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Assault on Precinct 13 (IC)


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Date: Feb 16th, 2009

It's dusk in Freedom City. Most streets are packed with the evening rush hour and the street in front of the FCPD Precinct 13 is no different.

Amidst a group of police cars, The Vestige appears from regions unknown to stare upon the building's impressive facade with disgust.

Look at them. They pretend to be something more than what they really are. They are hypocrites! They wallow in their decadence and grandeur. Who do they think they are? They will never reach the heights of grandeur in Atlantis! They are like the Lemurians, hiding in their worlds of fantasy and illusion while atrocities happen on their very doorstep. I will show them...

Anger mounting with each second he stares at the building, he quickly turns into a hulking monster and heaves a nearby police car at it with a resounding crash resulting from the impact.

The police station now has a hole roughly the diameter of a police car where its front door used to be with those inside in shock as bits of debris continue to fall from the hole and dust settling everywhere.

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"Oh this is gonna be good." Captain Knievel remarked, looking down at the recent remodeling via police car that has been made to the local precinct from atop a building. "Good thing that I happened to be in the neighborhood!"

At that moment, Captain Knievel noticed the figure change into some hideous and monstrous figure. Damnit! Another mutant! Captain Knievel was upset. This had been looking so good! Hmmm. This may still work out. And I'll get to mess some fools up on the process. Captain Knievel approached the edge of the building, considering the new idea that had come into his head. If he actually is a mutant, I'm going to play it like I get along with this guy. Then If I see a moment during the fight that I can take advantage of some moment of weakness, I'll take him out and finish off the cops myself.

Satisfied with his plan, Captain Knievel stood nice and tall at the edge of the building. Then performed a perfect swan dive off the edge. He sailed downwards with his arms outstretched. Finally he pulled into a curl and front-flipped mere feet from the ground to land on his feet on the roof a police car, totaling it.

Standing amidst the wreckage of the police car, Captain Knievel turned to The Vestige with a smile. *SHEEN* Sunlight glinted off of his teeth which were the perfect shade of white.

"Hi! Captain Knievel here! Ready to party?" He said with a slight tilt of his head that suggested that HE certainly was.

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It takes a moment for The Vestige to take note of the Captain. To him, this person must be some kind of fool or jester. This fits perfectly with his view on how humanity has fallen.

What manner of fool are you? Are you one of these so called protectors of humanity?

Moments later a police officer shouts. "FREEZE!"

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"Ha! That's rich! I like you, but SERIOUSLY what is it with people NOT KNOWING WHO I AM?!" yelled Captain Knievel, pointing.

Before The Vestige had time to look back down from the billboard, Captain Knievel had run straight into the ranks of cops.

"Frankly, I don't care WHO you are. I am just here to have fun," He said, socking the nearest police officer across the face, and then seizing him by the neck. He lifted the man straight off the ground and slammed one of his large fists into the man's gut....

Dropping the limp form of the first police officer, Captain Knievel lunged for another one. He dove further into the crowd, kicked one of the officers, then grabbed him and punched him across the face.

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Surprisingly, the officer looks no worse for wear after that vicious kick but the punch to the gut knocks him out.

"Sh*t! It's Captain Knievel! Morris, call STAR squad! Let's get him boys!"

All at once, three officers come at him with batons raised in an attempt to pummel him but the Captain deftly dodges each strike.

Morris, on the other hand, goes back inside to alert the other officers and call STAR squad.

Back in the parking lot, The Vestige watches the fight with amusement. Changing back to his old form, he begins chanting until blue sparks begin to travel across his body. He then rapidly moves to the hole he had recently made only to be met by met by a dozen pistols aimed at him.

"And who the hell might you be?"

Meanwhile, two officers exit through the main door to confront Captain Knievel with pistols drawn.

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"When will you cops learn?!"

*SOCK* Captain Knievel brought one of the policemen down with a haymaker.

"You are not going to stop me!?"

*BAP* *snatch* *THOOMP* Captain Knievel steamrolled the man with a straight to the face, grabbed him, and then deposited his knee in the man's gut.

"Now bring out those MAX boys so's I can have a REAL FIGHT!"

*WHUMP* *snatch* *KRAK* Captain Knievel pounded the third policeman over the head, and then grabbed and broke the arm that was holding the baton.

After the three fell to the ground, Captain Knievel threw his arms up like a boxer to protect himself. "Now WHO'S NEXT?!"

