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All Ways of Contending (OOC)

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Outside, it appears that the bronze-clad individual in the sky appeared through a rift in the very fabric of the universe itself! The armored man outside is a visitor from another universe; a universe never visited by the Freedom League or Daedalus. Its vibrational energies are not in Archeville's database. The man outside is wearing Greekish armor, but it is clearly not any suit of Daedalus'. It doesn't look like science.

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Configuring Gadgets for

Communication 2 (100 feet, radio/gravitic pulse; PF: Subtle) [3pp]

Communication 2 (100 feet, audio/'directed loudspeaker') [2pp]

Though it's not yet been added to his sheet, I would think Doc could -- given his Wealth and background -- have a Commlink (Super-Senses/radio) as 'free' Equipment, so he can hear radio transmissions.

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