13)

Dex: 10 (+0)

Con: - (-)

Int: 10 (+0)

Wis: 14 (+2)

Cha: 8 (-1)

Combat: 6+12 = 18pp

Attack: +7 Unarmed, +5 Melee, + 3 Ranged

Grapple: +28

Defense: +7 (+3 flat-footed) +6 Base Defense +1 Dodge

Knockback: -11, -24 w/ Bracing

Initiative: +0

Saves: 6pp

Toughness: +13 (Impervious 10)

Fortitude: Immune

Reflex: +2 (+0 Dex, +2)

Will: +6 (+2 Wis, +4)

Skills: 16r = 4pp

Climb 2 (+15)

Notice 2 (+4)

Intimidate 4 (+3)

Knowledge Streewise 2 (+2)

Sense Motive 4 (+6)

Swim 2 (+15)

Feats: 11pp

All-out Attack

Attack Focus Melee 2

Attack Specialization Unarmed


Dodge Focus


Improved Grab

Improved Grapple

Improved Sunder

Power Attack

Powers: 95pp

Flight 5 (250 mph / 2,500 feet; Flight/Surrounds himself in golden energy making him able to fly) [10]

Immunity 30 (Fortitude effects [selfsustained/Made of super stone]) [30]

Protection 13 (Stoneskin/Made of super stone; Extras: Impervious 10) [23]

Regeneration 10 (+10 Recovery [+5 Bonus total]; Flaws: Source Sunlight -1; PFs: Persistent, Regrowth, Diehard) [8]

Speed 3 (50 MPH / 500 feet; Sprint/Super strong legs) [3]

Super-Strength 8 (effective Str 76; Light Load: 125 Tons, Medium Load: 250 Tons, Heavy Load: 400 Tons, Maximum Load 800 Tons, Push/Drag: 2000 Tons; PFs: Bracing, Countering Punch, Groundstrike, Shockwave, Thunderclap) [21]

Drawbacks: 2pp

Noticeable (Protection) [1pp]

Wealth: Impoverished [1pp]

DC Block:


Unarmed 28/Toughness Bruise

Costs: Abilities (18) + Combat (18) + Saves (6) + Skills (4) + Feats (11) + Powers (95) - Drawbacks (2) = 150/153pp

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