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Journeys through Infinite Planes (OOC)


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First stop: The Velahan Rifts.

The Vestige will be fighting 3 Bulettes and a Purple Worm with some modifications.

The bulettes will be treated as minions and have the following modifications:

  • [*:27tzc57w]Added a Strike 2 (Mighty, Improved Grab) for its mouth
    [*:27tzc57w]Removed the Leaping power from the array. It is instead a stand-alone power
    [*:27tzc57w]Added Move-by Attack

The purple worm will be treated as a hero with the following addition:

  • [*:27tzc57w]Replace the Drain Strength attack with a rank Acid Spit (Blast 12, Secondary Effect [+1])

Now for some initiative rolls.

First 3 rolls are for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bulettes respectively while the last is for the purple worm (1d20+2=6, 1d20+2=13, 1d20+2=12, 1d20-2=7)

initiative roll (1d20+5=11)

Initiative Order:

Bulette 2

Bulette 3

The Vestige

Purple Worm

Bulette 1

Bulette 1 will attack first. The next 2 will come 2 rounds after and the purple worm will come a round after that

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This will be a solo planes-hopping thread I'll be working on where he tries to reacquaint himself with the various planes and dimensions on the Cosmic Coil.

He is currently in The Velahan Rifts mentioned in my background. Think Catacha from Warhammer 40K multiplied by 10 and with the smallest creatures there (aside from various insects and small furry creatures) being the size of elephants or larger.

He'll be acting in self-defense while the creatures think he's a tasty meal.

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