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Assault on Precinct 13


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If you are looking for someone to team up with, Captain Knievel is always up for causing some wanton chaos. This also may give him a reason to help out at Knievel's trial / or be a favor from Knievel FOR helping out at the trial depending on when this thread actually occurs. You are aware of our time line, correct?

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After the lecture thread, I would have to say that I am highly biased towards an even fight. I know what it feels like to get the very short end of the stick. So unless Cyroa wants DS to get a taste of her own medicine, my vote would be towards recruiting another hero. Any ideas anyone? Preferably someone who posts often.

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I really think we need to resolve the whole "Trial" and "Jail" thing -- and the Explosion in Riverside, which is the big thing in the Ref's laps right now -- before you start planning anything else (and knot up the timeline more than you already have).

Sorry about that :oops:

This is why I mentioned earlier that It would depend on when this thread is to take place. If it is far enough in the future / past, the threads that we are currently mucking around with should not matter at all. (There is no reason in my mind that Captain Knievel should be in jail for 2 whole months without finding some way to break out. Therefore if the thread begins now-ish I should be allowed to participate. There are a lot of days in March, and with an escape attempt during every single one of them, I don't see why one of them wouldn't succeed sooner or later :P)

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This will be occurring before the lecture thread, so my character at least has not reason (yet!) to be using unreasonable amounts of force on your character. :P I'll go easy on yeh ;)

While I am on here, I would like to ask:

Would you two be okay with me using the most recent version of CapK's character sheet? I know February is before I actually have the Adrenaline Cannon MKII, however, I don't remember the specifics of what it was back in February, so it might just be easier to use the current version.

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As far as I am concerned, that should be A-OK. I'll wait for Av's approval, because the rest of us are just piggy backing.

When You make the thread, Av, can you list the names of the invited PC's in the OOC?

Also so that there's no chance that I miss the start, can you PM links to the threads to me?

When is this taking place exactly? Just curious if I should use the newest additions to DS's sheet. (If I was alone, I'd really ask for it! ;) )

I believe we are scheduling this during the month of February. This way it takes place before the lecture shenanigans. Therefore for Captain Knievel I will be using an older character sheet. Make the following changes to my current sheet:

Str -2

Strike 10 Extras: Area (line); Flaws: Range(touch), Distracting, Full-Round-Action

Therefore, I would be only fair if your character used an older version as well (or at least as close as you can remember). I plan on re-posting these edits when the thread actually starts in the OOC as well.

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