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The Arrow Strikes Home (OOC)


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Ok, deal was if I took 20 I got a penalty to Stealth from mud and odour. Which is very true.

And I can't break in sneakily. He has good defences. So... power attack for 5 with explosive arrows. As many DC 26 blasts as the door can take before a big enough hole forms (i.e. disabled)

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Okay, here's how Malice's action went down:

1: Reaction- hear boom, Full Round: Run to elevator

2: Full Round: Take elevator 1 floor down

3: Full Round: Get to Armor

4: Full Round: Get in Armor

5: Full Round: Calm down

6: Full Round: In case I missed anything.

Okay, now seems like as good a place as any to get the HP/ VP situation sorted out. To be fair, only the other person can award the other HP/VP. But I can suggest a reason I get VP, and you can suggest a reason you get HP, but it has to be approved by the other person. I don't think this'll be an issue at all.

IMO, Arrowhawk should get 3 HP:

1 - Smelling like mucky muck

2 - General shenanigans at the door

3 - Hatred of all the firearms and tech that is quite abundant around here

Suggestions for Malice VP:

1 - Quit blowin' 'oles in my ship!

2 - Being caught in his civies

Feel free to add any ;)

Sound good to you?

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I agree he should get one for the Complication of being caught in his home, but not being outside of the suit, since he already has Normal Identity as a drawback. I don't think Hawky should get one for the door shenanigans either, as I've been rewarded for being unable to break in... I have pp spare from not buying the relevant skills.

Is the elevator similarly password-protected?

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Ok, so

Arrowhawk: 4 HP (1 base, 1 Luck, 2 Complications)

Malice: 2 VP (1 base, 0 Luck, 1 Complication)

Now, for the fun part. I'm down to 3 HP, because of this trick. Power stunt up the following off my array.

AP: Blast 7 (Extras: Explosion, PFs: Triggered [detonator])

It's all your fault, really. You reminded me of his dislike of firearms, it's only in-character :P

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Where as Malice gets to hang around for a moment trying to get all of the innocent people in the neighborhood get out from the rubble that used to be their homes. So the hero gets away while the villain stays to help. Seems a little backward no? Guess the Joker was right, all you need is one bad day.

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Okay.. the first thing we need from you guys is for each of you to roll a toughness save. From our discussions on just how potent this explosion would end up being, you're both in the land of impossible toughness saves, but as always, rolling a natural 20 minimizes consequences.

If that doesn't go through, going to need an hp from the both of yas for the "I'm not dead" option. You needn't worry if you don't have one, complications are ensuing that would grant you one to spend.

Anyway, first roll, then we'll go into more detail of what's going down. Among other things, we're going to be starting a new thread...

Congrats! You've created a city wide event of sorts.

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