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Help On Knockback

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I am doing Reaver's final thread. It is a fight vs. Goliath. Goliath landed a hit and crit while power attacking for five. The end result was a DC35 attack that left Reaver stunned and staggered. His absorption managed to cancel out the staggered through a healing effect. However, he is still stunned. This means he is knocked back. I calculated the knockback to be a 16 on the time and value progression table. 100000ft is approximately 19 miles (google).

Problem here is that Reaver gets knocked back 19 miles straight through any glass, stone, or even steel office buildings in the way. (steel gets a 20 on toughness saves. The DC is 15+16=31 which is 11 more than the save.) Reaver cuts through anything that I can think of that is in his way while he effectively DEPARTS Freedom City.

Any judges want to take a crack at this one before I go any further? what should I do and/or how many office buildings have I ruined?


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Here's my take...

Your char took a Rank16 Knockback effect. For simplicity's sake, let's say Reaver takes a DC31 hit when he hits something hard enough to suck up all that momentum. This is either going to be the ground, somewhere outside the city, or a building somewhere inside the city that's designed to survive super powered shenanigans.

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