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All three men fall down under each of the Captain's blows.

Inside, The Vestige confronts those who dare to raise arms against him while the officer called Morris hides in a back room calling STAR squad.

"My name is of no cocern to you lowly worms. Do not try to intimidate me with your weapons. I very much doubt that your pitiful weapons can harm me. But no matter. I will not give you the chance to use them."

Drawing an blade made of obsidian from a hole in the fabric of reality, he dashes forward the officers amidst a hail of gunfire and hits each of their limbs with the flat of his blade. They fall down amidst screams of pain like wheat to a farmer's scythe.

"It seems that your weapons are nothing more than a child's playthings. Be grateful to what heathen gods you worship that you have been given another chance at life. You filth are not even worth slaying. I do not want to sully my blade with your heathen blood, pretenders...."

To add insult to injury, he lifts up his mask only up to his mouth and spits at his fallen foes.

Back outside, the two officers fire at Captain Knievel but perhaps it was fear at having to face both Captain Knievel and this newcomer, but their shots go wild and instead of hitting the Captain they fly off into the distance.

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Captain Knievel began running towards the two men. "Com'ere you!" He yelled while running. Then leaped into the air and stomped on one of them man's faces. After the man bit the ground, He picked him up by the scruff of the collar, and punched him again.

As soon as the first man had passed out, Captain Knievel delivered an uppercut to the second's jaw. He too bit the dust.

Noting that the parking lot was now devoid of conscious cops, Captain Knievel began to move towards the building...

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Dark Star had been doing his usual fly by when he heard the radio call for backup. With a thought, he focused his energies and rocketed towards the source of the transmission. He could get to anywhere in seconds and good people were being hurt. He put the speed on.

The black blur of his form flashed over the skyline and through the buildings passing right into the police station lobby. He stopped in front of the the masked figure, placing himself between the villain and the remaining police, if any are left standing. "I don't know who you are or what your problem is. But this villainy is over. I won't allow this to continue." He brought the dark energies together to coalesce around his hands.

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The black blur of his form flashed over the skyline and through the buildings passing right into the police station lobby. He stopped in front of the the masked figure, placing himself between the villain and the remaining police, if any are left standing. "I don't know who you are or what your problem is. But this villainy is over. I won't allow this to continue." He brought the dark energies together to coalesce around his hands.

"Stand aside spirit. You have no business here. Unless... you wish to escort this filthy heathen to whatever afterlife the fates have deemed fit for him. Do not think that you will be immune to what I may bear for I know that you will bleed and be rendered asunder by my hand."

To add emphasis to his threat, The Vestige gives his massive sword a twirl which catches the last rays of the setting sun on its edge.

Morris, meanwhile, cowers underneath a table with a phone in his hands. A voice on the other end can be heard speaking.

"...anks officer Morris. A team of STAR squad officers are en route."

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Phantom was seconds behind Dark Star although her cloak unfolded to existance rather than streaking in from the sky. She hoped this matter could be settled with time enough to make it to her next class.

She took the few seconds to orient herself on her surroundings. The eye of Heshem glittered from its place as the cloak's clasp as she lifted her fingertips from the amulet's surface.

"I think that's quite enough of that for today." Phantom summoned bolts of dark energy to her hands and fixed her attention on the Captain as the other her seemed to be focused on the hulking brute with a weapon.

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Captain Knievel halted his advance on the precinct. He had bigger things to worry about. Two of "Freedom's Finest" had just shown up. He had never met these two before, so he had now Idea what they were capable of. That, however, was none of his concern. They were super heroes, and just like anyone else they could be beaten up.

"Hey, buddy, I don't know what plans you got for this precinct here, but we got company! Look sharp!" Captain Knievel half turned his head to make sure that the man he was about to be unwittingly partnered with would be able to hear him.

Darn Captain Knievel thought to himself I guess there is not gonna be any chance for me to take a crack at this guy. At least not yet, anyways. Not sure how much I would be able to do to him anyway seeing as how all those bullets just passed right through him. I'll make sure I remember THAT for later. For now I have other things to worry about...

Captain Knievel charged forward and leaped into the air. He back flipped mid-air, and aimed a bicycle kick as he was flipping at the mysterious heroine. Unfortunately he did not count on passing right through her. He landed safely on a nearby police car.

"Oh... That might be a problem." He remarked, turning around to gaze at the heroine.

