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Power Gauging -- Pompadour (OOC)


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This is the OOC listing for Pompadour's power check at the Albright Institue.

I need a date as to when he would come to the insititue for the test. It must be after Jan 17th, 2009. Once we have that we can get started.

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This stage will test Pompadour's attacking ability with the hair. You have three attempts to hit the listed DEFs per stage. When you hit, make an opposed grapple check with listed Str score. The grapple check you only get one chance to beat. You may use Extra effort or an Hp to improve your ability or rolls. If you use extra effort, you will still suffer the effects until the stage is complete. This fatigue does not continue over through the stages. The use of an HP however, is for the thread. Good Luck.

Part 1 -- Average DEF 10 Grapple +5

Part 2 -- Tough DEF 15 Grapple +10

Part 3 -- Challenging DEF 20 Grapple +15

Part 4 -- Formidable DEF 25 Grapple +20

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Part 1: Attack + Grapple vs. Def 10/+5 Grapple (1d20+4=17, 1d20+16=31, 1d20+4=11, 1d20+16=24, 1d20+4=13, 1d20+16=33) 3/3

1) Hits, and Grapple is impossible to break.

2) Hits, and DC to break grapple is 24 (1d20+5=14)

3) Hits, and Grapple is impossible to break.

Part 2: Attack & Grapple vs. Def 15/+10 Grapple (1d20+4=5, 1d20+16=34, 1d20+4=8, 1d20+16=33, 1d20+4=20, 1d20+16=23)

1) Miss!

2) Miss!

3) Hits, and DC to break grapple is 23 (1d10+10=17)

Pompadour will make use of Accurate Attack & Improved Grab.

Part 3: Attack + Grapple vs Def 20/+15 Grapple with Accurate Attack +0, +3, +5 (1d20+4=22, 1d20+16=17, 1d20+7=24, 1d20+16=34, 1d20+9=18, 1d20+16=22)

1)Hit, DC 17 to break grapple. (1d20+15=19) Doesn't hold.

2)Hit, DC 34 to break grapple. (1d20+15=30) Grapple Holds!


Part 4: Attack & Grapple Roll vs. Def25/+20 Grapple Accurate Attack +1,+3,+5 (1d20+5=11, 1d20+16=17, 1d20+7=23, 1d20+16=20, 1d20+9=10, 1d20+16=29)




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This stage will test Pompadour's ability to protect himself. Pompadour is given three attempts to avoid contact. You roll the attack rolls against your Def. You may use Extra Effort or spend an Hp to affect the rolls but the fatigue from extra effort remains for the rest of the stage. The Hp is lost for the thread if used.

Part 1 -- Average attack +0

Part 2 -- Gifted attack +3

Part 3 -- Best in the world +6

Part 4 -- High Superhuman +10

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Just for amusement value, to mix things up... I will do a Normal defense, Total Defense, and a Block (with Accurate) against the first two, and Total Defense, and two Block (with accurate) against the 2nd two.

First attack array:(1d20+0=8, 1d20+0=10, 1d20+0=5)

Block: 1st Block (1d20+9=24)

All Miss

Second attack array: 1d20+3=10, 1d20+3=11, 1d20+3=23

Block: 2nd Block (1d20+9=24)

All miss

Third attack array: (1d20+6=20, 1d20+6=16, 1d20+6=10)

Blocks: 3rd Blocks (1d20+9=21, 1d20+9=15)

1st hits, remainder are blocked.

Fourth attack array: (1d20+10=21, 1d20+10=21, 1d20+10=13)

Blocks: 4th Blocks (1d20+9=15, 1d20+9=26)

1st hits, 2nd hits, 3rd is blocked.

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This stage will test Pompadour's strength. Roll your Str check against the listed DCs. Super strength can be used along with your hair. Again you get three attempts to beat the Listed DCs. Extra effort can be used at any time. An Hp can be used also, but once used it is gone for the rest of the thread.

Part 1 -- Tough DC 15

Part 2 -- Challenging DC 20

Part 3 -- Formidable DC 25

Part 4 -- Heroic DC 30

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Tug-o-War, DC 15 (1d20+9=18, 1d20+9=12, 1d20+9=25)

2 successes.

Tug-o-War DC 20 (1d20+9=29, 1d20+9=11, 1d20+9=13)

1 success

HP to reroll fail vs. DC20 (+10 on roll under 10) (1d20+9=25)

2nd success

Tug-o-War DC 25 (1d20+9=16, 1d20+9=24, 1d20+9=11)

No Successes.

DC30 -Success not possible.

I was sort of hoping for something that would document Pompadour's lifting capacity, both normally and with hair... but that's probably as easy as looking up my numbers from the character sheet...

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I was sort of hoping for something that would document Pompadour's lifting capacity, both normally and with hair... but that's probably as easy as looking up my numbers from the character sheet...

Well then, before I proceed with the next stage, let me ask. What would you like tested? You have two more stages left and I have no problems gearing them towards something you'd like to be tested on. I do have an idea for the last two stages so if you don't have any ideas, I can use what I had planned.

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Well, the lifting thing is probably something that the tug-o-war was able to measure, so that's not a problem.

Pompadour is specifically interested in how durable he is. Again, not something that would require a lot of testing... a glance at his sheet says Toughness 8, impervious 3... which makes him completely immune to most small arms, and larger calibre weapons would have a tough time hurting him. He'd just like someone who's all Smartified to tell him that all official-like.

I'm not sure if you need to change your testing for that or not... and to be honest, I could certainly add that detail to his test results whether we specifically test it or not.

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This stage will test his Emotion control powers. You have three attempts to influence the targets. Roll the target's Fort save vs Pompadour's Emotion control. Extra effort can be used at any time, but you no longer have your HP.

Part 1 -- Average Fort +0

Part 2 -- Gifted Fort +3

Part 3 -- Best in World Fort +6

Part 4 -- High Superhuman Fort +10

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This stage will test his ability to resist damage. Below are Dcs verus all four Saves. You must roll against each save and have three chances to beat the save. Damage bonus is listed for the purpose of Imprevious. Extra effort again is usuable at any time, but you no longer have your Hp.

Part 1 -- Average [F,R,W DC 10 Toughness DC 15] Dmg +0

Part 2 -- Gifted [F,R,W DC 13 Toughness DC 18] Dmg +3

Part 3 -- Best in World [F,R,W DC 16 Toughness DC 21] Dmg +6

Part 4 -- High Superhuman [F,R,W DC 20 Toughness Dc 25] Dmg +10

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I liked the write up of the last post. It was pretty cool! :D

Thank you!

Fort, Ref, Will + Tough

DC10 Save battery (1d20+6=17, 1d20+3=14, 1d20+1=21, 1d20+6=8, 1d20+3=23, 1d20+1=15, 1d20+6=12, 1d20+3=7, 1d20+1=5)

All Succeed, Impervious Toughness 3 auto-passes.

3xDC13 + DC18 (1d20+6=21, 1d20+3=8, 1d20+1=6, 1d20+8=10, 1d20+6=17, 1d20+3=7, 1d20+1=17, 1d20+8=16, 1d20+6=14, 1d20+3=9, 1d20+1=19, 1d20+8=19)

Failed Reflex x3

3xDC16 + DC21 (1d20+6=10, 1d20+3=11, 1d20+1=6, 1d20+8=11, 1d20+6=21, 1d20+3=23, 1d20+1=7, 1d20+8=16, 1d20+6=24, 1d20+3=9, 1d20+1=8, 1d20+8=21)

Failed Will x3

...and I think that a failed Will check at this point would bring the testing to a close. He's not hurt, just mentally distressed.

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