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Superbeast (PL8 NPC, Tier 1)

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Players Name: Tier 1 NPC submitted by Angrydurf

Power Level: 8

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent PP: none

Characters Name: Steve Masters

Alternate Identity: Superbeast

Height: 5'11"/6'5"

Weight: 180/260

Hair: Light Brown/ Blue-Black

Eyes: Brown/all black (no whites)

Description: Steve looks to be a nondescript street tough in his late twenties or early thirties. He keeps his hair to a military buzz and usually accesorizes with a pair of wrap around sunglasses. He has rough features with a destinct angle to his nose from a past break. His clothes are generally relaxed fit jeans and a t-shirt sometimes topped by a windbreaker or hoodie. When he takes on the Superbeast form he becomes a hulking fur covered beast man. His face and head tak on destinctly a canine though primal shape and he ganes several inches of height though runs on all fours when at speed. His fur is a deep blue-black with silvery highlights over his head shoulders and upper back.

History: Steve was born in 1983 and and grew up on the rough streets of the fens though one of the ruugher times for that neighborhood. He got mixed up in all sorts of trouble as a kid dropping out of school at 15. This culminated in a grand theft auto rap that he was nearly tried as an adult for. His lawyer was able to cut a deal if he went back to school He finished out high school barely and kept his head down. Once he graduated he still had no real skills or prospects, he could have slipped back into crime but at the urging of his social worker applied and was accepted into the marines.

A natural born follower he excelled there and learned all sorts of new ways to injure and kill. He went from deployment to deployment witout signifigant action and after his 8 years were up drifted back to freedom. He had a fresh new discharge and still no marketable skills. He made a rough living as a day laborer for awhile barely keeping his head above water. He started to run occasion packages for some of his old buddies for extra cash and even worked lookout or muscle occasionally.

A deal he was working went bad down at the docks when his latest employer tried to double cross the client. The sniper took out most of steves cohorts before they knew what had happened but with the first crack Steves training kicked in and he was down and under cover. Of course that just meant that they took him instead of killing him. the procedure was incredibly painful and he barely remembers any of his time in captivity through the haze of pain and drugs. But in the end he was a success of the DNascent process, well he survived at least.

He however was more successful than they expected and effected an escape. He jumped a high wall and fled the complex while being transported across the yard. After hours of running he hid in a cave and passed out. When he came too he was back to normal and it almost seemed like a nightmare. He crawled out of his cave and snuck across fields stealing clothes as he went untill he hit the interstate. He waved down a ride and headed back to freedom.

Once there it didn't take long for some of his old cronies to find him. He'd been gone for months but the y thought he had double crossed the guys at the bad deal. They grabbed him and drugged him. He woke tide to a chair and they started to question him. He didn't have the answers they wanted so they got physical. That was a mistake. Steve erupted into Superbeast and ripped them all to shreds. When he came too steve was back at his appartment but he remembered what had happened as if in a dream.

He hid out for awhile and figured out better exactly what he had going for him. He then decided he needed some security and offered his services to one of the made guys he kinda knew. Once they saw whet he could do they passed him up the line to August Romans Circut Maximus. He was quickly brought on as a fighter and supplements that with odd jobs as muscle for the mob or whoever will pay. He's been connected to some of the crimes but knows just enough of whats going on that the mob has sent down lawyers to spring him so far.

((OOC: Steve gets jobs both as himself and Superbeast and few select employers know the connection and hire him with the assurance that if things go bad Superbeast will make and appearance. He can be extra muscle for a villians sceme or a suprise for heroes busting up a mob deal of some kind. He will work for anyone that'll pay so far and really has virtually no morals on what they ask him to do. He can be added to any encounter that needs a little something extra. He's also a good opponant for anyone fighting in the circut maximus.))

Personality & Motivation: Steves main motivation is money and to a lesser degree the power trip of crime. He doesn't really have skills that are aplicable to much else really. He's really a small time thug at heart and despite certainly having the power to step onto the larger stage still just acts as muscle and backup for the real criminals. Really he's pretty happy with this independant thinking isn't his strong suit and he knows it.

Powers & Tactics: Steve generally fights for keeps, and still with a certain military precision that alot of his contemporaries lack. He has an assortment of general skills but mostly is muscle and knows it. In a fair fight he'll shoot first ask questions later, against a real threat he'll try and get away long enough to stash his stuff before the beast is let out. As Superbest he keeps the attack fast and ferocious, He'll use whatever advantage he can leaping down from rooftops or over fences to keep the fight one on one and will favor hit and run agianst a group. Against a single foe he'll just pile on the attacks as fast as he can and try and take his foe down as fast as possible.

