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Journeys through Infinite Planes (IC)

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The Velahan Rifts. A massive plane blessed with a profusion of life in all its shapes and forms. Underneath trees taller than most mountains, life abounds in a semi-twilight atmosphere lit by various tiny plants, insects and fungi.

It seems hard to think that this was once a stronghold for the mighty Atlantean Empire.

All seems tranquil with the forest floor looking like something from out of a dream but not all is as it appears as one traveller finds out...

A door opens in mid-air and The Vestige steps out to be greeted by an eery display of light emanating from the various denizens of the undergrowth.

It seems that even my fortresses have been lost to the sands of time and the forces of nature. I must see what remains. Perhaps some bunkers have withstood the passage of time.

He gently lands on a bed of glowing moss and starts to look around for traces of anything of Atlantean influence.

Deep underground, several denizens of the plane notice the presence of something unseen for several millenia. They slowly awaken as their stomachs grumble at the prospect of a tasty meal.

Slowly, they begin to burrow up to the surface.

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The ground rumbles and shakes for a moment before a massive armored creature erupts from the ground and closing its massive maw on The Vestige's armored leg. The Ancient Atlantean armor holds and he is unharmed.

It then attempts to grasp firmly and hold him down with its maw still firmly clamped onto the leg which The Vestige is unable to resist.

Regaining his senses, The Vestige turns into a monstrous beast himself, a wiitigo, and forces the creature's jaw open. Free from the creature's clutches, he rises up a hundred feet in the air then glares at the creature.

Filthy beast! Do you think of me as a meal? I will show you who is the stronger being!

The bulette, unable to understand anything being said by its prospective meal, tries to leap up and bite him again but falls far short of the The Stormwalker's legs.

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