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When its time to party we will party hard (open)[ooc]

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OOC thread for When its time to party we will party hard (open).

Ace Danger invites the heroes of freedom to a celebration in their honor. Heroes are invited in thier Hero identity and expected to arrive in costume.

Security has been arranged DC 20 disable device and Stealth checks to gain sureptitious entry. The security themselves are no real threat to a super foe but will be noisy enough and/or trigger an alarm to alert the heroes on site of trouble.

Ace takes 10 on a well informed gather info check on the guests as they arrive for a 32 really just to determine that they are known heroes and not wanted villians or posers.

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Exile has stunted the following from his Sorcerous Mastery (keeping Variable Descriptor 2) before showing up

Teleport 7 (Flaws: Long-range Only) (7pp)

Flight 2 (4pp)

Enhanced Charisma 4 (4pp)

Enhanced Will 4 (4pp)

Super-senses 9 [13]: Mental [Accurate, Accute, Ranged, Radius] (9), Detect Magic [Mental, Visual] (2), Magic Awareness [Mental, Visual] (2) (9pp)


And unless Ace has been hobnobbing with villains I doubt he'll know that Wilhelm is one (he's good at making sure that there's either no illegality in what he's doing or no one (baring partners) and no thing left that would indicate he did it.). I do believe he'll know that von Treissen is a rather knowledgeable member of the mystic community and as such any super activity he might have been involved in is likely not something that would be known.

Wilhelm will, like Ace take 10 for purposes of Well-Informed, in his case getting 26 (not counting his just momentary increase in Charisma).

Ace does get at least four things around Mongrel given his good information gathering

1: She's been reported killed in action once during her career, something quickly discredited when she showed up, battered but alive, before little more than a day has elapsed.

2: She hasn't bothered keeping her identity a secret, and she's listed as living at the Gentle Mansion in Port Regal.

3: She gets around quite a lot, and is a known bisexual

4: If she were much bigger as name in the hero community she'd certainly start taking flak from the conservative media.

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It looks to me like you are bringing both of your characters to the party... and I don't think that's quite cricket, especially given that one of them is a villain.

Pompadour will be arriving late, because that's what a "cool kid" would be doing.

It probably doesn't take a well-informed check to recognize Pompadour. He's one of the cover stories for this weeks Us magazine (a column titled "Superheroes are just like Us!"), and was on the Tyra show earlier this week. About 7-8 months ago he was a pretty serious Supervillain, at Least PL10 -in addition to increasing his current powers 4PLs, add a shwack of Super Genius and Axe Crazy. As a Supervillain, he was known as Sinister Pompadour, but The Raven injected him with a serum that removed his intellect and insanity, and weakened his other powers. He is primarily a superhero because his agent says he is (and she's goooooood) but he has gotten into a few super heroic adventures in the last two weeks.

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OK, I need a DC 30 Bluff check for Exile to get in the door without being a recognized hero. (Heroic, cut down from Superheroic because we're not being asked to show ID)

Ace, that's a DC 30 Gather Info check to recognize Exile as a bad guy. (Heroic) (Since he has hobnobbed with some villians in his time, if discreetly) Which is to say, you succeed. Do what thou wilt, etc.

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Hey LF, too many cooks spoil the soup. And I have the cook's hat. ;)

Looking at Exile's sheet, you've got your generic conspiracy with supercriminals, assorted evil magics, and is that an association with infernalism? Why yes, yes it is. Further investigation will reveal the harder-to-discern material, as well as actual facts to go with the charges made by various organizations.

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Let me know if you have a problem, Durf, and I'll edit my post. I'm not trying to god-mode you or anything. You laid the groundwork by saying that Ace and Scarab had met once before, so I decided to expand upon it. Have a cookie if you get the reference.

Anyone with Mental Awareness, or a similar Super-Sense, can make a DC20 Notice check to be aware that telepathy is happening (but you can't listen in).

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So, what kind of stealth bonus is ascribed to being invisible, odorless and silent? (Just trying to figure out the best way to get in, whether deftly maneuver through the throng at the front, or fly in and phase through a wall)

Ooh, maybe we'll have a big Stealth party and not invite any of these normies! ;)

Concealment doesn't add to your Stealth as such. If you have Concealment but no Stealth, you're prone to walking into stuff and knocking it over while invisible, sneezing right in someone's ear, etc. However, when you are concealed, you evade notice unless someone has a reason to be looking for you. So while you might run into trouble if anyone looking for you had Ranged Touch like Tactile Blindsight or one of the weird mental descriptors, you're probably OK for now.

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A suggestion on the Well-Informed thing: that feat is based off Gather Information, but as the Gather Info skill says, people you ask about may know you're asking about them unless you take a -20 penalty. Ace may know about Exile, but Exile may just as well know that people who've been asking about supervillains know about him.

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Seems fair to me that he would know that folks asking the right questions know what he's been up to. Though since well informed is a reactive I woudl think Ace wouldn't be know to have asked about him specifically right?

Also for clarifacation from AA, Is exile wanted by the police/similar organizations? and is it on charges or for questioning? Ace isn't gonna try an arrest until he knows the guy is wanted. Otherwise he'll just be asked to leave and one of the assorted heroes here will be put on his trail.

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Yes, as Doc A says, he's just a Bad Dude, not a Bad Dude with a rap sheet. (Nyrath can probably clarify for me; the character is from before my time.)

But yes, Well-Informed is a reactive. The roll is you thinking, "Hmm, now where have I seen that face/heard that name before..."

And now I'll hie the thread off to Wading Way.

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