Complications: record(He's got a record and will be rounded up with the other "usual suspects" Seceret Identity (the Super beast is known only to a select few to be Steve Masters) [yea NPCs can't get VPs for these but they are hooks for PCs/refs to use]

Stats: 12pp

Str: 14/18/22 (+2/+4/+6)Normal/Superbeast/Raging

Dex: 14 (+2)

Con: 14/22 (+2/+6)Normal/Superbeast

Int: 10 (+0)

Wis: 10 (+0)

Cha: 10 (+0)

Combat: 16pp

Attack: +4 (+6 melee/pistol, +8 claws)

Grapple: +8 (+10 superbeast, +12 raging)

Defense: +8 (+2 flat-footed)

Knockback: -4 (-2 normal form no vest)

Initiative: +12

Saves: 6pp

Toughness: +4/8 (+2/+6 Con, +2 defensive roll, +4 Tactical vest){+4 normal no vest, +8 Superbeast or normal with vest vest will not fit on superbeast form}

Fortitude: +2/+6 (+2/+6 Con, +0)Normal/Superbeast

Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, +4)

Will: +2 (+0 Wis, +2)

Skills: 28r = 7pp

Acrobatics 3 (+5)

Bluff 1 (+1)

Disable Device 2 (+2)

Drive 2 (+4)

Gather Information 2 (+2)

Intimidate 5 (+5)

Notice 4 (+4)

Sense Motive 4 (+4)

Stealth 5 (+7)

Feats: 19pp

All-Out Attack

Attack Focus: Melee 2

Attack Specialization: Claws

Attack Specialization: Pistol

Defensive Roll 2

Dodge Focus 4

Improved Initiative 2

Power attack

Equipment 3

Equipment 15 ep

Heavy Pistol [8]

Lock Release Gun [1]

Gas mask [1]

Tactical Vest [4]

Camo Clothing [1]


On the job Steve usually also carries a cell phone or radio as the job demands as well as a flashlight and multitool. He drives a reliable midsize day to day but will drive whatever his employer supplies for jobs. As Superbeast he usually just has the tattered remnants of his clothing though if he changes intentionally he'll usually strip off most of it and stash it somewhere.

Powers: 73pp

Enhanced Constitution 8 [8]

Enhanced Strength 4 [4]

Enhanced Feat: Evasion 2 [2]

Enhanced Feat: Fearsome Presence 5 [5]

Enhanced Feat: Instant Up [1]

Enhanced Feat: Rage 2 (10 rounds) [1]

Enhanced Feat: Take Down Attack 2 [1]

Leaping 4 [4]

Regeneration 25 (bruised 3 [no action], unconscious 2 [standard action], Injured 6 [no action], Staggered 5 [standard action], disabled 7 [standard action], Ability 2 [1 hour]; PF: Persistant, Regrowth, Diehard) [28]

Speed 1 [1]

Strike 2 (claws; PFs: mighty) [3]

Super-Movement 3 (Slow fall, Sure footed, Wall crawling) [6]

Super-Senses 7 (Acute Smell, Accurate Hearing, Counters concealment smell, Tracking smell, Uncanny dodge)[7]

Drawbacks: -8pp

Involuntary Transformation (When angry[common], Irresistible) [-5]

Normal Identity (free action) [-3]

DC Block:


(Name of Attack) (Save DC/Type) (Type of Damage: Bruise/Injury, or other)

For example:

Pistol ------ 19/toughness ------- (Ballistic) Bruise/staged

Claws ------ 21/toughness ------- Bruise/staged

Claws(raging)---23/toughness ------Bruise/staged

Unarmed ------ 17/toughness ------- Bruise/staged

Costs: Abilities (12) + Combat (16) + Saves (06) + Skills (07) + Feats (19) + Powers (73) - Drawbacks (08) = 125 Total Cost

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He gets angry enough to trigger the change as a common event, and can't resist it once it comes. Also a bluff/intimidate/diplomacy check vs DC 10 can intentionally trigger the change by insulting him till he changes.

Basically I see it as he can be used as muscle in either form by criminal types or he can be the main even by having been triggered in a populated area.

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