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Dark Star wasted no more time. Whoever this person was, he certainly intended lethal violence to the citizens here. Taking a step forward, he thrust his hands forward and fired his graviton beam at the villain! With luck, he'd send the fellow right back outside.

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Dark Star's powerful blast hits The Vestige square on the chest but he is unfazed.

Officer Morris can only stare in awe as the person that practically decimated the entire precinct stand right in front of him and the cosmic-powered Dark Star shrug off one of the hero's gravitic blasts.

"Was that supposed to fell me spirit? I have felt worse and survived more than that. I ask you, have you ever been trapped for untold millenia without realizing if you were still part of the living? That you couldn't feel anything and be a formless mass? I suppose, though, that you probably don't feel anything either. Still, I have given you the respect due for an honored dead and allowed you a chance to leave but it seems that you wish to cease your own existence once and for all. I will be happy to assist you with that. That scum on the other hand..."

The Vestige dashes forward and strikes both the officer and Dark Star with a series of rapid blows that batter their respective material and immaterial forms. The officer falls to the ground in a heap but not before letting out an ear-splitting scream as every bone in his arms and legs was broken in three.

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Phantom turned slowly to follow Knieval with her glowing eyes as she rose slowly high in the air above the smushed car. It wasn't worth staying in range if the Captain had something else in his sleeve.

She fired bolts of crackling black energy at the captain once she was hovering about thirty feet above.

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Captain Knievel easily dove out of the way of the magical assault. After rolling along the ground he stood up and glanced back at the police car he had been standing on. As he looked back at the police cruiser, he discovered that it had been riddled by cannon ball sized holes from the blast that would have targeted him.

"Glad I was not in the way of that!"

Captain Knievel turned to look straight at his would be companion.

"Hey, Yo! Stop waving that silly sword of your's around and hit something...HARD! I know you can make this happen!" Captain Knievel gave his companion a thumbs up and a beautiful smile *SHEEN*

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Dark Star wince as the blade sliced into his form. Ok, mental note. Don't let that touch me again.

He gestured, reversing the gravity to his maximum ability; hoping to slam the villain painfully into the roof. Even as he reverse gravity, he dove through the solid wall as if wasn't there. He'd been around Avenger enough to learn that a quick disappearances and reappearance could be very useful.

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The Vestige is hurled upward as gravity reverses itself in his immediate vicinity. He finds himself flung skyward with the building's ceiling being not even a hindrance to his progress. The impact must have affected him, however, since he doesn't even manage to curse or hurl insults towards the cosmic hero Dark Star.

A few moments later, he stops ascending and instead floats in mid-air some fifty feet above the ground.

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Captain Knievel Skillfully dodged the assault. After rolling away he pulled up into a crouch. Captain Knievel shot a glance over at hus 'pal', Useless... He thought. The all are...

Seeing Phantom solidify, Captain Knievel took off once more. "Now's my chance..." The ran towards a car and launched off of it. Sailing through the air, he attempted to pound, and tackle Phantom.

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Dark Star moved quickly underground back outside to where the other two individuals were fighting, letting his gravity control fade, possibly letting the Villain bouncing aloft fall with a painful landing. He quickly healed his own minor injuries before surfacing a dozen feet or so away from the battling supers.

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Recovering his senses, The Vestige flies back into the fray with The Obsidian Blade held in the manner of a spear or lance aimed at his immaterial assailant.

"Did you think that that would be enough to slay me spirit? In battle only a fool would turn his back towards an enemy unless he made sure that that enemy was no more."

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Phantom was startled by the man's sudden attack and he was able to grab onto her before she could react and squeeze. She was thankfull for the protection afforded by her spells even as she reacted by phasing out of synch with this world again. As she found herself free, she fired another bolt of energy, one intended to stun her opponent but it was much harder to aim at something phasing through your body than Phantom had calculated for.

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Captain Knievel scrabbled at what used to be his adversary as she turned back into nothing but air. He suddenly found himself falling. He was able to pull off a back flip and land safely on his feet, however.

Captain Knievel paused momentarily and recovered his balance. Knowing that he could not damage a being that could phase through solid objects, Captain Knievel simply fell into a defensive stance and observed the aerial battle taking place above him.

"Neat trick you've got there. FOR A PANSY!" Captain Knievel taunted the hero that floated above him. "Why don't you come down here and we can have a real fight! Or are you too much of a CHICKEN?!"

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